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From Pandemics to racial unrest, from police brutality to economic turmoil, the World seemingly lost in political chaos at times, 2020 has proven to be a historic year that many would soon want to forget. Not since 1918, have we seen such a crises take hold, as countries all over the World plagued by CV19 have ordered lockdowns and new rules. Social distancing and wearing face coverings have become the new normal, as well as sanitizing everything in site, washing hands and staying home. At the onset of the lockdown orders, people panicked flocking to stores, swiping up groceries, toilet paper and sanitizers in bulk and leaving shelves empty. The U.S. has seen the worst of the crises with over 100,000 lives lost to date, more than 25 million people filing for unemployment and the economies future becoming unstable. The music industry has taken one of the biggest hits as the Coronavirus continued to storm through the U.S. causing the shutdown of all non-essential businesses. All live music events disappeared over-night, tours cancelled, festivals called off, bats and nightclubs closed indefinitely and the future for live music and artists has grown fairly grim. However, for some, it’s been a wakeup call to take control of their careers and to find creative modes to connect with fans, including virtual shows, benefit online streaming concerts, selling merchandise and more. One such artist, South Florida’s very own KEVENS, has viewed this downtime as a way to re-emerge and to re-focus, working on new material, new music as well as launching a new line of merchandise. The World is in need of some healing, some positive vibrations and love, which is exactly what defines Kevens message, “Positivity Is A Necessity”, something he has been pushing through his music since the 90’s. 

I had an opportunity to sit down with Keven’s on a virtual zoom call and talk about the state of the World, his new single, “The World Is Burning” and his new merchandise line that just launched.

SBP: How is life treating you?

Kēvens : I can’t complain, I give thanks every single day for the privilege of life and health.

SBP: You’ve been in Music a longtime tell us your journey?

Kēvens : After I graduated from high school, I wanted to be a pilot. I went to the local US air-force enrollment office but God had other plans for me. I didn’t meet the strictly physical and medical requirements. My vision was not up to par, and my almost 6’5” frame might have also been a problem. With no direction in life, I said to myself, maybe I should try DJing and MCing. I was already a great lover of music, and through a friend who owned a local club, I purchased several crates of reggae and dub records. I started DJing at night in addition to my day job, making a small change, mostly on Monday nights. Years later, I became the resident DJ at a club in Coconut Grove Florida, called The Village Inn, and that is where I met Anthony Booker. Toward the end of the night, I would always go on the mic to freestyle on a couple of songs with the band. One night I jumped on the last set of the local reggae band, Copacetic. The guest bass player that night was Anthony. After a nice jam session, we spoke about playing together on a regular basis. Not long after, he called and invited me to a band rehearsal. When I arrived at the address he gave me, I saw a bunch of Bob Marley and The Wailers tour cases, and Marley memorabilia that belong in a museum. I didn’t say anything, but couldn’t stop wondering where I was. After jamming for a while, his mother, an older Rasta woman opened the door and asked, “Do you gentlemen want something to drink?” I recognized her right away. It was Cedella Marley Booker, also mother to The Gong, aka Robert Nesta Marley. I almost passed out. Anthony was laughing at the situation, knowing that after all of our talks about reggae, he never once told me who his big brother was. On the second half of that rehearsal, young Julian Marley joined in making it even more surreal. That was the start of the first band I was a part of, “Le Coup.”

SBP: Tell us about your hot new single “World Is Burning” and how it came about.

Kēvens : Being a vegetarian most of my life gave me an immense appreciation for Mother Nature, uncovering that all we need has already been made available without the need to take animal lives. A few years ago, I completed a different version of the song when I learned that it’s no longer safe to eat fish from the ocean, due to the crazy amount of plastic we have put in the world’s ocean. I went to vegan soon after. A year and a half ago, I took a trip to Hawaii and experienced the power of Mother Nature, volcanic irruptions on the Big Island and an earthquake. When I came back to Florida, I went back in the studio, moved a few lines around and re-recorded the version that is now released.

SBP: Are you religious?

Kēvens : Religion I believe was created to negate God, a lot of humans claim how we love the one true God, yet here we are fighting against one another in the name of God. So the answer is, I am a mystical man.

SBP: With the current political climate, coronavirus and other things happening, it seems like the perfect timing for your new song, was that the plan?

  Kēvens : This song was written way before I heard of the coronavirus or the fires in   Australia, I had a premonition. I try hard to stay neutral in any political conversation due to deep personal beliefs. Again, the answer is no, I didn’t write this song because of politricks. Know this, whether you believe it’s manmade or the Earth’s natural cycles, climate change is happening, and the time for action is right now.

SBP: We’re in a strange new World with the coronavirus and lockdown. How did you pass the time?  Kēvens: Strange times indeed. The lockdown has been very hard on most of us. I finally made it to the studio last week to finalize prior projects with mask and goggles on, highly unusual to say the least but this is where we are at right now. My lady and I adopted a couple of kittens right before the lockdown and that has kept us entertained. I mainly go out for grocery shopping and miss my morning walks in the park tremendously. But I have been doing more gardening, more praying and meditating in nature and that has been very enriching.       SBP: It seems the music industry and artists got hit hard because of CV19 and there will be no live shows for at least a year or more, has that hurt your momentum and income?  Kēvens: Hurt! totally. I lost several shows due to Covid-19, needless to say, the music industry will not be the same when their gate reopens. I truly feel due to the times, singers and writers with a higher purpose will have the spotlight shine on them because people are suffering right now, minds aren’t right and in need of positive inspiration to cope with the unexpected punches of life. For instance, earlier I was listening to John Legend doing a rendition of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, very telling of the times.   SBP: “Positivity Is A Necessity” is a slogan you came up with years back and is more relevant than ever today, how are you inspiring and pushing the positive vibes?  Kēvens: Simple, I keep writing songs that are relevant to the intention to inspire all who listen to do right. That has been the mission and no plan to veer off that track.   SBP: You’ve got a new merch line that you just launched, tell us about that? Kēvens: I have been working on my signature line for over a year, with extra time in my hand due to the lockdown, my designer and I were able to focus on countless new designs. My main store at the moment is Teespring and just got accepted on Amazon but have not uploaded any designs there yet. I am very proud of every single design I have, they are beautiful, purposeful with quality material. I have something for everyone at my store, I’d like to invite everyone to take a look.

SBP: Are you doing any virtual shows or live streaming?  Kēvens: I am not. Somehow that doesn’t interest me much. I am a band’s man who has not been able to jam, I am open to doing live streaming in the future when I can get with my crew again.    SBP: Beyond the Pandemic, we are also facing recent police brutality with the killing of George Floyd and others in past, as well as blatant racism, how has that influenced your music past, present and future? Kēvens: George Floyd was murdered in front of our eyes. The devil is in the world and using those without light to do his bidding, and make us believe in him that’s what’s going on, nothing new under the sun. Because of cellphone technology, we are now able to catch some of them in the act of slaughtering a human life and it’s horrific given that some feel it was set up for political use. Police brutality is a worldwide problem, because policemen and women are people, and people are power-hungry from the dawn of civilization. I have addressed those topics in different songs I’ve written over the years. Do check out “Open Your Eyes”, Freedom for Humanity, “Break Down The Wall” and of course “Sweet Lady Liberty” to name a few.

SBP: In the world of copycats, how do you stay fresh and current with your music?

Kēvens: I stay true to myself by always going deep and find songs my soul wants to sing. I’ve always been told throughout my career that I was ahead of my time, so keeping fresh was never something I worry about.

SPB: Your sound is a blend of many genres, how do you categorize your music?

Kēvens : To simplify it; rock/reggae dub and edm

SPB: You have played shows all over the world and last year you were a featured act at Ultra Miami, how was that?

Kēvens: Prior to that show you mentioned, I didn’t play ultra since 2009. It was good to be back, especially sharing that stage with Rabbit in The Moon again as the two of us have a deep history with the Ultra brand. I was in awe to see how big that festival had gotten since I was there last. I remember Ultra on the sand of Miami beach back in 1999 where it all started and I was there on the mic asking the audience if they would like to party with us the following year.

Never did anyone know at that time it was going to get that big and I am proud to be the only all-live band to grace that stage in the first few years, bringing my rock reggae drum and bass sound with my message of peace and unity.

SPB: Tell me one secret about you, no body knows?

Kēvens: I love watching CBS Sunday Morning with my Queen.

SBP: What’s next for Kēvens?

Kēvens: Well like I said recently in another interview, I have always had an eclectic musical style that is hard to put into a specific genre. I would love to expand on that quality and spend more time collaborating with like-minded artists that aren’t afraid to bend their musical styles and step into uncharted territory.

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Joshua Bell takes the Night at SF Symphony

Coriolan Overture No. 1BeethovenViolin Concerto No. 1PaganiniSymphony No. 4Brahms

Once a Year Joshua Bell visits San Francisco to give his heart and music to those that show up.

On March 01, 2020, was one of these memorable nights when Joshua Bell as conductor and Violinist performed

With perfection, passion and verve that ripped apart horse hair out of his bow.

When his concluded 35 minutes of Paganini Concerto No.1 he asked if any of us had a horse as he needed some hair for his bow. The audience loved his connection with them and was so responsive to his every move and gesture during the concert. The emotions have taken everyone into the trans of emotions from high to low and back. Yet during the brake women were astonished not just how talented and world-class musician he is but how he did not change a bit in his body and face since he was 20 years old. I felt that they wanted the youth secret from him as much the emotions his music has evoked in their hearts. I realized that his youth secret is loving what he does and feeling the bliss about it, that kept wrinkles away from his face and youthful attitude thought life. He is entirely magnetic when the violin utters staccato and C minor tones bringing longing and wishes to live.

The entire evening was woven into the perfect sequence of music that created a journey into the story of love, distance, longing and respite in the fields of nature. One wonders how composers communicate all that we see from the tone of the natural world to resonate inside the symphony hall walls.

The orchestra is magnificent harmonizing with Joshua Bell that created another memorable night in San Francisco.

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BottleRock Napa Valley music festival now in its 7th year drops an impressive 2020 lineup with headliners The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Mathews and Stevie Nicks.

The three-day festival which takes place May 22 thru 24 will once again land in Napa Valley, taking place at the Napa Valley Expo center.

More than 75 musical acts are tapped for the big music shindig in the heart of beautiful California wine country that also includes Zedd, Avett Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Brandi Carlile, Of Monsters and Men, Maggie Rogers, Janelle Monae, Blondie, Foals and more. BottleRock has become a household festival name drawing music fans from all over the world that flock to the festival which showcases great music, winetasting and amazing culinary.

Three Day passes go on sale Tuesday, Jan 7 at 10 am.
Passes range from three-day GA passes for $359 to three-day platinum passes for $4350.
For complete info on BottleRock go to:

A Merry-Achi Christmas at SF Symphony

This was a night like no other. The expectation and experience were so much apart. I came to see folklore band and experience a full philharmonic range of skills performed by Mariachi band. Absolutely wonderful to have culture and music expand beyond borders. Nutcracker at its best

and American film music with an intense passion we saw in the film dancing by Al Pacino in “Scent of the Women” in 1992 for which he received and an Oscar.

There is a time when words cannot do the justing of what must be said, for that reason I share with you the music.

Please visit the Sf Symphony

website to plan your next experience


By Duncan Walgreen 

The party is back on for Bayfront Park in Downtown, Miami in 2020! After a vast journey outwards into the unknown that was Virginia Key, Ultranauts are being prepared for their return home to the beloved Bay-front Park. Ultra Music Festival has confirmed the rumours are true, after a 3-2 vote by the Commissioners of the City of Miami, the tables have turned, it’s on the record, and now it’s time to play. Known as the ‘Premiere Dance Music Festival’ in the World, Ultra has the pleasure of providing one of the greatest festivals on its favourite turf, Bayfront Park. Although seemingly mission impossible, there is a story behind their long road back to Bay-front park.

When news first broke after Ultra Music Festival’s 20th anniversary that the City of Miami would not permit their return to Bayfront Park in 2019, Ultra’s fans truly could not expect the unexpected. Ultra was then granted a two year, revocable license by the City of Miami to operate at its new home on Virginia Key, where the 21st Ultra took place this year in March.
Ultra made the very best of their new home on Virginia Key but soon decided to cancel the second year of their contract, continuing the search for a new location for the electronic music festival in 2020 and beyond.

On May 8th, 2019, the producers of Ultra swiftly released an apology to their loyal fans for the “logistical problems” of traffic that lead to some fans walking home, while severing ties with the City of Miami, who had hosted Ultra over it’s 21 years of life thus far. Ultra was scheduled to have a hearing regarding the potential renewal or termination of contract for Ultra’s second year to be on Virginia key, but instead took the ball back in their court by deciding it would no longer be at the will of the City of Miami. 

The hearing went on without Ultra, where City Manager Emilio Gonzalez voiced his apathy for the decisions of his peers that drove Ultra out of the city in the first place, citing, “That kind of economic impact for the residents of our city, I think it’s a huge loss.” The City of Miami would have been going without a $2 Million rental fee, as well as millions raised by businesses such as the many hotels and restaurants and their subsequent taxes.

With over two decades of successful shows in their repertoire, expectations were high of the brand’s execution on new territory, and with the highest expectations came the highest hurdles. With only half their usual production schedule to plot and plan their festival while breaking new ground, many obstacles presented themselves. Namely, the transportation feat of moving over 50,000 ravers from a small island with a few accessible lanes of traffic back to the mainland of Miami, sound bleed and long walks. It’s easy to say that a ticket price of Ultra should come with a flawless festival experience, but it is not easy to say that anyone could have done it better considering the circumstances.

Ultra ensured its fans that it was going to listen closely to their reactions and conducted a survey for its attendees. After a turbulent year that comes with new territory, Ultra announced that they would no longer be taking place at their original home in Miami, but instead began setting their sights on a new location yet again. Speculation arose over whether the festival would move to the Homestead-Miami raceway or move north to Fort Lauderdale. Meanwhile, restaurant, hotel and other small business owners and residents in favour of the culture of dance music that Ultra instils, all began to voice their concerns over significant loss of revenue that is driven to the city by the massive festival attendance. 

Wednesday, July 24th was a sigh of relief for the producers of Ultra Music Festival, their fans, and Bayfront Park’s surrounding businesses. The dramatic 3-2 vote passed the measure to allow the festival to return home to Bay-front, Commissioners Willy Gort (of District 1) and Manolo Reyes (of District 4) who lead the charge to make this happen, as well as Commissioner Keon Hardemon (of District 5), voted in favour. Ultra’s biggest opposition came from Commissioners Ken Russell (of District 2) and Joe Carollo (District 3), who voted against the measure.

Though there are definitely some residents of the downtown area that would rather not deal with the traffic and noise, Ultra amended it’s proposal through negotiations with the City on Wednesday night that would shorten the days the park was closed to the public and reduce the maximum volume levels for the stages that would affect the towers of the downtown area. Ultra also agreed to continue with its earlier curfew of 11 pm (the festival went on as late as 2 am at Virginia Key). Ultra was praised by several residents that relayed cultural and tourism benefits as well as the ability of the massive platform that is Ultra Music Festival to promote positive environmental impacts as shown by their great efforts at Virginia Key. Small and big business owners of Miami were also present and speaking up for Ultra at Wednesday’s hearing, including restaurant (Kimodo, Planta) and nightclub (LIV Miami, Story Nightclub) maestro Dave Grutman. 

The storm is now behind us as Ultra publicly confirmed their return to Bayfront Park in 2020, with a new license to party. That being said, we are sure to see the Miami Music Week and Winter Music Conference (which was recently acquired by Ultra) come alive once again as the universe that is Ultra Music Festival re-centers and gears up.

Keep reading for our Ultra 2019 Recap of Virginia Key, and stay tuned for Ultra 2020 on March 27-29th as we follow the party #BackToBayfront

(See our full recap on Ultra Music Festival’s 2019 journey to Virginia Key below)

More information and Tickets will be available soon at:

Davies Hall transforms into a holy centre for 12th annual Dia de Los Muertos Celebration

No matter what sect or religion you associate yourself with, it’s a universal given to pay respect and homage to those who have touched our lives and parted ways to the ethers. Whether you honour the dead by hanging a picture of them on your wall or visit a cemetery from time to time, it’s hard to live in San Francisco and not participate in the Dia de Los Muertos events around town. Not only has the celebration become part of the SF fabric, but it should also be an observed holiday to let people celebrate all the souls who have built this City – lest we forget California was once part of Mexico. Dia de Los Muertos is an integral cultural celebration in Mexico and many parts of South America dating back to the Aztec Empire. I’m personally thrilled to see the increased amount of cities in the U.S with significant Hispanic populations celebrating the day(s).

The one caveat – oftentimes, many North Americans (gringos) still misunderstand Dia de Los Muertos as a variation of Halloween, but it is a very different celebration. The holiday takes place on November 1 and 2, coinciding with the Roman Catholic practices of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, respectively. In Spanish, All Saints’ Day is known as the Dia de Todos Los Santos and All Souls’ Day as the Dia de las Animas. Together, the two dates are conceptualized as the Dia de Los Difuntos or, more commonly, as the Dia de Los Muertos. For those who celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, the first day is reserved for recognizing young children who have passed away while the second day is meant to honour all others.

One of the beautiful aspects of Latin culture is that death is celebrated as a natural and normal part of life. This year, many families and communities gathered at SF’s Potrero Del Sol Park, showcasing altars filled with brightly coloured flowers, sugar skulls, pictures of the deceased, and favourite foods. All of this is done as a way of inviting the spirits of our loved ones back to visit with us for one day out of the year. Before my daughter and I embarked on the festivities in the Mission District SF, we thought it would be extra special to attend the 12th annual Dia de Los Muertos Community Celebration on November 2, 2019, at Davies Symphony Hall.

Once again, the team from the San Francisco Symphony did a magnificent job in transforming Davies Hall into a sacred shrine, gathering a diverse audience that ranged from young toddlers (my 2.5-year-old daughter included) to the classy, yet spunky septuagenarians. I cannot give enough praise to the charismatic host of the night, Jacomo Bairos. He took command of his orchestra, and, with godly musicianship, the audience was seamlessly transported on a celestial journey to the afterworld. The harmonious melodies from masterpieces like Gould – Rhumba / Conga from Latin American Symphonette, Silvestre Revueltas – Janitzio, Gabriela Lena Frank – Requiem for a Magical America, and Copeland – El Salon Mexico, set the stage for a euphoric, South American musical landscape to relish. But wait aren’t you supposed to be calling upon the deceased to visit you on Day of the Dead?

After intermission, Jacomo Bairos introduced Latin Grammy Best New Artist winner, and internationally renowned Latin American band, Monsieur Perine. This served as a brilliant role reversal move by the conductor, as the whole ensemble, including the SF Symphony orchestra, began to pour out prayers to dazzle the souls back down to Davies Hall. While cheers and wows were circulating in the crowd, members of Casa Circulo Cultural Dance Ensemble promenaded the aisles, dressed in colourful, culturally expressive attire. The energy was so intoxicating, that even my 2.5-year-old sat in awe, and gladly clapped after each set – WOW!

The SF Symphony hosts many elaborate events during the year, but this was a special one. From the decorations in the lobby to the musical pilgrimage, this performance holds a place in my heart/soul and has become the newest annual benchmark of one-of-a-kind events to return to again and again.

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From one yogi to another, I bow to the exceptional performance by Jacomo Bairos. His aura gleamed so brightly that every seat in the house was deeply moved by his piercing passion for the craft. If the Dalai Lama or any high-level Saint had been seated in the audience, they would have stood up to applaud, bowing in honour.

For more info on the SF Symphony go to:


There is really nothing that fully describes how amazing movie night with the SF Symphony is except being there in person. It’s an awesome feeling to see an epic great film for the first time in the theatre with Dolby sound blasting and eating tasty popcorn, but its an out of the world experience when accompanied by seasoned musicians and vocalists. This night was no exception! We got to Davies Symphony Hall a bit early on Halloween eve (Oct 30) to take in the day of the dead décor and gear up for Jordon Peele’s award-winning masterpiece thriller, “Get Out”. It was a packed house as expected and with a mixed audience that included hardcore fans (young and old) and newbies.

“Get Out” follows Chris Washington a young African-American man, played by the charismatic actor Daniel Kaluuya, who uncovers a very disturbing secret when he visits the family of his white girlfriend played by Allison Williams. Washington becomes ensnared in a sinister plot by Williams and her family that progresses as the weekend continues and climaxes into an original ending that won Jordan Peele an Oscar for original screenplay. The SF symphony brought every nuisance, every little scare to life perfectly as the original films composer Michael Abels was on deck guiding the music and taking us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, thrills and non-stop laughs.

What was also a treat, was watching The DC6 singers, who were the original singers from the film, perform all the songs live. They were so good you almost forgot they were singing each song live. We got lost in the vocals, the music and of course the film, which is one of those horror cult classics that you can enjoy over and over. As the movie ended, fans cheered, giving Abel and the symphony a long-standing ovation and a wonderful ending to a great night and Halloween kickoff.

For more info on the SF Symphony go to:

Aftershock 2019 Brings In Largest Crowd In Festival’s History

Written by David Masterson

Sacramento’s Aftershock festival has just wrapped up their biggest year to date. The annual hard rock and metal festival took place at the city’s Discovery Park the weekend of October 11th,​ 12th and 13th​. What started as a single day event in 2012 has now become a three-day rock and metal extravaganza. This year’s addition of a 3rd day came with a warm welcome once again selling out all three days which brought in a whopping 97,500 attendees Those numbers made in the festival’s largest crowd thus far.r54 With a lineup that featured legendary acts such as Tool, Slipknot, and Blink-182, along with Staind, Korn, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Bring Me The Horizon, and more, there’s no question why it sold-out.

In the heart of Sacramento lies Discovery Park which provided an ample location for Aftershock, accommodating a total of 32,500 daily attendees this year. The layout of the festival grounds was very well thought out. Being surrounded by trees, you could effortlessly take shelter from the somewhat high temperatures during the day. There was an abundance of food and drink vendors which could be found lining the outer edges of the venue as well as the center areas. Restrooms could easily be found no matter where you were. Also, the stage locations are far enough away from each other that they don’t get drowned out by bands playing at other nearby stages. Combine all these things and you have a recipe for a successful location.

For attendees looking to add something to their Aftershock experience, the VIP section offered some nice perks over the standard GA tickets.. Located between the Kolas Discovery and Monster Energy stages, you can find private viewing areas to watch some of the festival’s top billed acts. For those wanting to relax while still enjoying the festival, the lounge area provided a place to sit or lay and watch the performances on a huge screen. Food and drink vendor lines were very short compared to others in the GA section which gave you more time to watch the acts. Restrooms in the VIP section were luxurious, complete with private stalls, sinks, mirrors and a cooling system. With all these amenities, there is no question that upgrading to VIP is definitely worth it..

The company responsible for putting on such an impressive event has grown to become the largest independent festival producer since its inception in 2011. With 14 annual festivals across 13 US cities, it just goes to show you why Danny Wimmer Presents [DWP] is one of the best festival producers there is. DWP has created, developed and produced events such as Louder than Life, Sonic Temple, Epicenter, Bourbon & Beyond, Welcome to Rockville and Rock Allegiance. Music industry veteran, CCO and President of DWP, Danny Wimmer, is no stranger to the festival scene. He’s been producing festivals large and small since 1993. DWP is committed to long-term growth, strong community relationships, unparalleled experiences and significant economic impact.

Aftershock is already on track for another record breaking year in 2020. On the Thursday leading up to this year’s event, they announced that Metallica would be performing at Aftershock for the first time ever with two different sets on two separate nights. Less than one week after the end of this year’s event, weekend VIP passes for 2020 have already sold out. Weekend GA tickets are still available, but if you are planning on going next year I would purchase them sooner than later. Tickets for next year can be purchased on the Aftershock website (



Dropkick Murphys

Massachusetts-based band Dropkick Murphys kicked-off Friday afternoon with their unique American Celtic punk rock sound with the song, “The Boys Are Back” on the Monster Energy stage. Dropkick Murphys are still riding high from their latest album ​11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory​ which was released in January of 2017. The 14-member band had an upbeat, high-energy performance that included hit songs from their latest album as well as, “Signed and Sealed in Blood,” “The Meanest of Times” and others which kept you dancing throughout their entire set. They also played their rendition of, “I Fought the Law” by the Clash which the crowd seemed to love. Within the following week, Dropkick Murphys finished their Fall 2019 tour with the bands Clutch and Hatebreed which began in Springfield, Massachusetts on September 20th​.


Charismatic vocalist/guitarist Lzzy Hale celebrated a birthday on Thursday, October 10th. To help keep the party going into the weekend, Jose Mangin from SiriusXM walked onto the stage and lead the audience in singing, “Happy Birthday” to the iconic frontwoman along with presenting her with a cake. Afterwards, Lzzy took to the mic and said, “Thank you. No one ever sings to ME.” The Grammy Award-Winning band then kicked off the festivities with the song, “Do Not Disturb” from their newest album released in 2018. Hale provided the powerful vocals she’s known all too well for throughout their performance, singing fan favorites, “I Get Off,” “Freak Like Me,” “Love Bites (So Do I)” and “I Miss Misery,” which they closed their set with. The band is currently on tour with Godsmack.

Lamb of God

Debuting on the Monster Energy stage at Aftershock this year was Virginia-based band, Lamb of God. This thrash metal band got the audience pumped with their heavy drum beats, ravaging guitar riffs and growling vocals. Most of their set consisted of songs from their albums, Killadelphia and VII: Sturm und Drang. The band announced in July that founding member and drummer Chris Adler would not be returning to the band after suffering from injuries left from a motorcycle accident back in 2017. Chris Adler has now been permanently replaced by his fill-in, touring drummer Art Cruz. The band will begin working on recording their 8th studio album set to be released at a future date. In September, the band also announced that for the first time in six years they will be headed back to the UK for their first run of headline shows as part of the band’s, “State Of Unrest” tour.


Closing out the Kolas Discovery stage was none other than Massachusetts-based rockers, Staind. After taking a five year hiatus, the band announced that they would be reuniting for a handful of shows this year. This makes the first year for the ensemble to grace the stage at Aftershock. Without missing a beat, they ripped through a set that included classic hits such as “Eyes Wide Open,” “It’s Been Awhile” and “So Far Away.” With Aaron Lewis’s stage presence and melodic voice, it often felt like you were being serenaded by Lewis himself . The entire audience joined along with the song, “Outside” and you could feel the emotional energy all around you. They finished their set with a fiery performance of, “Mudshovel” from their second album, Dysfunctional released in 1999. It’s still unclear if the band will continue to book any forthcoming shows or release any new music in the future. The groups last studio album was released in 2011.

Sum 41

Canadian rock band Sum 41 closed out the smaller Coors Light Capital stage on Friday night, but that didn’t stop them from bringing in a huge crowd to see their performance. Playing classic songs such as, “The Hell Song,” “Walking Disaster,” “In Too Deep,” “Fat Lip” and “Over My Head (Better Off Dead),” Sum 41 had the audience bouncing to every song. The crowd went nuts midway through “Out For Blood” when an inflatable devil that resembled Tim Curry’s character from the movie “Legend” rose from behind the band as if it were crawling out from the depths of hell. Sum 41 is currently on their “Order in Decline World Tour” named after their latest album which was released on July 19​th​ of this year, along with celebrating the 15th anniversary of their album ​Chuck​.​ ​This makes the band’s first appearance to Aftershock.


Headlining the first night of Aftershock was Iowa based nu-metal band, Slipknot. This makes the band’s second time appearing on the Aftershock lineup. Decked out in white outfits and their signature grisly masks, the nine-membered group brought a high intensity performance to the Monster Energy stage. Their insane 17-song set consisted of songs that spanned their entire musical career starting in 1995. They closed out the night with an encore performance of two songs from their self-titled album; “Spit it Out” and “Surfacing.” It was definitely an epic climax for what would be a memorable weekend. This made the band’s final North American show before heading internationally for a few shows in late November and a major European tour in early 2020. On August 9th of this year, the band released their widely anticipated 6th LP titled, We Are Not Your Kind. ​


Marilyn Manson

Self-proclaimed antichrist-superstar Marilyn Manson made his 2nd​ appearance to Aftershock. While being a master of showmanship, shock value and controversy, Manson had an energetic and sometimes erratic performance. Seemingly intoxicated, Manson took to the stage decked out in all black. He grabbed the microphone and chanted, “We hate love, we love hate,” as the crowd repeated his words before abruptly going into the song, “Irresponsible Hate Anthem”. Other hit songs from their set included, “Dope Show” and their widely popular rendition of, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” by 80’s duo, The Eurythmics, which had the audience singing every word. Towards the end of the performance, a large podium baring the memorable shock logo was brought center stage where the shock rock frontman climbed up from behind in a long red robe that somewhat resembled something the Pope might wear. He proceeded to open a Bible, the pages of which instantly engulfed in flames. He lifted the flaming book into the air before flinging it across the stage as a prelude to the song, “Antichrist Superstar.” Manson closed out his performance with their iconic song, “The Beautiful People.”

Bring Me The Horizon

The English band that defies to be categorized Bring Me The Horizon delivered a spectacular performance with an arduous visual presentation that included choreographed dancers, smoke cannons and an abundance of eye-popping pyrotechnics. Frontman Oliver Sykes, alongside guitarist Lee Malia and bassist Matt Kean, kicked off the night with the vigorously heavy, “MANTRA.” The band’s set included its older, death metal-inspired material along with newer and more experimental dance-influenced tracks including, “The House of Wolves,” “Happy Song,” “Shadow Moses” and “Can You Feel My Heart.” They also performed their newest single, “Sugar Honey Ice & Tea.” With every new song they played, Sykes continually encouraged the crowd to go even harder. They wrapped up the night with their most popular track, “Throne.”

Rob Zombie

Master of horror Rob Zombie is no stranger to Aftershock. His first appearance was in 2014 as a headliner on the Monster Energy stage. His impeccable performance and fiery stage presence just goes to show why he should still be one of the top billed acts for this festival. Energetic, visually engaging and vibrantly colorful, it felt like you were at a huge party with lasers, beach balls and mosh pits . His set included fan favorites from both White Zombie and his solo albums as well as his version of The Beatles’, “Helter Skelter.” Being that he’s an avid filmmaker in addition to a musician, Zombie showed a preview of his new film, “Three From Hell” before playing his final song of the night, “Dragula.”


Headliner for Saturday was one of the most prominent bands to emerge from the Southern California punk scene. Having just wrapped up their tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album, Enema of the State and the release of the band’s latest album, Nine, the Grammy Award-Winning group Blink-182 brought a performance like no other this weekend. With the arrangement of smoke and confetti cannons, inflatable aliens, insane video wall and mind-blowing pyrotechnics, the band turned an hour-long performance into an unforgettable show. The audience was captivated with timeless classics such as, “Feeling This,” “What’s My Age Again,” “Aliens Exist” and “All The Small Things.” Without question, Blink-182 was definitely a highlight from this weekend’s lineup.



With their debut appearance to the Aftershock Festival, Babymetal rocked the Kolas Discovery stage Sunday afternoon which brought in an overwhelming crowd. Their incomparable performance could best be described as a mix of J-pop and heavy metal. The crowd was eager to rock out to Babymetal’s choreographed dance routines, fast paced drums rhythms and heavy guitar riffs. Their set included fan favorites such as  “Gimme Chocolate!,” “Megitsune” and “Karate.” They also performed songs from their recent album, Metal Galaxy which was just released in the United States on October 11​th​ and coincides with their current world tour.

A Day To Remember

Florida chart-topper A Day To Remember hit the stage with their mix of infectious melodies and punishing heaviness providing one of the highlights to the festival’s final day. T-shirt cannons, toilet paper launchers and a touch of pyrotechnics supplied festival-goers with an incredibly interactive performance. The band’s set included songs like, “If It Means a Lot to You,” “Have Faith in Me” and “I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?” as well as some new songs such as their collaboration with EDM producer Marshmello, “Rescue Me” and “Degenerates.”


Bakersfield’s nu-metal band Korn threw down an extraordinary performance on the Kolas Discovery stage making it the 3rd time the band has played at Aftershock. With an unruly 60-minute set, Korn easily drew one of the largest crowds to that stage this weekend. Opening their set with three songs from their self titled album; “Blind,” “Clown” and “Faget,” the energy and spirit never wavered. At the halfway point they played “You’ll Never Find Me” which is off their month old studio release; The Nothing. Frontman Johnathan Davis brought his bagpipes along to perform the band’s classic hit, “Shoots and Ladder.” Which seemed to excite the crowd even more. They performed other top hits throughout the night including “Got the Life,” “Freak on a Leash,” “Coming Undone” and closed out the night with “Falling Away From Me.”


One of the most highly anticipated bands from this weekend’s line up was the legendary progressive metal band TOOL. This marks the band’s first time in over a decade that they would be playing new music live. It is also the first night of their tour promoting the long-awaited album, Fear Inoculum which was released on August 30th​. The set started with the title track from the new album and then graced their fans with “Ænema,” one of three songs they would play from their 1997 album of the same name. The others were, “Forty Six & 2” and an extended version of, “Stinkfist.” Maynard James Keenan hardly spoke between songs which allowed you to take in their trademark sound of hypnotic riffs, brain melting time signatures and ridiculous chops. TOOL ended their Aftershock appearance with a live rendition of “Pneuma,” the second track off their latest album.


Last week, FSHN Magazine was invited to DJ IRIE 15th Annual Irie Weekend. As a staple in Miami, and across the world through his party starting tunes, infectious personality, and powerhouse connections, IRIE Weekend is hugely anticipated by movers, shakers, influencers, industry power players, and philanthropists alike.

Irie’s IRIE Foundation created Irie Weekend to bring awareness to their initiatives to empower South Florida’s at-risk youth and lead them to productive lives through mentorship programs, cultural experiences, and scholarship opportunities.

Selflie Time: DJ Irie and Actor/Comedian/Singer Jamie Foxx

The action-packed four-day charity weekend ran from Oct. 10-13 raised more than $300,000  for DJ IRIE’s IRIE Foundation charity, which works to support and empower South Florida’s youth.

The 2019 IRIE Weekend kicked off on Thursday, Oct. 10th, with the Give from the Heart #InspIRIE Gala. More than 250 movers and shakers of the greater Miami area came out to support Irie Foundation and enjoy Tito’s Handmade Vodka and a four-course meal. The night hit a fever pitch when T-Pain and Wyclef Jean jumped on stage for surprise performances.

Pictured: Recording Artist, Wyclef Jean and DR Irie
Pictured: DJ Irie with Singer, T-Pain

Friday’s activities (October 11) started in the morning with the marquee event, IWXV Celebrity Golf Tournament, presented by Adidas. Stars including Alonso Mourning, Omar Miller, Jevon Kearse, Shane Battier and more took to the links for a shotgun tournament in good fun to benefit Irie Foundation. Players sipped Jim Beam whiskey and tasted local cuisine, as each hole had its own experience with food, DJs, games and more.

Pictured: DJ Irie with Miami Staple, Alonzo Mourning
Pictured: DJ Irie Joining in on the Fun

Following the event, guests headed to LIV Nightclub to see Jaden Smith run through a melody of his hits in front of the thousands in attendance.

Pictured: Rapper, Jaden Smith with DJ Irie

The main event that I had to be at was on Saturday afternoon (Oct. 12) when E11EVEN and Pepsi Zero Sugar presented the IRIE Weekend Beach Bash. At this event, Future and Saweetie performed their catalog of hits that had everyone singing, rapping and dancing until sunset. Attendees ended the night at E11EVEN nightclub for an IWXV mega-bash where Future performed a barrage of his greatest hits for the partygoers.

Pictured: Rapper, Saweetie
Pictured: DJ Irie and rapper, Future
Pictured: Host, DJ Irie and rapper Saweetie

Finally, on Sunday, Oct. 13th, IWXV wrapped up with a kid’s golf clinic at Top Golf Miami Gardens. Dozens of South Florida’s at-risk youth received an afternoon of golf lessons, keynote speakers, and community that culminated with a surprise appearance by Jamie Foxx, who spent the morning with the kids of Irie Foundation taking selfies, cracking jokes and offering words of inspiration.

Pictured: Jamie Foxx with kids

Of course, the event wouldn’t have been what it was without the tons of sponsors including Pepsi Zero Sugar, Adidas, E11EVEN Miami,Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Jim Beam, Corona, Morgan Stanley, Crook & Marker, Bacardi, Triller, Wynn Nightlife, Macy’s, Ally, Prive Revaux Eyewear, Kobi Karp, Mohegan Sun, Tidal New York, Unity Jets, 8×8, Warren Henry Auto Group, Sea Best, STK, Naiyara, Live It, Pucci’s Pizza, S.K.A.M. Artist, STR-Miami, Topgolf Miami Gardens, 3-Fold, Mobil Bodysculpting, DeepSleep Studio, iHeart Radio, amd Y100 Miami.

Voting Has Opened for E! People’s Choice Awards

Ariana Grande, ABC News

Voting has opened today for E! People’s Choice Awards covering a WHOPPING 43 categories across film, television, music and pop culture.

With music, Lil Nas X, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Lizzo, and the Jonas Brothers have multiple nominations.

Contenders for Album of the Year: include Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next,” Khalid’s “Free Spirit,” Billie Eilish’s “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?,” Lizzo’s “Cuz I Love You,” Jonas Brothers’ “Happiness Begins,” Ed Sheeran’s “No. 6 Collaborations Project,” Juice Wrld’s “Death Race for Love,” and Taylor Swift’s “Lover.”

2019 E! People’s Choice Awards airs Monday 11th November at 1pm with E! Live from the Red Carpet kicking off at 11am.

Voting can be done here, with the #PCAs hashtag on Twitter, or using Xfinity X1, and each person can vote up to 25 times per method.