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March 21, 2019 (Del Mar, CA) – KAABOO Del Mar has officially dropped its music and comedy lineups for its fifth annual event happening September 13-15, 2019. Nashville Rock chart toppers Kings of Leon, live music icons Dave Matthews Band, and British folk-rock luminaries Mumford & Sons will headline on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, respectively. They will be joined by a lineup of cross-genre hit-makers including Duran DuranBlack Eyed PeasOneRepublicSheryl CrowMaren Morris, a special collaboration from hip-hop stars Snoop Dogg + Wu-Tang Clan 25th Anniversary Set, plus Mark RonsonThe RevivalistsREO SpeedwagonThe BanglesThe CultSublime with RomeBoyz II Men, and many more, including a yet to be announced special performance from the 2019 American Idol winner. Comedians Bert KreischerPete Holmes & FriendsWayne BradyBob SagetKevin Smithand more will lead the laughs on the HUMOR ME stage. A confirmed lineup is listed below.

“It is thrilling to unveil this all-star lineup for what will essentially become KAABOO’s 5th birthday celebration,” says KAABOO’s Partner + Chief Brand Officer, Jason Felts. “Our signature curation of music and comedy acts will lead guests through yet another incredible weekend escape in Del Mar.”

KAABOO Del Mar solidified its edge as a leading destination music and arts festival by selling out of all passes to last year’s 2018 Southern California experience. The 2017 Pollstar-nominated festival of the year will celebrate its fifth anniversary in 2019 with KAABOO’s signature recipe of world-class music, household names in comedy, contemporary art, gourmet cuisine and craft libations, plus personal indulgences. The highly-amenitized event is conveniently located at the Del Mar Racetrack and Fairgrounds in Southern California. Celebrated as San Diego’s largest multi-day major music and entertainment festival, KAABOO Del Mar overlooks the Pacific Ocean and enjoys pristine weather, ocean breezes, and numerous easy to access lodging options.

All passes go on sale today at 7 AM PT at HANG LOOSE (GA) passes will be on sale starting at $299, while HANG FIVE (VIP) and HANG TEN (VIP) passes are currently at $919 and $3599, respectively. HANG FIVE (VIP) features premium stage viewing; exclusive culinary options for purchase; private restrooms; access to the AMPLIFY Escape lounge featuring private artist performances; and more. HANG TEN (VIP) includes all the features of HANG FIVE (VIP) plus access to onstage viewing; exclusive meet and greet opportunities with KAABOO performers; complimentary beverages and food provided; golf cart access; and more. For those looking for an entirely immersive experience, KAABOO offers the ULTIMATE HANG pass. Get the full scoop at

The KAABOO KINDNESS program continues to support charities in the San Diego region and across the globe. One dollar per every pass sold is donated to featured charitable partners, including global partner The Recording Academy’s MusiCares program, as well as local charities including the San Diego Armed Services YMCA, and Voices for Children. MGM, Coors Light, Aflac, and USAA are KAABOO Del Mar’s official 2019 presenting partners.

Earlier this year, KAABOO expanded internationally with KAABOO Cayman and proved that a luxury destination festival in the Caribbean is achievable with thoughtful strategy and execution. The sold-out event brought together live entertainment fans from around the world while hosting one of the largest festivals of its kind to ever hit the islands. Next up, the KAABOO brand extends into the Lone Star State this May through a partnership with the Jerry Jones Family. The May Arlington, TX festival experience will take place at the state-of-the-art AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

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One can only expect an intergalactic night of music and film when you pair up San Francisco’s beloved orchestra with one of Hollywood’s biggest Sci-Fi classics. What better place to showcase a science fiction epic that on the big digital screen at the magnificent Davie’s Symphony Hall and accompanied by the electrifying sounds of our beloved SF Symphony. This was the scene on Saturday night March 2, as we flowed into the halls. It was hard not to notice that the packed crowd was mixed with young and old fans and everyone seemed to look around frantically as though they were trying to spot a few space friendly friends that might be amongst us or at least a glimpse of hardcore fans dressed in space-age gear. As the film title appeared on the big screen and the anticipation grew, the Symphony organizers teased us with a short film of the signature melody being played by a trumpeter. As the colors shined on the walls of the Hall miming every note fans erupted in joyful laugher.

For thousands of years people of all ages have wondered what’s behind the stars, are we alone in this vast Universe and what might happen if we have a Close Encounter. Well that was the premise for Spielberg’s 1977 masterpiece where an ordinary electrical lineman from Indiana Roy Neary, played by the gifted Richard Dreyfus, has a close encounter with an unidentified flying object that disrupts his family life and ultimately changes his life forever. At the time of its release and since, Close Encounters has been widely touted as one of the most treasured and influential Science Fiction films of all time with a groundbreaking score written by the highly acclaimed John Williams.

The SF symphony always has a way of just pulling you into the music and in this case the film, unlike any other orchestra. The night was truly epic in every aspect! Conductor Joshua Gersen, who made his debut with the SF Symphony back in the Fall of 2013 and has been invited back many times, took the deck with confidence and prestige. His presence could be felt through every choreographed and robotic movement leading the orchestra and crowd on an exhilarating journey into the cosmos and beyond. With only one intermission break in between, the capacity audience was on the edge of their seats throughout and whether this was a new experience for fans or not, it was truly an unforgettable one.

Ah and how can one not hum along to the earworm signature melody of John William’s iconic five- tone motif, that scientists in the film used to communicate with the visiting spacecraft and has become one of the most recognized melodies in cinema history. Williams originally wrote over 300 examples of the motif for the film, before Spielberg finally chose one. As the final minutes of Close Encounters rolled on we finally meet the aliens driving the spacecraft and their crew and the audience oohed in satisfaction. Roy Neary’s life was about to change as Aliens picked him to join them on their ship. Neary is ushered onto the spacecraft by what looked

like minion aliens haha and as they boarded, we could all feel his heartbeat with excitement and joy.

We can only wonder what galaxies or planets he would visit and encounter and if he would ever come back to share his journeys. Gersen and the Symphony played the final epic moments like seasoned veterans and not a soul in the audience got up until they were completely done and the credits stopped rolling. We were on our feet as the place erupted with cheers and applause to commemorate and show gratitude to everyone that made this night possible.

All I can say is this was definitely one of the best combinations of films and music that I’ve seen and the SF Symphony just seems to get better and better.

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There are dreamers then there are the dreamers that are actually doers and bring their dreams to life. Meet Barnett English a creative passionate spirit who has been a lover of music festival’s for multiple decades. His mobile organic espresso café, “JavaGogo”, which caters up tasty coffee mixed drinks and smoothies at events, has taken him to more then 600+ music and camp out festivals. While attending and serving up brews at a Didgeridoo festival in Joshua Tree National Park in 2002 he fell in love with the area and its scenery. The mystical and magical morning and sunset views and landscape captivated him so much that he envisioned it being the perfect place for a new campout music festival.

6 months later Barnett relocated to the eclectic artsy Joshua Tree and began plans to launch the 1st Inaugural Joshua Tree Music Festival. The festival took place in April of 2003 to such overwhelming demand that in 2006 he decided to add a second edition in the fall and once again it was met with success. Both festivals have since continued to run consistently over the course of four days in May and October and have grown in size and popularity while still maintaining the quality and vibe that Barnett initially desired. His choices of talent and artists that have played throughout the years have been eclectic and diverse spanning genres and drawing influences from all corners of the Globe. Its been the perfect gathering for families and those kindred spirits just wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Beyond the music Barnett and his creative team have also featured a variety of workshops that include yoga and Qigong classes as well as meditational healing circles, massage areas and even vitamin boosting booths offering up shots of B-12. There are tons of arts and crafts on hand and even a Kidsville area for the youngsters to jam out, learn and become part of a community.  Being the Renaissance man that he is and of course starting out with his own JavaGogo café, Barnett also understood that good food and drink are essential for a four-day campout to ensure fans get properly nourished. Thus each year Joshua Tree Music Festival continues to expand on great food vendors that offer up an array of healthy and tasty options. 

Clearly wanting to continue on the heals of his creative success, in 2016 Barnett decided to partner with Guitarfish Festival an intimate camping and music experience that takes place in a magic setting over a mile high, in the woods, on the South Fork of the Yuba river at the Cisco Grove campground each year in July. GF has been going strong with its fusion of great music, art, swimming and family style camp-out and 2019 will make its 9th consecutive year.  Its no doubt that Barnett English was set out to do more then just serve up tasty coffee mixes and by his track record now of success with both Joshua Tree Music Festival and Guitarfish Music Festival, his passion and future for curating festivals seems like his clear path.

In a day and age where music festivals are everywhere and the market is oversaturated by more and more promoters looking to build massive National and International rock, Hip Hop and alternative festivals similar to Coachella, Outsidelands, Lollapalooza and others, Barnett has carved out his own niche and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Avant-garde festival producer and curator Barnett English and chat about life and what inspires him most about his festivals…

Sason Bishope Parry:  How is life treating you?  

Barnett English:  Truly grand.  One slightly alarming thing though, the rapid rate at which the days fly by is, well – shocking!!!   

SBP:  Tell us a little about yourself and where you grew up?

BE:  I grew up in vanilla suburbia USA, in Louisville, KY.  I’ve always remembered my past by what music was playing at the time.  At age 5 driving with my mom in a brown Dodge Dart listening to “Band of Gold” by Freda Payne on the am radio.  At age 8 sitting in our den w/ my dad while he played Floyd Cramer, Peter Duchin, Sinatra & Dean Martin albums over and over.  By age 10 I was collecting albums, splitting the $5 cost w/ my older brother, Sam.  By age 15, I was in deep, and music saved me as I navigated my teen years.  I always knew I wanted to live somewhere else, so the day after I finished school at Indiana University, I moved to California.  Now 33 years later, it’s safe to say it suits me out west!

SBP:  What is JavaGogo and how did that open the door to music festivals for you?

BE:  I was about to turn 30 years old and I felt it was time for a change.  So in one month I quit my job, rode my bicycle to Cabo San Lucas, moved in with a new girlfriend and started building a coffee cart.  The espresso craze was just cranking up.  A friend suggested I contact a music festival (the High Sierra Music Festival in Bear Valley, CA – now in Quincy, CA) to sell coffee there.  So I did and I was hooked.  Four days and nights of dancing to great music, making friends and money, I knew then that I’d have to keep doing this.  So I did and i am!  To date I’ve been to over 700 music festivals vending w/ JavaGogo (every Coachella, 25 high sierra music festivals and more etc). 

SBP:  Did you always know that you wanted to be a festival producer?

BE:  No idea. But by going to all those music festivals, I was convinced of the powerful positive benefits of gathering in groups, in the great outdoors and enjoying music.  On a whim, I went to a small Didgeridoo festival in Joshua Tree, CA.  I arrived in the dark, so I had no idea of my surroundings until the sun came up.  WOW!!!  Magical night skies gave way to sweeping views of the national park.  That weekend I mentioned to the campground owners that they should have a REAL music festival here.  Finally they said, “Well if it’s such a great idea, why don’t you do it?  So I moved to Joshua Tree and produced the inaugural Joshua Tree Music Festival w/in 6 months!

SBP:  How did the idea for Joshua Tree come about and how hard was it doing the first one in the desert?

BE:  Ignorance is bliss. I figured we could plan for a long time to make it happen, but then you never really learn unless you do it.  Hence the short run up to the first one.  Trial by fire!  I’ve learned more from each festival, and am still learning, and improving upon each fest (upcoming fest is #30).   

SBP:  So much goes into your festivals.  Do you have a core team and how many people work with you to bring them to life?

BE:  YES!  For years I would have lots of help around the time of the festival, then work year ’round solo.  But now, we’ve got a team of full time super heroes making it all happen.  I feel like we are just getting started!

SBP:  Where do you draw your inspiration?

BE:  I personally have had so many life changing positive experiences with friends at festivals.  Real quality time!  Now, at our festivals, I have an endless stream of conversations with folks who come up to say “This festival changed my life – thank you!” Usually in tears of joy.  THAT is rewarding!

SBP:  What is your favorite type of music and who curates the music at the festivals?

BE:  I live for finding my new favorite band or song or album.  I obsessively listen to new music, scour festival lineups around the world, peruse scores of music blogs, and have dozens of friends who recommend artists they see.  So to answer your question, I curate the music.  I strive to have a line up that is diverse, and the music over the course of the weekend will take you on a journey.  The artists set times are sequenced – like a live mixed tape. 

SBP:  What artist or band that has played moved you the most?

BE:  I met Gene Evaro Jr. here in Joshua Tree back in 2008 or 2009.  He might have been 18 or 19 then?  I was meeting someone at a cafe, and their were two guys on stage playing – Gene on guitar and Ben on drums.  I grew up listening to the Allman Brothers, a band with 8 musicians strong and Gene and Ben were grooving like the Allman Brothers.  Since then Gene has played nearly every festival (twice a year).    

SBP:  Are both the Sumner and Fall Joshua Tree Music Festivals similar? 

BE:  Yes, similar music vibe – a family friendly global music experience.  We were just too excited to wait a whole year!  So after our third spring festival, we started the FALL festival in 2006. 

SBP:  Tell us what people can expect for the 2019 Joshua Tree Music Festivals?

BE:  Many people ask “what are the big changes for this year.”  We strive to make thousands of small incremental changes in each and every area.  We go thru all 42 departments, and make improvements in all.  Be them large or small.  And together all the little improvements add up to one BIG change! 

SBP:  Do you have other festival projects in the works?

BE:  YES!  In addition to producing the two Joshua Tree Music Festivals and Guitarfish Music Festival, we roll JavaGogo to over 20 festivals a year selling coffee. We also have a fleet of Cozy Camper Trailers (33 of them) that we rent to other festivals and events in the region.  We are also hosting two major yoga festivals at our Joshua Tree venue – Shakti & Bhakti Festivals – so our production team will help them make those fests happen.  We also have been hired to produce aspects (sound, light, staging, art, etc) for Sierra Stake Out and Babes Ride Out (two motorcycle events).

SBP:  Besides JavaGogo and your festivals do you have time for anything else?

BE:  My favorite job is being a papa to Lola, age 13.  Spending time with Lola and my beloved Lynne is what I do in my spare time!

SBP:  Tell us about Guitarfish Music Festival and how it’s different from Joshua Tree Music Festival?

BE:  Guitarfish is in a MAGICAL setting – a mile high in the Sierras, on the Yuba River, near Lake Tahoe.  That is the main difference.  Otherwise our audiences and musical styles are similar!  

SBP:  What can people expend from the 2019 Guitarfish Music Festival?

BE:  A phenomenal line up!  The Cisco Grove campground, under new ownership, is making some super positive upgrades to their infrastructure as well.

SBP:  All your festivals have a family friendly appeal, was that part of your vision?

BE:  Not so much at the very beginning in 2003 but ever since the birth of my daughter in 2005, YES!  It’s what makes our fests unique and special.  We truly cater to families and the positive vibrations are truly higher because of it.

SBP:  Do you have other dreams and goals that you would like to pursue?

BE:  I see future careers in writing and in creating up-cycled junk art, and developing our own festival site!

SBP:  What is one secret about you that no one knows?

BE:  I love the Bee Gees.

SBP:  What’s next for Barnett English?

BE:  Besides a shower lol, I wake up each day, driven by the desire to create an even greater festival experience for people and to witness more of those positive life changing moments!

For more info on Joshua Tree Music Festival visit:

For more info on GuitarFish Festival visit:

JTMF – Facebook       Instagram      Twitter @joshuatreefest

GF – Facebook       Instagram      Twitter  @GuitarfishFest

13th Annual Fall Joshua Tree Music Festival


Initial lineup announced for the 9th Annual Guitarfish Music Festival – July 25-28,2019.

The 9th Annual Guitarfish Music Festival is happening July 25-28, 2019 at the Cisco Grove Campground near Truckee, CA. The four-day festival is an intimate family-friendly camping and music experience made extra special by its magical setting in the Sierra Nevada.   

On the funk-fueled initial lineup for 2019: Kinky – Mexican dance-infused alt-rock; The California Honeydrops – vibrant energy and infectious dance-party vibes; Portland based livetronica power trio Yak Attack; dance fusion party instigators Afrolicious; Smoked Out Soul – hip-hop, funk, soul fusion; Earth Arrow – Afro beat/hip-hopjammed out eight-piece Diggin Dirt; plus Mestizo Beat, Sambada, Midtown Social, The Ries BrothersJoy & Madness, Peter Joseph Burtt & the King Tide, Pamela Parker & the Fantastic Machine and Jimmy Leslie’s Guitarfish Family Band.

New for 2019: An additional section of camping has been added opening up over 50 new reservable sites with water and power hookups. Attendees can reserve their site for the weekend and fill it with as many friends and family as will fit.

About Guitarfish Music Festival
Established in 2011, Guitarfish is an annual event known for its funk-tastic, groove-fueled musical lineup and beautiful setting high in the Sierra. The stage features world class live music from funk and soul to rock and electronica and everything in between. The setting, the stunning Cisco Grove campground, comes complete with a natural amphitheater for a music bowl, ample shaded camping and its own swimming hole. Guitarfish offers everything else you would expect from a large-scale festival – great music, yoga, kids activities, vendors, workshops and art – in an intimate, family friendly setting. Since 2016, Guitarfish has been partnering with the Joshua Tree Music Festival to co-produce the event.  

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KAABOO Texas is pleased to announce the daily lineup of musicians and comedians for its inaugural festival happening May 10-12, 2019. The multi-stage and full sensory event is taking place at the state-of-the-art AT&T Stadium in partnership with the Jerry Jones Family and features equal parts world-class music, household names in comedy, contemporary art, gourmet cuisine and craft libations, and personal indulgences. The highly-amenitized festival has added multi-platinum Grammy legend Lionel Richie to its lineup alongside headliners The KillersKid Rock, and Sting, plus hitmakers and bucket list artists including Lynyrd SkynyrdLittle Big TownThe Avett BrothersMs. Lauryn HillPitbullCounting CrowsAlanis Morissette, The Black Eyed PeasLudacrisFlo RidaGarbage, Andy Grammer, Joan Jett and the BlackheartsViolent FemmesTrombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, and many more. Single day passes will go on sale Friday, March 1, 2019 at 10 AM CST at

On Friday, May 10th, the three-day sound voyage will kick off with rock and roll hitmakers The KillersJoan Jett and the Blackhearts, contemporary R&B and soul legends Lionel Richie and Ms. Lauryn Hill, plus chart-toppers likeLudacris and Alanis Morissette, with laughs from Dennis Miller and more. On Saturday, Kid Rock, Lynyrd SkynyrdThe Black Eyed Peas and more will lead the lineup, while Brad Garrett will head up HUMOR ME. Then on Sunday, patrons can soak up the magic with Sting, the southern charm of Little Big Town and The Avett Brothers, and tear up the dance floor with Pitbull and more to close out the fest. Single day passes are on sale now The confirmed music and comedy lineups by day are below.

“We’re thrilled to announce the daily schedule for the biggest music and comedy lineup to hit the metroplex” says Jason Felts, KAABOO’s Chief Brand Officer. “Live entertainment fans will experience an unforgettable weekend escape as KAABOO hosts more than 65 performers across six different stages. Look closely; this lineup has something for everyone.”  


FRIDAY, May 10th, 2019
Music: The Killers, Lionel Richie, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Ludacris, Alanis Morissette, Blue October, Bush, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Old 97’s, Los Lobos, Larkin Poe, Acid Dad
BASK DJs: Cash Cash, Chantal Jeffries, Chromeo (DJ Set), Kap Slap
Comedy: Dennis Miller, Jim Breuer, Garfunkel and Oates, Chad Daniels, MK Paulsen

SATURDAY, May 11th, 2019
Music: Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Black Eyed Peas, Flo Rida, Collective Soul, Garbage, Rick Springfield, Violent Femmes, Lukas Nelson & The Promise of the Real, X, Los Lonely Boys, The Band Camino, American Aquarium, The Dip
BASK DJs: Cheat Codes, CVBZ, Paul Oakenfold, The Him
Comedy: Brad Garrett, Nate Bargatze, Rory Scovel, Heather McDonald, Kate Willett, Billy Wayne Davis, Chris Powell

SUNDAY, May 12th, 2019
Music: Sting, Little Big Town, The Avett Brothers, Pitbull, Counting Crows, B-52’s, Andy Grammer, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Jon Anderson of Yes, The English Beat, Israel Nash, Your Smith, Mamafesta
BASK DJs: Le Youth, Matoma, Mix Master Mike
Comedy: Demetri Martin, Whitney Cummings, Orny Adams, Fortune Feimster

Single Day LONE STAR (GA) and BLUE STAR (VIP) passes can be purchased for $159, and $409 while supplies last. Three day LONE STAR (GA) passes are also on sale for $299, with BLUE STAR (VIP) and ROCKSTAR (VIP) passes currently available at $999 and $4199, respectively. Passes will move to the next price point once these are sold out. BLUE STAR (VIP) passes feature premium stage viewing; exclusive culinary options for purchase; private restrooms; exclusive AMPLIFY (VIP) only performances, and more. ROCKSTAR (VIP) passes include all the features of BLUE STAR (VIP), plus access to on-stage viewing; personal concierge access; exclusive meet and greet opportunities with KAABOO performers; complimentary beverages and food provided; shuttle services; and more. For those looking for an entirely immersive experience, KAABOO offers the ULTIMATE HANG pass. Get the full scoop at

KAABOO has shifted the festival paradigm and carved out its name among international and destination events as a lifestyle and live entertainment brand. At KAABOO, all guests receive an immersive, multifaceted and hospitality-driven experience that engages all five-senses. At KAABOO multi-day annual events, guests enjoy a world-class music and HUMOR ME comedy lineup; an on-site Contemporary Art Fair in ARTWORK plus a display of outdoor murals and installations; PALATE gourmet food and craft libations tastings; a Las Vegas-style day club called BASK; plus spa and relaxation services at INDULGENCES.

KAABOO Del Mar, KAABOO’s flagship event, is conveniently located at the Del Mar Racetrack and is celebrated as San Diego, CA’s largest multi-day major music and entertainment festival. Slated this year for September 13-15, 2019, KAABOO Del Mar was recently nominated for Pollstar Magazine’s “2017 Music Festival of the Year” in only its third year. For more information, visit In 2019 KAABOO also expanded internationally with KAABOO Cayman, taking place February 15 + 16, 2019 in Grand Cayman, and had a successful sell-out in its first year. for more details.

KAABOO is proud to expand its brand in 2019 to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas with presenting partners Ford, Choctaw, Kraft, and Coors Lights. On May 10-12, 2019, KAABOO Texas will host its inaugural event with all of the same elements that have made KAABOO Del Mar an international success. With the amenities and high energy found in the Dallas Cowboys’ home base, KAABOO Texas celebrates KAABOO’s elevated live entertainment lifestyle brand in the Lone Star State. 

For more information, visit


“What a magical weekend its been… I don’t think there’s anywhere in the Caribbean that’s ever had anything quite like this” – Richard Branson
It’s official; this past weekend KAABOO Cayman debuted on the shores of the world famous Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman and made island history. The sold-out event brought together live entertainment fans from around the world while hosting one of the largest festivals of its kind to ever hit the Caribbean. Not only did KAABOO Cayman deliver a top-tier lineup of chart toppers and hit makers such as The ChainsmokersDuran DuranZEDD, and Jason Derulo, but the two-day event also offered guests an elevated weekend for all “five senses under the sun” with live contemporary art installations, culinary demonstrations, top-tier comedy, and health + spa treatments.
With KAABOO now firmly established as the Cayman Islands’ fifth-largest employer, and hotels over the weekend at capacity with helping to welcome KAABOO’s 10,000 guests per day, KAABOO Cayman has proven that a luxury destination festival in the Caribbean is achievable with thoughtful strategy and execution.
“As you look over our purpose built site, you can see we did not cut one corner in designing KAABOO here in the Cayman Islands. And I challenge anyone to find a cheese sandwich,” Jason Felts, KAABOO Partner and Chief Brand Officer conveyed to journalists over the weekend when questioned continuously about the comparisons between KAABOO Cayman and another now infamous Caribbean event. “Our transportation hub is extensive. Cayman has an international airport a few miles down the road, three hospitals, and enough accommodations to host every attendee. We have world-class partners in DART Enterprises, the Department of Tourism and the Cayman Islands Government.”
And now that KAABOO Cayman 2019 is wrapped, all sights for KAABOO are on their next debut venture, KAABOO Texas to be held at the state-of-the-art AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Tickets to the May 10-12, 2019 festival in partnership with the Jerry Jones Family are on sale now at
Also on the horizon is the lineup announcement for the fifth annual KAABOO Del Mar 2019 this March. Stay tuned at
For more info on Kaaboo Cayman Islands go to:

SF Symphony Chinese New Year of the Boar Gala

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 16 – London Breed and Gorretti Lui attend SF Symphony Chinese New Year 2019 on February 16th 2019 at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, CA (Photo – Devlin Shand for Drew Altizer Photography)

SF Symphony has welcomed The Year of The Boar with outstanding performance by Angelo Xiang YU and Red Chamber under watchful eye of conductor Mei-Ann Chen. The conductor has been the recipients of numerous awards that place her in most accomplished in her field.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 16 – Angelo Xiang Yu, Sherry Chen and John Chen attend SF Symphony Chinese New Year 2019 on February 16th 2019 at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, CA (Photo – Devlin Shand for Drew Altizer Photography)

The music chosen for this occasion was meaningful in development of fusion between Chinese traditional folk classic tune and the western modern sounds and rhythms. Jasmine Flower dates back to Qing Dynasty and was adapted for use in Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon films. Intense with emotions of relationship and longing of love filled the atmosphere among the audience.

Back screen visuals created by Adam Larsen for the occasion provided added imagination to the experience at hand, especially to attending children in the audience.

The big surprise was debut of Red Chamber played by Mei Han, Guilian Liu and Zhimin Yu.

They turned as old as 2500 old instrument to perform with vigor of rock and roll concert. This performance ended with an encore and standing ovation. Absolutely engaging and inspiring to look at how instruments from so long ago- zither,pipa and ruan can adapt to modern times again and again thanks to love for classic music and respect for the past.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 16 – SF Symphony Orchestra attends SF Symphony Chinese New Year 2019 on February 16th 2019 at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, CA (Photo – Andrew Caulfield for Drew Altizer Photography)
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 16 – Atmosphere at SF Symphony Chinese New Year 2019 on February 16th 2019 at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, CA (Photo – Andrew Caulfield for Drew Altizer Photography)



Written By Behnam Vadi & Jordana Dworkin
Photos by: Marco Sanchez

As long time residents of San Francisco, I think we’ve earned our stripes for divulging bold, honest commentary when calling out “the shift” in SF culture. These days, we often speak to the demise of our once great, diverse city, which, for many colorful types, drew us to SF in the first place. More than a feeling, it’s a sad truth that the old school culture of SF has been displaced. The injection of god-like capital into SF’s tech-engorged veins has created a new definition of the typical “San Franciscan”. Like a dog on a tight leash, the once open-minded, true LIBERAL (not the neo-liberal definition that many claim to embody), has been yanked away from home, along with the artist, musician, and the free-spirited being who can no longer afford to live here. This leaves many of us who have continued to hold our virtuous ground, chomping at the bit for events, shows, gatherings and parties that call forth the days of old SF. When we hear the Edwardian Ball is making its annual appearance, we flash back to great memories imprinted gleefully on our minds, and we cry tears of joy for the return of a rare counter-culture nostalgic gem!

Hosted by the creatively gifted – PARADOX Media & Vau de Vire Society, the wild and crafty Edwardian Ball returned to its sacred temple, the Regency Ballroom, for its 19th annual Winter weekend affair on January 25 & 26th. With production and staging rivaling a classic Hollywood movie set, the Regency transformed into a romantic, Neo-Victorian / Edwardian era majestic marvel, where gypsies, creative misanthropes, and curious revelers commingled. This year’s theme, “The Rose Pedal Garden,” featured a playful, bicycle-powered wonderland set amidst an enchanted English garden. With the spirit of Edward Gorey looming over the festivities like a larger-than-life emcee, the production team did an outstanding job of re-imagining the essence of his classic tale, The Epiplectic Bicycle.

Upon entering the once Masonic Temple, hosts and hostesses in decked out costumes greeted guests with cordial affection and charm, decrying any stiff upper lip negativity, which was to be left at the door. Entourages of laced-up, bustle + corset ladies and gents in long tail jackets, double breasted waistcoats and top hats, completed the look and feel of stepping back in time. Combine that with a hint of steam-punk meets goth and… voila! You’ve got yourself a rockin’ party!

Sipping on absinthe and strolling the halls, one could not help but succumb to the seduction of getting pulled deeper into the mystery and the magic, not as a spectator, but as a willful participant in a festive, interactive performance spectacle. With ultra-fashionable eye candy galore, our eyes locked with tantalizing temptresses beckoning us toward the crimson velvet Museum of Wonders. Findinag ourselves in the middle of the gorgeous, gothically inspired space, we soon became transfixed by the staged narrative of the Bay Area’s favorite dark,

edgy wordsmith, Jamie de Wolf, and his Martha Graham-like dance accomplices unraveling a potent tale – The Trouble With Women. So captivated were we that we ended up following THE LIGHT, as directed, from onstage to other mysterious corners of the building. With cunning, fervor and zeal, Mr. De Wolf, alongside a powerful cast of femme fatale bedazzlers, continued the noir satirical reveal of societally oppressed women of the period casting an all-too strangely familiar foreshadowing of sexism, misogyny and male-dominance to come. We were left wondering… what next?

After a refreshing meandering through the socially sparkling vendor maze, we landed in the Grand Ballroom where music and fanfare were at their fullest. It was as if we had landed on the most incredible absurdist set with a gracious artistic stamp of approval by the master himself, Salvador Dali. Performances by the likes of Vourteque, Rosin Coven, and the infamous Vau de Vire Society brought the night to an apex of wide-eyed awe, leaving us craving more.

As old San Francisco continues to wane from its creatively-inclined pedestal of greatness, the magic of the annual Edwardian Ball continues to keep the vibrant spirit alive and thriving. At least, we hope to count on that. Here’s to wishing that everyday was more the like the Edwardian Ball in SF, full of theatrical whimsy and wonder.

Bravo to the organizers for keeping the spirit and fun alive and continuing their creative journey to take this epic Ball to new heights. We can only imagine what’s in store for their next edition…

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KAABOO is pleased to announce its 2019 music and comedy lineups for KAABOO Texas taking place May 10-12, 2019. The multi-stage and full sensory event will happen at the state-of-the-art AT&T Stadium and take place both inside and outdoors allowing guests to move freely throughout the property. Headliners including rock chart toppers The Killers, Top 40 crossover artist Kid Rock, 16-time Grammy award winner Sting, will be joined by classic Southern-Rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd, and platinum-selling country music artists Little Big Town. Additional hitmakers and bucket list artists include The Avett BrothersMs. Lauryn HillPitbullCounting CrowsAlanis MorissetteThe Black Eyed PeasLudacrisFlo Rida, GarbageAndy GrammerJoan Jett and the BlackheartsViolent FemmesTrombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, and many more. KAABOO’s HUMOR ME stage will be headed up by Saturday Night Live cast alum Dennis MillerEverybody Loves Raymond’s Brad Garrett, and more. A full lineup of confirmed performers is below.

KAABOO has made a name for itself not only as a top tier music festival, but as an immersive experience for all five-senses. In addition to big-name music headliners, guests will be exposed to cutting edge contemporary art exhibits at ARTWORK; hilarious household name comedians at the seated and air conditioned HUMOR ME comedy stage; enticing culinary and craft beverage offerings at PALATE; a full spectrum of INDULGENCES for which KAABOO has become famous; and the ability to purchase a cabana or day pass to BASK Day + Night Club, KAABOO’s on-site Las Vegas-style pool club. At BASK, guests will enjoy prime poolside panorama of DJ performances from internationally acclaimed DJs including Cash CashCheat CodesChromeo (DJ Set)Le YouthPaul Oakenfold, and more.

“We are excited to continue to grow the KAABOO brand alongside the Jones Family in one of the most incredible venues in the world,” said Jason Felts, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer for KAABOO. “We want to bring what we do best in the festival world and put a Texas-sized spin on it. You won’t find yourself sitting in seats for too long here, because you won’t want to miss a minute of the six-stage action.”

Organized in collaboration with The Jerry Jones Family, visionaries behind the legendary Dallas Cowboys, KAABOO Texas represents the first time a multi-day, nationally recognized, music and lifestyle event has ever collaborated with an NFL ownership group. KAABOO’s distinctive upscale experience pairs well with Jones’ vision for the Dallas Cowboys, which has cemented its status as the highest valued sports franchise in the world. KAABOO Texas will represent both brands’ shared energy, creativity, and willingness to elevate traditional concepts. The Cowboys organization has been on the cutting edge of creating more engaging experiences, providing new and unconventional ways to connect with fans, making the KAABOO brand an ideal partnership.

“We are thrilled to be involved in this revolutionary entertainment event,” says Charlotte Jones Anderson, Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of the Dallas Cowboys Football Club. “It is the first time that our family has ever partnered with a multi-day live event in order for us to offer this market a totally unique experience. The KAABOO brand shares the same energy and innovation that we strive for with AT&T Stadium, and we couldn’t be more excited to combine the magic of sports and music right here in Texas.”

To continue the excitement for the lineup announcement, KAABOO Texas will be hosting a lineup release party tonight, Wednesday, January 16 at Halcyon Coffee Bar in Dallas, TX from 5 – 8pm CT. Media and the general public are encouraged to come, celebrate and get to know KAABOO at the event. Music will be provided by Rhett Miller of the Old 97’s, and artist Amanda Lynn will be live-painting a wall mural. The event is free and open to the public.

KAABOO Texas 2019 Music + Comedy Lineup from KAABOO Texas on Vimeo.

All KAABOO passes are now on sale at Limited quantities of LONE STAR (GA) passes start at $299, with BLUE STAR and ROCKSTAR (VIP) passes currently available at $999 and $4199, respectively. Passes will move to the next price point once these are sold out. BLUE STAR passes feature premium stage viewing; exclusive culinary options for purchase; private restrooms; exclusive AMPLIFY (VIP) only performances, and more. ROCKSTAR passes include all the features of BLUE STAR, plus access to on-stage viewing; personal concierge access; exclusive meet and greet opportunities with KAABOO performers; complimentary beverages and food provided; shuttle services; and more. For those looking for an entirely immersive experience, KAABOO offers the ULTIMATE HANG pass. Get the full scoop at

KAABOO offers limited event parking passes as well as preferred parking and valet parking options for purchase. Guests are encouraged to utilize KAABOO’s Ride Share program in partnership with AT&T Stadium, Uber, and Arlington Trolley as an alternative transportation choice. For more information, visit

The KAABOO Kindness program continues to support charities in the Arlington, TX region and across the globe. A portion of proceeds from KAABOO Texas passes will be donated to featured charitable partners including global partner The Recording Academy’s MusiCares program, as well as three local charities including North Texas Food BankTexas Wildlife and Park Foundation, and Texas Music Foundation.

KAABOO TEXAS Full Lineup: 
The Killers
Kid Rock
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Little Big Town
The Avett Brothers
Ms. Lauryn Hill
Counting Crows
Alanis Morissette
The Black Eyed Peas
Flo Rida
Blue October
Collective Soul
The B-52s
Andy Grammer
Rick Springfield
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
St. Paul & The Broken Bones
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real
Violent Femmes
Eric Burdon & The Animals
Jon Anderson (of Yes)
Old 97’s
The English Beat
Los Lonely Boys
The Band Camino
Larkin Poe
American Aquarium
Israel Nash
Your Smith
The Dip
Acid Dad

Dennis Miller
Brad Garrett
Demetri Martin
Garfunkel and Oates
Whitney Cummings
Nate Bargatze
Jim Breuer
Rory Scovel
Heather McDonald
Orny Adams
Chad Daniels
Fortune Feimster
Kate Willett
Billy Wayne Davis
Chris “CP” Powell
MK Paulsen

BASK DJ Performances (Alphabetically)
Cash Cash
Chantel Jeffries
Chromeo (DJ set)
Cheat Codes
Kap Slap
Le Youth
Mix Master Mike
Paul Oakenfold
The Him

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Ultra Music Festival, which returns to sunny Miami March 29, 30 & 31 announces its 2019 phase 1 line-up and features almost every superstar EDM artist in the World. Over 100 DJ’s and live EDM acts will grace the multiple stages with headliners that include; The Chainsmokers, Deadmau5, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Odesza, Galantis, Marshmello, Carl Cox, David Guetta Zedd, Griz and many others. This is just the first phase announcement so expect Ultra to continue to expand on this impressive lineup.

The festival, which annually was held at Bayfront Park, ran into resistance from Miami commissioners and local residents late last year. The good news is Ultra has found and secured an impressive new home at the beautiful Virginia Key Beach Park and Miami Marine Stadium , which is also held in Miami and boasts a bigger capacity, more room to experience and Ultra will now have its latest end time ever at 2am. Sounds like a win win for the festival and fans as Ultra has promised a larger then life experience, better production and lots of surprises for this new chapter.

Ultra has now expanded to more then 20 countries and shows no signs of slowing down, including a new acquisition of the Winter Music Conference that will now be part of this years Miami Music Week.

Tickets for Ultra are on-sale now and going fast!

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