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wrapped in love and be glammed


There are over 8 million women in the United States who have received life-altering cancer
diagnoses and are currently undergoing treatment or in survivorship, according to data from
the American Cancer Society. Cancer Be Glammed® and Wrapped in Love®, two companies
born out of personal experiences with cancer, conducted a unique survey to identify the impact
of emotional and lifestyle challenges women face from the physical traumas of surgery and
treatment. The medical community refers to these as the psychosocial effects of cancer and
they can wreak havoc on a woman’s sense of self, body-acceptance, and self-esteem.

lymphatic drain sleeve

Recommended Recovery Products:

1. Hair loss solutions such as beautiful headscarves, hats and wigs

2. Post-operative recovery wear including stylish mastectomy bras and wraps for ostomy coverage

3. Fashionable clothing with easy access to chemotherapy ports

4. Comfortable apparel that manages and disguises surgical drains

5. Adaptive, easy-to-wear clothing including adjustable pants and front opening wraps, bras and shirts

6. Fashionable lymphedema sleeves, gauntlets and compression wear

“I was totally unprepared for the appearance-related side effects of surgery and treatment,” said Lisa Lurie, a breast cancer survivor and the Co-Founder of Cancer Be Glammed. “I underwent a double mastectomy without reconstruction and chemotherapy. I became bald, breast-less, bloated from steroids. It was soul destroying for me and my family. I felt like a cancer created Humpty Dumpty. I didn’t know how to put myself back together again.”

Karen MacDonald, Founder of Wrapped in Love, witnessed the physical toll cancer took on her mom when she was in the hospital with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and pulmonary fibrosis. “A fashionable wrap to cover her hospital gown and a little makeup transformed my mom’s last Christmas from a day she felt sick and run down into one where her pride was restored. It was in that moment that I realized how impactful it can be to feel like yourself and not like a patient whose appearance is defined by their disease. I knew I had to find a way to uplift more women through fashionable healing products that were functional yet fashionable.”

Wrapped in Love is a clothing and accessories line designed to provide comfort, dignity and style for women coping with cancer from treatment through recovery. Inspired by the founder’s experience with her mother’s illness, Wrapped in Love turns function into fashion. The unique apparel includes chemotherapy port-accessible shoulder wraps, headwear for hair loss, PICC line sleeves, and tops with hidden drain pockets to make post-surgery recovery easier and more fashionable. For more information, visit:

Cancer Be Glammed is the premier lifestyle brand educating and empowering women to take charge of their recovery with confidence, renewed self-esteem and personal style, from diagnosis through survivorship.  Cancer Be Glammed works closely with the oncology community to provide patient-engagement tools to support women coping with the psychosocial fallout of cancer, and they are relentless advocates determined to help women heal “as people, not patients.”  For more information, visit:

Be Glammed and Wrapped in Love provide feel good and practical solutions to feel good about yourself by attending to the needs of post-operation issues of the body on the way to recovery.

Feel good in every way with spirited mind for life

New SLC Airport is Unvailed

Salt Lake City Utah USA

“We want to make sure that the Salt Lake City International Airport is a memorable experience.” Maureen states. “Gordon Huether has been engaged to incorporate structural art into the design. He has been working very closely with HOK, our architect, to really design art features that can be incorporated early on.”

Inspired by the Salt Lake City community and surrounding landscape, Gordon created several large-scale installations that draw the natural beauty of Utah into the new airport experience. His largest airport installation, The Canyon, reflects Utah’s slot canyon landscape and will be installed on both walls (East and West) of the new main terminal. The installation spans 362 feet, roughly the length of a football field, using more than 2 acres of composite fabric, and the equivalent of seven miles of aluminium tubing. The entire work will consist of over 500 individual tensile membrane fins.

Other significant installations for the Airport Redevelopment Program include a 65-foot-tall escalator well sculpture, titled The Falls in the main terminal;

Column Plates and Benches that echo the theme of The Canyon walls, also in the main terminal; 

Northern Light and Canyon 2.0 in the new North Concourse;

and River Tunnel featured in the underground pathway that connects the main terminal to the North Concourse.

Spadaro Perfume Takes You on Powerful Sensual Journey

Miami USA

An insatiable appetite for romance and adventure
have always inspired Kim Spadaro. Dreams of visiting
foreign lands and embedding with diverse cultures
become a muse for her creating scents that represent
these moments in time. Every drop has an intent and
it is meticulously combined, forming a poetic odyssey
of olfactory senses.
“Perfume is the ultimate form of accessible luxury”
~Kim Spadaro, Spadaro House of Fragrances 

Kim ventured into the fragrance sector after studying
clinical aromatherapy. First she created scents for
those battling illness and everyday blends. Kim then
embarked on more intimate scents for personal use.
With the positive reception of her creations, and
encouragement of family, friends and those she
helped, she set out to bottle up her experiences into
unique scents that represented her passion, lust for
life and spirit of adventure.
Kim, a true visionary, modern day alchemist and
fragrance designer, successfully launched her
eponymous line nationally, in 2011, with Nordstrom
department stores. Kim has an astute taste for exotic
and unconventional scents. In a market saturated with

mass brands, she tempts you with her divine
mystique allowing her to bestow a special gift to the
fragrance industry.

Crafted in France and the US, each perfume in the
Spadaro collection represents a different global
destination. Each beautifully named in the language
of their conception. Explorations to magnificient lands,
such as Bali and Moracco, cultivate this alchemist’s
palet. Spadaro is recognized as a borderless
humanitarian, a symbol of positive conception of life
and of the ties between people.
Spadaro Fragrance encapsulates Kim’s vision to
inspire confidence and imagination among its
wearers, both women and men. Spadaro’s loyal
customer base is individualist, prestigious, sensuous
and spiritual, as the marque itself.
Independence, free-spirit allows Spadaro to
effortlessly go beyond the confinement of rules.
It allows creativity to flourish and the brand to
continue to expand from coast to coast.
To experience her scents, is the opportunity to free
the mind, imagine, intimately and artistically.
Please include the

Replete food for the skin

San Francisco USA

images by Nicole De Khors and Brodie Vissers

Replete Skincare Story of becoming.

As a woman my skin is of most importance to me and make me feel confident or not.

I realized at an early age that common ways of the cosmetic industry was not nurturing what we have but constantly challenges it with irritant and chemical peel thinning skin depriving collagen production of the skin and making it look like the aftermath of burndown.

No face ever matched the skin of the body on the beach when on French Riviera.

I realized that only way we have young looking and fully functional skin is when we nurture the skin according to natural cycles of function that we can support with nutrients and not interfere with our connection with the Sun and Moon Cycles. That is exactly how I recovered my skin from ravages of lime disease to have back again fully functional healthy skin on my body and face and hands. No doctor has any suggestions for me how to repair the skin that looked like a burn victim, so I went on the path of discovery and ultimately formulating Replete Skincare from only what God created into the bottle and nothing else.

I learned what and when we need specific nutrients to satisfy the need of specific skin function as an organ of our body. Then I went around the world collecting them from five continents. I looked back at Julius Cesar care for his army and animals and Cleopatras habits of self-care. I made Cesar formula a base for my Intense Recovery oil then added more form another continent to attend to every aspect needed to complete the recovery of the cells. Cleopatra gently self-care of nurturing as my guide to being gentle with what we have. Mayan understanding of how nature works with harmony and Replete was born.

A man wearing Gottlich jacket feels like God


What a fabulous premise of promise for any women to have, all you would need was a Gotlish jacket to turn your man into everything you want.

But wait this is the man that wants to feel empowered and in the comfort of it, which was the reason for creating the most fantastic fit for man to look and feels like God in it. FSHN Magazine went on to interview the creator of this progressive approach of comfort and elegance for man to embrace every day. We spoke with its creator Harsha Kasey from India as he could not return to Singapore which is his home base to learn the steps it took to have comfort, looks and confidence when wearing Maxim Air jacket. Some of the reasons are here;

  • Made from all-natural materials including sustainably grown Austrian Beech Tree Fabric
  • Magnetic closure is futuristic, super quick & easy to use, you won’t want to use buttons ever again
  • Infused with antibacterial silver ions to keep the wearer odor free all day
  • Custom blended materials are designed to give a smooth and silky feel
  • Naturally porous allowing free airflow at a molecular level
  • Woven, not knitted, which makes it look far more luxurious and feels better on the skin
  • Innovative 360-degree rotational lapels that beautifully conceal the reversible nature
  • Sleeve Monogram – For the first time ever, a blazer has your name permanently embedded on your arm subtly but elegantly for everyone to see
  • Blend fabric wicks moisture/sweat away from the body, keeping the wearer cool & dry resulting in a soothing effect on the skin.

FSHN- How did you get started at finding forms and likes of what you wanted to become of a man’s jacket?

M- I looked around and saw what I felt, other man were not comfortable too in a suit and looked for ways to find comfort by taking it off then loosing the elegance of everyday experience. Most of them were buying expensive jackets to wear with jeans in hope that they will be more allowing to move in them during the day, but same problem was present even in sports jackets- too much form that restricted movement of the arms and back.

I then chose the forms of Dior, Luis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Ferragamo Ralph Lauren, Indichino and EX Suit luxury lines of men wear. Then I put my fascination with Apple product streamline into my vision of a new jacket form. I then started the process by removing shoulder pads but kept the shoulder clean lines that followed the creases of movement body made to assure that shoulders had room to accommodate the muscle mass in action.

FSHN- what was your next step of needs for an elegant yet comfortable jacket to wear all day?

HK- I needed the jacket to breathe for me as the climate can be humid outside and cold from AC inside. That is when the search for fabrics took off and we found 50% higher breathing fabric then cotton is! This a nanotechnology with use of 65% of beech trees pulp that takes 6-8 month to make and 5% elastin with 30% microfibers.

FSHN-Did your previous business travel for Biofuel plant you founded had any impact on the design of the perfect man’s jacket?

HK- Absolutely it id i like to travel light but have different look for meetings as it makes me feel fresh each time I have different look. This lead to reversible form jacket with one side fabric with checkers and the other plain one shade to go with other prints or coloured patterns in shirts and pants. This is a great space saver for overnight travel or multiple in one-day meetings that require a flight with carrying onboard limited size luggage.

FSHN- What do consider the Midas touch of your design ?

HK- Funny that you ask since monogram matters to me and I placed them on both reversible sides to make sure that reminder is there how being elegant matters and that personal appearance matter for being distinct among others, as you individually matter too.

FSHN- Given you have taken so much care into this design how affordable are the jackets?

HK- the quality is one of BeSpoke but the price is accessible to the larger group. I kept the price below normal profit to expose this choice to more than few. I keep at $200 per jacket and i hope we will see now more well-dressed man that feel like gods and women find them alluring by the elegance they see.

Monadnock and Anchor join for Sustainable paper products.


Monadnock Expands Distribution Partnership with Anchor Paper Company
Full Stocking of Sustainably-Advantaged Papers and Packaging Materials to Better Serve Upper Midwest
BENNINGTON, N.H. (September 2, 2020) – Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc., the oldest continuously operating paper mill
in the United States, announced today that it has entered into an expanded sales partnership with St. Paul, Minnesota-
based Anchor Paper Company, a leading privately-held paper, packaging, and equipment enterprise servicing customers
in the Upper Midwest.
The venerable, 97-year-old Anchor Paper will be offering a greatly expanded line from Monadnock’s sustainably-
advantaged fine printing and packaging papers, geared toward meeting the growing demand for FSC-certified, PCW
recycled papers.
“Deepening our current relationship with Anchor Paper means more shared opportunities and a fuller offering of
sustainable fine paper choices for their current and prospective customers,” said Lisa Taylor, Vice President of Sales and
Marketing at Monadnock Paper Mills. “As two long-time, family-owned companies with deep community commitments we
understand that doing right by our customers and strategic partners is a smart investment that pays off now and in the
Anchor’s dedicated and knowledgeable Specification Sales Representatives work closely with designers, ad agencies and
corporate marketers to find the best papers for their projects.
“We’re excited to build on our current partnership with Monadnock and help our customers discover the newest and
highest-performing sustainable paper and packaging options” said Brooke Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Anchor Paper.
“After nearly 100 years our customers expect the best, and Monadnock is best-in-class.”
Anchor Paper will be stocking and offering for immediate delivery the following sustainable papers from Monadnock:
Astrolite PC 100 ® Smooth Astrolite
Astrolite PC 100 Digital + for HP Indigo Caress
Astrolite PC 100 Velvet 2CS, Dulcet
Envi PC 100 Performance Board Hemp Envi Performance Board (30% Hemp; 70% PCW)

About Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc.
Monadnock Paper Mills (MPM) provides and custom engineers a diverse range of products including technical/speciality
papers, and premium printing and packaging papers for leading brands worldwide. The company’s ENVIPortfolio ® of
products features fibre-based solutions that replace plastic for uses such as gift cards and tags. Its technical papers are
used in medical and pharmaceutical packaging, construction, interior design, manufacturing and other speciality
applications and markets. Working as a true partner with its customers, Monadnock’s technical expertise and agility result
in products that lead the market in innovation and quality. With a passion for the environment and ingenuity, Monadnock
turns ideas into reality.

Memo Company Brings Jewellery home shopping back to life.

 Debora LaBudde, CEO & Founder of MEMO was a successful executive in a finance world when she realized that her passion was aligned with jewellers and everything about connecting with them in a joyful, playful satisfying way. The very feeling she had when finding new treasures and designers to how they made her feel when wearing them was enough to leave the running of venture capital fund to create her own business around what made her life feel rich and fulfilling that is how MEMO was born.

Debora LaBudde had vision of experience with jewellery in a unique way that creates special connections with the item’s stones or the design without being rushed by the salesperson or security person at the store to make a decision about purchase that can become her signature piece for may years.

Not only the choice of stone needed to be felt but the shape and colours created a unique experience. That is exactly what she wants for her client to have available to them when shopping at MEMO.

Debora believes that every detail of the jewellery should feel just right for her client. Starting from feeling empowered to feeling beautiful.

Now in the privacy of your home, you can choose the next signature piece of your collection for every occasion that may arise at any time. After all, buying and regretting it later can be the think of the past thanks to

IRS To Audit More High-Wealth Taxpayers & Offer Settlements for Conservation Easements

What is happening with the American way of life while we are watching politics and nature do the opposite. One is thriving the other starving

Reports show that the IRS is launching an audit campaign that will focus on hundreds of returns filed by high-wealth taxpayers. In addition, the agency also announced this week that it was making a settlement offer to taxpayers who may have invested in syndicated conservation easements.

Jennifer Benda is a partner/shareholder at the national law firm Hall Estill in its tax practice and a former certified public accountant who specializes in helping high wealth individuals navigate the ever changing tax laws. She discusses the two recent announcements and advice she has for individuals in this category.

Audits of Wealth Individuals

“IRS has been working for years on better audit techniques, including audits of high net worth individuals and their various entities.   IRS audit methods are now more targeted and generally issue based, meaning, they know of a deduction or structure they don’t like and they take a singular position and audit thousands of taxpayers who they believe took that deduction or implemented the disfavored structure,” Benda says. 

“Last week an IRS official stated that when the IRS gets back to work on July 15, they will be sending audit notices to groups of high net worth individuals.  It is thought that is in response to a TIGTA report which concluded that the IRS was not appropriately auditing high-income nonfilers,” Benda says. 

“Any high net worth individual with any aggressive tax planning in place for 2016 for later years should consult an independent advisor to assess their risk and any proactive actions they can take to minimize risk and exposure,” Benda says. 

Settlement for Syndicated Conservation Easement Transactions

“Yesterday the IRS announced that it was making a settlement offer to taxpayers who may have invested in syndicated conservation easements, one of the IRS’s “Dirty Dozen tax scams,” Benda says. 

“Syndicated conservation easements are ones where a partnership investment results in a charitable deduction that is more than 250% of the cash investment.  Generally, an inflated valuation of the easement’s value is what is used to generate the deduction,” Benda says. 

“In Colorado, for example, due to state law limitations on state credits for conservation easements, these structures are rare, but were rampant 10 years ago.  However, these structures have flourished in the south, leading to a string of recent U.S. Tax Court cases which the IRS has won,” Benda says. 

“Taxpayers receiving an offer of settlement related to a conservation easement charitable deduction should consult and independent tax advisor to determine the best course,” Benda says.

DiLorenzo Empowering Others

Written by Belen Ponce

David A. DiLorenzo: The Famed Beauty Entrepreneur Empowering Others

When it comes to achieving success in the nail business, David A. DiLorenzo isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. In addition to creating revolutionary products, DiLorenzo, the president of Valentino Beauty Pure, is paving the way for others, especially young women in the Latino and African American communities, in order to help them navigate the nail business for themselves and even open their own salons for the very first time.

Valentino Beauty Pure, which has amassed over 470,000 followers on Instagram due to their famed reputation for giving clients fabulous nails, is also a family affair. David, an entrepreneur with over two decades of business experience, grew up working in his father’s Valentino Beauty Pure salons, which could be found from New Jersey to South Beach. He would eventually use the lessons learned from his own successes and failures in the beauty industry to educate others.  His educational courses have since empowered thousands reach their own career goals.

While working at his father’s salon, David saw a need for a product to help with nail odor and dust from the application of acrylic nails. In order to help minimize side effects including migraines and mood swings, David and his father invented and patented a “source capture system” which helps removes harmful odors and nail dust. Despite incessant backlash, David remained determined to unveil his product, even after his family was forced to move to Florida and start over after the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

It wasn’t long before David dived into the online social media stratosphere in order to bring his family’s beloved beauty brand back to life. By tapping into platforms including Facebook and Instagram, this energetic entrepreneur was able to reach both potential consumers as well as talented nail technicians. He even created Beauty Pure’s Acrylic System and Gel System, which was developed by the most renowned chemists in the world and is now one of the most popular products in the beauty business with many famous fans, including Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Rihanna, Paula Abdul and many others.

Upon creating a team and sense of comradery amongst colleagues and nail professionals, he was inspired to embark on creating an educational legacy, and now empowers others to learn from his own business lessons and marketing techniques. David, who has always been passionate about motivating others to pursue their own dreams, now has a team of 17 educators and hundreds of brand ambassadors. He is committed to giving young entrepreneurs, especially from Latino and African American communities, the opportunity to open their very first business, by showing them how to make the most of social media and interact with clients through his classes and seminars. David has not only turned the nail and beauty business more mainstream but has given many the chance to take charge and find a real career. With David’s guidance, his students are realizing their own goals and financial freedom for the first time, allowing them to focus on their self-worth and independence. Not even the Covid-19 crisis can get David down – in fact, as many women who are currently shifting from their regular jobs look to get into the nail business, David is helping them to open their own manicure meccas. David remains dedicated to helping plant the seeds for others to continuously grow both personally and professionally.

Blueprint of the Future

Author of the book just published this January titled “New Rules of Divorce”

Jacqueline Newman NYC divorce attorney to the stars and the powerful has shared her newfound knowledge of dealing with family matters during the quarantine isolation period.

Jaqueline Newman shared her inside of what is going on within the family court system and choices we must make to survive the unnatural circumstances we are in right now.

Since Beginning of the Quarantine period the courts have adjusted their operations from total shutdown to emergency hearings and first written decision just published this week in NYC.

FSHN- How do you find yourself managing giving help to your clients with limited access to the court availability to make decisions for couples that disagree?

JN- The process of working with clients has been disrupted by force, to abandon the office space for meeting with clients and infrastructure of legal office resources. We now work from home, and conduct meetings on a computer screen via Zoom, Google meet of Skype with somewhat unpredictable connectivity of internet or Apps itself.

FSHN- What is possible now to ask for within family law court?

JN- Right now the NYC courts have made emergency hearings possible via internet meetings for child support and visitations with increasing domestic violence incidences.

FSHN- What you cannot ask the courts for within family law?

JN- You cannot ask for a divorce. That means you cannot file a motion to commence divorce at this time.

FSHN- Given the inability to run away from the marriage under quarantine stay at home order. What would you recommend to the couple to do?

JN- First I would ask them to find a way to make their marriage work again, and not be emotionally reactive to run away from it. To learn about the divorce itself and see if it is truly what they want?

FSHN- how can they educate themselves about the consequences of going through the divorce?

JN- I wrote the book titled “New Rules of Divorce” to help couples make educated life decision from a place of maturity. They once had love and appreciation for each other, and it is good to remind ourselves what that was and still is. The unprecedented amount of time couples now spends with each other and children put added stress and need for new routines to make things work for everyone including the children.

FSHN- do you find couples understand that simple changes to the daily routine can make things smoother for all of them?

JN- I think that this generation is expecting not to change routines even with a changing world that even courts needed to upgrade from as well. Now we have e-filing and Skype meeting which has never happened before in NYC. The old fashion way of in-person court appearances and in-person fillings was the standard, now is no longer possible due to isolation. This is how new normal is created even in the traditional system of law.

FSHN-Do you see parents adopting New Standard for being parents now?

JN- I think that it needs to happen. This is how I see it would work best for the children in the long run; parents need to communicate directly and not look for courts to make decisions for their family. They need to go beyond hurt, anger and spite to look at the long run of consequences to their children emotional and social development. Ultimately finding a way to a sable transition between both parents is recommended. Children adapt much better when both parents agree. Feeling of hopelessness is detrimental and should not be part of a child’s life.

FSHN- what do you think is the opportunity that this unprecedented time has for families?

JN- I see the two-fold opportunity here. For many, this is the second honeymoon and they are home spending time together in an undisturbed environment from the work schedule of travel away from each other. Second, are couples that maybe got married but did not know each other well and now have the opportunity to get to know one another in an authentic way to make their bond stronger or break it clean. Either way at the end of this quarantine we will be left with a new blueprint of the future no matter where we are today. Maybe now when thinking of marriage the question should be “Can I be in the apartment with this person for months and still love them and like being with them?”