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written by Andrew Somervill



Written By Andrew Somervill


As the holidays approach, most people either get jolly or emotional reflecting on their past at times and searching for answers to some of life’s biggest questions; Why are we here?  Have we done enough?  Does our life have meaning?  These are some of the many questions that are posed in Frank Capra’s classic and heartwarming 1946 movie, “Its “A Wonderful Life”, about a frustrated businessman looking to end it all, until an angel appears to show him what life would have been like had he never existed.


The film has always been a holiday tradition and this past Friday, December 7th we had the pleasure of seeing the San Francisco Opera bring it to theatrical life and it was just a wonderful treat! The operatic version captured all the nuances, emotions and heartfelt feelings of the original film, giving attendees a nice boost of gratitude for life itself, especially in a World that sometimes seems to lack appreciation for the little things.  Composer Jake Heggie’s score rang beautifully throughout the War Memorial Opera House, as conductor Patrick Summers led the orchestra and cast powerfully and with absolute musical grace from beginning to end. The main Character George Bailey, played by Tenor William Burden, was astonishingly precise capturing the spirit of the character in this somber tale of dreams abandoned to make time to work and provide for the family, paying back loans and trying to get ahead. Definitely a tale many can relate to and that pulls heavy on the heartstrings.


Other notable performances came from the female cast including George’s wife Mary, played effortlessly by Soprano Andriana Chuchman, as well as George’s guardian angel who in the original film, was played by an old man named Clarence.  In this operatic version, Clarence is replaced by a female angel named Clara and played by Soprano Golda Schultz.  Shultz brought such a tremendous amount of sentimental value to the character, with an almost angelic vocal performance.


My inspiration for Opera night on the town was to find inspiration and appreciation for the arts and of course to see how the opera would interpret such a classic big tale.  Considering the original movie was over 2 hours long with a great plot and packed storyline, that was no easy feat. When I think of how synchronized all must be with the music to create the feeling of human drama in finding happiness and meaning in life, I realize that the opera really did blow my mind as they just nailed it perfectly.  There is just something about opera singers that brings a unique and uplifting essence to every work and although the original film was a masterpiece, it can never duplicate the powerful and emotional quality that the opera brought to life on this chilly night in San Francisco.  The performances took us on a journey back in time through the life and tale of George Bailey and all those that he came into contact with him during his blessed life and captured each moment intensely.


Many have probably seen, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, a 100x over, making it I’m sure a traditional watch in America each year.  Believe it or not, being a Kiwi from New Zealand, this was the first time I actually experienced this story. Yes, although, I had heard the story in the past, I had never seen the actual film so for me, and possibly others in attendance, discovering this delightful film brought to life by the opera was such a joy. The creativity was beyond what I would have imagined, with a great set design that easily transitioned between each scene and each musical number.


In the end, I was left with a heavy heart, teary-eyed, but inspired that the human spirit is alive and well and the SF Opera really showcased that sentiment well, giving me a warm and gleeful feeling as the Christmas season approaches. Who wouldn’t love the opera after such a great performance and I’m looking forward to being in attendance again in the near future?

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Written by Sharina Solares

Ah the Christmas season is upon us and what better way to get into the holiday spirit then watching Tim Burton’s devilishly fun film, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and better yet with SF’s best orchestra handling the musical score. That was the scene on Friday November 30 at Davie’s Symphony Hall. It was a chilly night in San Francisco, perfect ambience for a Burton film. Attendees dressed in warm attire, with occasional super fans boasting their best Jack Skellington look or mock up Sally dresses.

Movie nights at the Symphony always conjure up a magical vibe and big crowds as all seats were filled and the excitement in the air was contagious. Conductor Ted Sperling took the stage and off we went on a magical, nightmarish journey through the eccentric mind of one of cinema’s best and most creative filmmakers, Tim Burton. Its been 25 years since the beloved cult film was released, but it could have came out yesterday as it seemed fresh, new and with the Symphony playing super composer Danny Elfman’s original score perfectly, it was just a visual and audio sensory overload. One of the only films to beautifully bridge the gap between Halloween and Christmas, a true masterpiece enjoyed by fans young and old, even toddlers were amongst the crowd, as families shared in the musical excitement from beginning to end. From featured songs like, “This Is Halloween”, “What’s This” and “The Oogie Boogie’s Song”, fans sang along with the Symphony, as they watched the classic tale of jack Skellington on the big screen. The story of a leader of Halloween town, who grew bored of the same festivities and decided to take over Christmas with disastrous results.

This wasn’t the first time the SF Symphony featured the film, but based on the reaction from fans, an annual “The Nightmare Before Christmas” movie and symphony outing, would be a welcome tradition to the SF holiday season. All throughout the hall, smiles were evident and the jittery on your seat feeling could be felt from many, as we were all part of the same vibe, the same spirit as we celebrated a true American cinematic masterpiece and of course with the best orchestra in the Country to guide us along.

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MTT & The SF Symphony Triumph With The Heartfelt Diary of Anne Frank

MTT & The SF Symphony Triumph With The Heartfelt Diary of Anne Frank

Written by Mary Kluck

Over 30 million copies of Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl have been sold, and on a recent Friday evening (November 16), a captive audience witnessed Michael Tilson Thomas’s (MTT) musical composition of the famous diary. Anne Frank and her family went into hiding in 1942, following Germans police roundup of Jews in Holland. During this time, thirteen year-old Anne kept a diary. The eight inhabitants lived in secrecy for over two years before being betrayed. Anne ultimately died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945. Her diary, describing their day to day life, as well as her hopes for the future and for the world, has become one of the most widely read works about the Holocaust and is a testament to the enduring human spirit.

MTT excels at building tension; transitioning the orchestra between passages of the diary as the family’s safety and isolation grew dire. His energy and enthusiasm is obvious; he grasped the rails for support as he threw himself into conducting the orchestra. His energy was infectious, and as we alternated from recited passages of the diary and the orchestra, we grieved, we triumphed, and we felt hope with Anne. The entire time we were spellbound, waiting for the next note. As much as sounds filled the hall, the absence of sound, the intentional silence, were as equally powerful.

MTT eloquently led us on a journey through Anne’s diary, and therefore her life. The composition is divided into four sections, and the mood of Davis Symphony Hall changed with each dramatic transition. We started with an introduction to the diary and to Anne’s imaginary friend. The tone was playful, harmonious, and simple. The section grew more menacing as Anne describes the fear and frustration of going into hiding. There is clearly despair, expressed by opposing harmonies, building into an aggressive rage. That subsides, and the audience calmed down. Anne wrote often about nature, and in the third section MTT’s evocative percussion and woodwind up-tempo was the perfect translation. In moments of fear, like when Anne wrote “many who wait for death” the bells acted as the natural death toll chime. We felt melancholic, as we’re all too familiar with the unfortunate ending of Anne and so many Jews during the Holocaust. However, while the fourth section took a somber tone, there was again playful optimism that is so characteristic of Anne’s writing.

This composition was written in 1989 as a vehicle for Audrey Hepburn, who was an ambassador for UNICEF. November marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was a treat to watch MTT perform this composition, but the timing serves as an important reminder to us that we not take for granted our freedoms. We have a call to action – to continue to work for, support, and champion equality everywhere. Much like the closing notes, we are left with tentative hopefulness and there is nothing like a magnificent night of music to lift the spirits and to bring some unity to all of us.

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SnowGlobe Music Festival, South Lake Tahoe’s premiere EDM NYE music celebration has become a NYE staple ringing in each year with thousands in attendance. Revelers travel from all over to attend the massive event, which was recently acquired by MTV events and boasts a fusion of dance artists, snow and sports. The 2018 edition will take place December 29, 30 & 31 at the Community Play Fields in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. Performing over the three days include EDM superstars Diplo, Above & Beyond, Eric Prydz, Big Gigantic, Gorgon City, Sofi Tucker, Baauer and many more. Partyers are advised to bundle up and dress warm, as the festival takes place outdoors, but extreme dancing should keep most warm.

Other attractions include snow sport exhibitions, thousands of partyers and of course a snow-filled winter wonderland making SnowGlobe a one of a kind music and sports event and the perfect way to ring in 2019.

Definitely one of the highlights for NYE, so plan ahead, tickets have been known to sell out in advance…




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