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Replete food for the skin

images by Nicole De Khors and Brodie Vissers

Replete Skincare Story of becoming.

As a woman my skin is of most importance to me and make me feel confident or not.

I realized at an early age that common ways of the cosmetic industry was not nurturing what we have but constantly challenges it with irritant and chemical peel thinning skin depriving collagen production of the skin and making it look like the aftermath of burndown.

No face ever matched the skin of the body on the beach when on French Riviera.

I realized that only way we have young looking and fully functional skin is when we nurture the skin according to natural cycles of function that we can support with nutrients and not interfere with our connection with the Sun and Moon Cycles. That is exactly how I recovered my skin from ravages of lime disease to have back again fully functional healthy skin on my body and face and hands. No doctor has any suggestions for me how to repair the skin that looked like a burn victim, so I went on the path of discovery and ultimately formulating Replete Skincare from only what God created into the bottle and nothing else.

I learned what and when we need specific nutrients to satisfy the need of specific skin function as an organ of our body. Then I went around the world collecting them from five continents. I looked back at Julius Cesar care for his army and animals and Cleopatras habits of self-care. I made Cesar formula a base for my Intense Recovery oil then added more form another continent to attend to every aspect needed to complete the recovery of the cells. Cleopatra gently self-care of nurturing as my guide to being gentle with what we have. Mayan understanding of how nature works with harmony and Replete was born.

Memo Company Brings Jewellery home shopping back to life.

 Debora LaBudde, CEO & Founder of MEMO was a successful executive in a finance world when she realized that her passion was aligned with jewellers and everything about connecting with them in a joyful, playful satisfying way. The very feeling she had when finding new treasures and designers to how they made her feel when wearing them was enough to leave the running of venture capital fund to create her own business around what made her life feel rich and fulfilling that is how MEMO was born.

Debora LaBudde had vision of experience with jewellery in a unique way that creates special connections with the item’s stones or the design without being rushed by the salesperson or security person at the store to make a decision about purchase that can become her signature piece for may years.

Not only the choice of stone needed to be felt but the shape and colours created a unique experience. That is exactly what she wants for her client to have available to them when shopping at MEMO.

Debora believes that every detail of the jewellery should feel just right for her client. Starting from feeling empowered to feeling beautiful.

Now in the privacy of your home, you can choose the next signature piece of your collection for every occasion that may arise at any time. After all, buying and regretting it later can be the think of the past thanks to

Man’s must-have accessories for 2020

In modern society, more men are looking for ways to dress stylish and unique. Why women have so many different accessories and styles of clothes to choose from but men only have limited options. If you search “men’s bracelet” you will see a pattern of over 20% growth every year. Even with the demand for men accessories has increased, we still could not find enough content and tips for men. So we wrote this article to tell you more about the accessories men can should wear to highlight their outfit, or even show his personality and taste by what he wore.

In terms of fashion, it’s not only a woman’s wardrobe that needs all the necessities. In terms of having a distinct look, it’s not only about the hairstyle and the way you dress. Of course, these are important things, no one can deny. But, there are a great many other things that men need to think over when creating a perfect look. A few accessories can embellish the entire attire; they are an indispensable part of fashion. Wikipedia defines ‘’accessories’’ as items to contribute to the wearers’ outfit. These are a man should not be without, for it can be an added hint of personal preference and style. Accessories can show men’s personality. Every essence of the being needs to convey the type of persona that a man wants to project, and men’s accessories play a huge part in creating this aura. So, here we have compiled a few must-have accessories for men to work into his wardrobe.

#1 Bracelets


In the fashion-forward era, accessories for men are like icing on the cake. They are used to personalize your overall look. On both casual and formal occasions, there is a large amount of mens bead bracelet that will let your personality shine. Like tiger eye bracelet, it gives courage, injects motivation, and creates peace; obsidian bracelet, it represents guardianship and braveness; agate bracelet, it provides soothing, supportive energy and confidence for your spiritual growth. These men’s bead bracelet can definitely help guys add the finishing touch to their outfit.

#2 Watches

For men, in particular, a fine wristwatch is handsome men’s accessories. Also, it can be used to demonstrate your taste and style as watches can communicate a lot about the wearers’ personalities. Last but not least, wearing watches can help manage time well and increase productivity as well.

#3 Cufflinks


Today, cufflinks have become a fashionable choice for stylish men. Any shirt with buttonholes on the cuffs can be decorated with gorgeous cufflinks. The cufflinks are both practical and decorative, making the cufflinks one of the most valuable fashion investments in your history.

Azuro Classic Cufflinks are personalized cufflinks for gentlemen, refined with exquisite craftsmanship. The various colors of embedded gemstones are the perfect match for men’s tailored suits, bead bracelets and watches. The cufflinks are plated with rhodium, 24k and rose gold, guaranteeing luxury and instantly adding a modern touch to any look.

#4 Sunglasses

The right pair of sunglasses can not only protect you from those terrible ultraviolet (UV) rays but also complete or even highlight your outfit. Whether you are wearing plain trousers or choosing a simple but comfortable hoodie, a pair of sunglasses may be the accessory you are missing. The right pair of sunglasses can bring to life what you are wearing!

The right men’s accessories can always give a formal outfit an individualized flare or raise a casual look to something more. So now, you already have a better understanding of must-have accessories for men. Now, you should create your own style and express your unique personality!


The truth about our feet is that when we do not wear shoes they get wider because they can. Given we have been at home for many month not wearing pretty shoes and chances are our feet became wider than before stay at home order.

Many states now and countries are opening up and returning to activities outside of our homes and families, so the shoe need to fit the feet. Here is the way to adopt what you already have to be comfortable wearing with expanded size of your feet without braking the bank or living with pain at the end of the day.

Formé is the first and only shoe shaper that safely stretches shoes up to a half a size, eliminating the pain that occurs when the toe box gets tight as the day wears on – awesome for women with different sized feet! Formé is made by women FOR WOMEN and can make every pair of shoes in your closet more comfortable and your feet healthier and happier! You can customize the amount of stretch and they work in any shoes (heels, flats, boots, sandals, sneakers) of any material (leather, fabric, even synthetic). Or use this sleek, lightweight device simply to help shoes keep their shape when you’re not wearing them.  Formé shapers give new life to shoes 1) you love but don’t wear because they never fit quite right, 2) become uncomfortable after just a short time on the feet. Sold on and

Maureen Stockton, founder of Formé, the first women’s shoe shaper and stretcher, is a Los Angeles native and UCLA graduate with a successful 25+-year track record as an entrepreneur. Her passion for entrepreneurship and invention were sparked during her college years at UCLA, where she founded the Undergraduate Entrepreneurs Association, and was recognized by the university’s economics department as “Leader of the Year.” Following her graduation with a dual degree in Business Administration and Political Science, she began her corporate career in commercial real estate, directing marketing and leasing for several premier office buildings in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Stockton continued honing her marketing skills at JAKKS Pacific Inc., the publicly traded toy company. There she created $250MM+ in new revenue through innovative products and new retail merchandising techniques. Subsequently, she created and launched a new category of children’s holiday decorating products under the Disney Princess and Barbie brands. Collectively, these products generated $20MM+ in retail sales, and earned her “Vendor of the Year” recognition from Toys “R” Us.

In 2018, after three years of research and development, Stockton
launched the Formé shoe shaper, a consumer product she
conceived to address women’s desire for enhanced shoe comfort
and improved shoe wardrobe maintenance. An epiphany led to the
process: Stockton was dressing for an evening business event and
noticed to her dismay that the “power pumps” she had chosen to
wear were intolerably tight around the toes. In that moment she glanced over at her husband while he removed old-fashioned wooden shoe trees from his shoes asking why he used them. He replied, “my shoes are always comfortable when I slip them on.” She wanted the same for herself, so she ordered some in an attempt to stretch her own shoes, but the device – designed for the heartier leathers used in men’s footwear – had too much force and ruined her shoes. She realized that women needed a shoe shaper of their own. Today, her unique and patented design gives new life to uncomfortable shoes long relegated to the back of the closet, offering customizable stretching options. It also keeps shoes in perfect shape, not only prolonging wear but also increasing resale value.

Beyond her commercial ventures, Stockton also lends her talent and inspiration to several philanthropic causes, serving on the boards of several charities including, St. Anne’s, an LA- based organization that helps vulnerable children and women rebuild their lives. She is also a member of the UCLA Foundation Board, Member of the UCLA Chancellor’s Oversight Committee for UCLA Technology Development, the Getty Museum’s Conservation Institute Council, and Wake Forest University’s Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneur Board of Advisors. Stockton was previously on the boards of the Otis College of Art and Design and the Toy Industry Association.

Stockton and her husband Bryan have four children and reside in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles.

The allure of timeless beauty and value shows up at Abell auction June 14

3.10 fancy natural grey-blue diamond ring (est. $225,000-275,000) pictured above

During this isolating times filled with many unanswered questions we can fill our day with joy of beautiful meaningful treasured and timeless jewels that will stay with us forever.

-Cartier platinum, aquamarine, emerald, onyx and diamond ‘Panthere’ bracelet (est. $100,000-150,000)

-18 karat white gold and diamond ring (est. $100,000-125,000).

Jewelry and timepieces by Bulgari, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Rolex, Patek Philippe and other iconic brands also will be offered. A complete catalog is posted at

Signed jewelry pieces at the June 14 auction, with estimates of $2,000 to $150,000, include:

 -Cartier platinum, aquamarine, emerald, onyx and diamond ‘Panthere’ bracelet

-Bulgari 18 karat gold, diamond and turquoise ‘Serpenti’ coil bracelet

-Bulgari platinum and diamond eternity ring

-Harry Winston platinum and diamond three-row bracelet

-Van Cleef & Arpels 18 karat yellow gold and onyx ‘Alhambra’ necklace

-Roberto Coin ‘Cento’ diamond and platinum engagement ring (5.10 carats, G/VS2)

-Pair of Roberto Coin platinum and diamond stud earrings (with each diamond stud weighing more than 5.00 carats, E/SI2)

-Roberto Coin ‘Cento’ 18 karat  and diamond necklace (21.02 total carats of diamonds)

-David Yurman 14 karat three-row cable necklace

-Chantecler Capri 18 karat white gold, diamond, red and pink coral ‘Cherie’ tassel necklace

Other jewelry highlights, with estimates of $15,000 to $125,000 include:

-18 karat white gold and diamond ring (10.01 carats, J/SI2)

-Platinum and diamond ring (10.02 carats, I/VS1)

-18 karat gold, platinum and fancy natural yellow diamond ring (10.09 carats, VVS2)

-18 karat white gold and fancy intense yellow natural diamond ring (3.04 carats/SI1

-Platinum and diamond tennis bracelet (26.15 total carats of diamonds)

-Platinum and diamond graduated riviere necklace (45 total carats of diamonds)

-Platinum and diamond ring (5.55 carats, I/VS1/XXX)

-Platinum and diamond retro style ring (3.03 carats, G/VS1)

-Platinum and diamond ring (4.01 carats, F/SI1)

-Platinum and diamond cluster necklace (21.30 total carats of diamonds)

-18 karat white gold and diamond pendant necklace (3.05 carats, H/VS2/XXX)

Noteworthy timepieces, with estimates of $2,000 to $50,000, include:

-Piaget 18 karat white gold and diamond wristwatch (14.77 total carats of diamonds)

-Chopard 18 karat white gold and diamond ‘Happy Diamonds’ watch (14.83 total carats of diamonds)

-Patek Philippe 18 karat white gold and diamond ‘Twenty-4’ wristwatch

-Patek Philippe 18 karat white gold and diamond ‘Gondolo Serata’ wristwatch

-Degrisogono 18 karat gold, diamond, ruby and sapphire wristwatch

-Rolex 18 karat white gold and diamond wristwatch

-Rolex Oyster Perpetual day-date platinum wristwatch

-Rolex 18 karat yellow gold day-date wristwatch

Just to name a few lifetime companion of beauty, permanence and value to cherish every minute when you win at auction the one you want.

Honey for deep sleep repairs

One of the most important and yet sometimes not know ways to get a good night sleep in addition to the afternoon sun rays is a teaspoon of honey before turning off the light when going to sleep.

This is a great way to fall asleep fast without taking any pills. Honey has been used to heal wounds that just would not close on people and animals.

Marine Mammal centre is one of the places that value honey as a go-to after all else fails to heal injuries that sea creatures have after rescuing them from the sea or the beaches.

Cleopatra used honey to heal her scratches from walking on the ground.

Bears are using honey as the source to survive long winters and so do the bees and wolfs.

Now Replete offers travel size iBio Seasonal Honey that can go with you anywhere you are and give you a beauty night sleep according to the season.

There are choices of flavor such as roses, lavender or rosemary from private garden of Replete founder. What a beautiful way to share the harvest with each other during this isolating times of Covid-19.

Summer equinox is coming marking the time of change

Replete Your Skin in Summer Heat

Summer is the season for the skin to interact with natural elements with little clothes coverage. The warmer weather provides a comfortable environment to expose the skin.  The summer choice of fabrics to wear are lighter and breathable weaves.

Our skin was designed to interact with elements during the summer season, so our job is to support it and not interfere with it.

Now it is the time to make sure that a lot of Intense Recovery Oil is applied nightly under Circadian 365 Night Cream. It will assist in the fast turnover of cells that were exposed to elements. This is a good time to spend more time in the water as natural hydration and cooling assistance in addition to Rejuvenating Mist in the afternoon to extend our ability to defend the elements such as free radicals and temperature changes between outdoors and AC. The Summer Serum has building blocks to the resilience of the skin in its formulation of proprietary Seasonal ActivesTM, it has outperformed SPF 80 according to our clients and delivers all needed vitamins from the sun such as Vitamin D.

The primary difference between Replete and other skincare products is the fact the Replete understands and follows skin’s natural needs based on its assigned functions.  No other product line does this! Replete is food for the skin, providing building blocks for collagen and density of the skin and steadily increasing skin quality with time. They are true Anti-aging products.

This is in contrary to skin cares that are promoting self-defense response of the skin as a collagen building tool. This in fact depletes skin resources at a faster pace, therefore aging it. All Retina products are stripping the skin layers and making them more vulnerable and thinner in density- this is why the recommendation is to stay indoors and avoid sunlight.

In truth, a certain amount of sunlight promotes collagen replacement and delivers needed vitamins to our skin and system as intended. This is the more natural way to stimulate self-defense mechanism of the skin within natural functions already programed as part of our existence, including cell replacement. The key is to be outdoors after 3 pm and monitor direct exposure with clothes, hats past 30 min, or an umbrella. This, too, will provide enough sunlight to maintain bone structure density and keep your face’s youthful contour, with high cheeks and young eye-frames. So much has not been told to people when pushing sunscreen into everyday life, including the newborns getting covered with chemicals that can lead to soft bones and other developmental issues.  Then, if you do overexpose, you can use Intense Recovery assuring easier recovery. We are meant to live during the day and sleep at night. Why, then, are we fearing what is supposed to be our time to fully function?

Replete discovered natural secrets of how to build resilient skin over time- no instant gratification here- as we have been depleting the skin with creams that were irritating and stripping the layers for years!

Replete delivers visible changes to youthful skin within a couple of weeks for others to see, and total rebalancing of the skin function throughout all seasons.

The summer serum is filled with Seasonal ActivesTM seaweeds and clays that builds the resistance within the skin cells. Circadian 365 Day Cream gives Circadian ActivesTM for a lift to the skin and helping the pigment to distribute evenly, thus helping to lower the formation of age spots.  Rejuvenation Mist delivers the needed hydrations and minerals in the afternoon giving the day cream and other products lift for the skin. Finally, 365 Night Cream Circadian ActivesTM work on detoxing, replacing ,and rebuilding the cells from day’s work. All products work in unison with the body’s largest organ- the skin.

A few interesting facts when using Replete:

During the first week, you will expel all of the toxins that were repressed in the form of pimples under the skin. Then, you will never see them again.

Apply only the amount of Replete formulas that is absorbed by the skin. If you have some extra left on the surface, it means you are using too much!

The Intense Recovery oil is in fact only 1% oil and 99% bio-active herbal extract. It absorbs immediately into the skin, relieving sunburn almost on contact.

All products are fast absorbing, so within a minute of applying, you can get dressed without delay.

All Replete formulas are highly concentrated nutrients in proprietary combinations as Circadian ActivesTM and Seasonal ActivesTM.

Armitron Watches

Since 1956 Armitron has been devoted to nurturing the spirit of individuality with high quality, high-style watches at affordable price points, driven by the understanding that a timepiece is both a common thread and a distinguishing factor. We connect prestige and curation with unprecedented value and convenience. Our overarching message is simple— Time is personal.

Your time matters here is special discount for FSHN Magazine readers

Armitron Watches 


The necessity of social distancing has presented an opportunity for the beauty brand, treStiQue to creatively adapt to the “new normal” and not sacrifice an informative and personalized experience. 

treStiQue introduces a new Live Video Beauty Advisor Service which is now available from 2-10 PM (EST) Monday through Friday. This innovative service delivers all of the expertise of your experienced department/speciality store adviser with the ease and safety of staying at home. With virtual consultations, you can seamlessly schedule an online experience via Once scheduled, a customer can chat “live” with the treStiQue beauty team for a free video consultation where they advise or: 

• Get an instant shade match 

• Learn more about treStiQue makeup routines and find out which routine would work best for their lifestyle 

• Get a one-on-one 5-minute makeup tutorial 

• Learn how to get the look: Eye looks, eyebrow tutorials, expert shade matching and MORE! 

• Appointments usually last about 15 minutes and the consultation is free, with no commitment to purchase. 

We would be delighted to have you experience the service first hand and replace your entire vanity of beauty products with one simple easy to use case with our compliments. 


trèStiQue provides a true makeup solution for your everyday makeup routine with beauty essentials that simplify how you use, carry and apply makeup. The days of heavy, overflowing makeup bags and time-consuming, complex routines are behind us. trèStiQue routines include high-performance, cruelty-free products made to carry in a zero- mess, super organized makeup bag that allows you to make-up anytime, anywhere––perfect for life on-the-go. Finally, you can find everything you need quickly, so you can spend more time doing the things you love. The routines offer everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s a makeup solution for your lifestyle. 

For more information please contact ATELIER Creative Services, Inc. 

$210.81 Billion markets to be healthy, wealthy and fabulous.

Alternative health and complementary market to be worth $210.81 Billion in 2026

How did we arrive at the decision to turn back to nature for our strength and healthy joyful life?

Do you remember the phenomena of Oprah Winfrey show with 35 Million viewers as highest ever recorded? Think again today Dr Nandi show has over 85 Million viewers and climbing due to his content on alternative health, complementary treatments and food suggestions for specific conditions.

Our direction of focus has been turned away from pharmaceuticals after repeated failures of promised cures. More and more chronic patients fear escalated doses of diabetic insulin just to maintain safe levels of glucose as a means to stay alive. They have come to feel that the end is near unless they change something in their own power to change.

People now want to have sex until they die and be attractive to be desired until they die. Life never looked more promising for this to be the reality as it is now.

The self-help section of books is ever-growing and looking for the source of illness is at the front lines for those that are taking their wellbeing into their own hand by changing habits, believes from the newly acquired information.

Health care is changing to accommodate preventive measures as part of the reward program in some states. Finding that preventing actions yield avoidance of recurring problems.

In the old days, Chinese doctors would be paid by the patient for keeping them healthy and stopped paying when they got sick under their watchful eyes and advice. Maybe we are turning to this too with so preventive benefits of vitamins, massages that improve circulation in the body prompting toxins to depart and not linger.

One thing is certain we are going back to recognizing that synthetics and disconnect from our natural clock hurt us and not heal nor keep us from getting sick.

This is a very organic and individual movement we are observing solely promoted by the desire for better health and happier life until the last breath we take.

Herbal remedies, many different schools of diets and vitamin supplements are leading the headlines in the news. Seminars and retreats teaching individuals how to reconnect with nature and its benefits are most desired topics and searches online. Meditation is no longer for yogis but for CEO’s and presidents to lead with a cool and composed mind.

We are now in the era of self-empowerment from shared information on research and personal stories.

The actions people take are led by choices not limitations, after all, we are managers of our lives.

For more information on our natural connections read the book