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Milano Fashion Week alive and fabulous

Milano Italy

Milano is hardly trying to be reborn after a strong lockdown . We can’t forget that as the result of the virus we were prisoners at home for 3 months !
And Milano was one of worse cases we had . Residents were blocked by army and police . No one citizen could go out without permit . And was only for food for pharmacy or with ambulance to die of Covid ( more or less) but creativity beauty art and fashion we’re living in our hearts and everybody who is creative worked at home with faith and battling the depression .
And honestly I was surprised how many beautiful collections came out of big sufferings.
I am sharing with you some pictures to encourage the rest of the world to go on !
And keep dreaming !

The Italian love of beauty and desire for it will always go on!

Attendees at Milano Fashion Show
Mannequins Upon Entering the show hall
MILAN, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 23: A model walks the runway at the Maryling Fashion Show during the Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021 on September 23, 2020 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Pietro S. D’Aprano/Getty Images for Maryling)
MILAN, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 23: A model walks the runway at the Maryling Fashion Show during the Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021 on September 23, 2020 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Pietro S. D’Aprano/Getty Images for Maryling)
Elisa was a brand ambassador for Ferragamo ( the knitwear dress ) and for Berenford world and Marosetti bags ( in yellow )
group picture Cristina Egger is Mauro Dice and Elisa Egger with a Famous Italian Buyer IVana Zanini

Elisa Caterina Egger dream life into reality

Photography by Marta Buso and Wladimiro Speranzoni

Location Ca Sagredo Venezia

Dresses by Eleonora Lastrucci @eleonoralastrucciofficial

Mostra del Cinema di Venezia 2020

The thought of what I’ll do in the future is constantly in my mind, at the moment I’m still trying to figure out how to turn my passions, fashion and art, into my future career.

I was introduced to the world of fashion very early in my life, first from my mother as she was working hard for giving me a brilliant future, and then 15 years later, my older brother followed her same steps in achieving his dreams.

And now I’m here at seventeen, just following my heart and I’ve already walked on the red carpet at the Film Festival in Venice, with my other half, Cosimo.

Our love story is very unique and of course romantic; in poor words, we met on Instagram during quarantine, he was staying in London while I was staying in Lake Como. As soon as the quarantine was over he flew to Italy and we met the day before my birthday; we never separated since, and I can define him as my life’s gift.

I was asking myself today what is keeping me from believing where I’ll arrive and if I’ll arrive, and then I said: my family. Without them I couldn’t go anywhere starting with my mother, who motivates me every day to follow my dream and my heart, my father for leaving me the freedom to choose the life I’d like to have, my brother who, although he does not really support me since we haven’t spoken in a while, but who I respect a lot for inspiring me every day to improve myself, and last but not least, my fiancee who since the day we met never stopped believing in me and loving me for the person I am.

Cosimo de Medici di Toscana  and Elisa
Cosimo de Medici di Toscana  and Elisa

Elisa Caterina Egger – my introspection on life as I see it now.

Here are few words about my other half Cosimo and his impact on the world.

Cosimo de’ Medici, born and raised in Milan, is a descendant from the old Florentine family, de’ Medici. Cosimo left Milano at the age of 16 to finish high school in the UK and never left since. He obtained an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a master’s in Cybersecurity both from London universities and took his first job as a cybersecurity consultant, aka hacker. Last year he made a career change and became a “blockchain” engineer, now he is launching his own startup; an online food marketplace that uses blockchain technology to let consumers order and trace their food products directly at the origin, saving up to 50% on retail margins while eating fresher local food. Cosimo is hopeful that his idea will help local economies tackling issues such as food waste and unfair competition while giving consumers an unprecedented amount of information about the food they eat. Cosimo and his fiancee Elisa Caterina Egger recently attended the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival where they made their first appearance together in public.

@codemedici @elisaegger

http://@elisaegger http://@codemedici

Dress to feel better

Have you noticed that when you feel blue and down and attention to details just disappear from your focus? Before you know it, the same sweatshirt becomes your favorite to go outside and to sleep in. Then you do not feel like socializing saying it is too much effort to get together -even on Face Time of Zoom or Skype this days. Well this are very much the symptoms of a funk before depression set in and the world is collapsing on you- but just in your emotions and not in reality.

You may want to ask how did you get there before relationships fall apart at home and in business, then attitude will repel even those that love you dearly. If you saw this progress in your friend’s life or your own you probably can tell the steps thy or you took to get to this dare point in giving up on life.

Many, probably too many has turned to the prescription drugs to help elevating their emotions and feelings about life and themselves, but this only put them deeper in a cycle of dependency with mood and energy swings that further hindered normal life.

So, how do we find a way out of feeling not good enough, not successful enough not lovable enough and beautiful and youthful enough?

To find answers to this questions FSHN interviewed Taylor Draper who’s journey id an inspiration to those that want their life back in full beautiful bloom.

FSHN-How long ago and what was the catalyst of your change and realizing where your good life starts?

TD- Two years ago my marriage was falling apart, i did not like my business anymore and my attitude was hopeless in the face anything that demanded change of approach or action from me. The prospect of loosing it all especially my wife became more powerful that my resistance to life, i knew I had to change everything and had to start with me.

FSHN-what were your first steps you took in the new direction of your life?

TD-I took introspection quiz of my feelings and motivation and went to research their origin that told me how to replace them with and who I wanted to be. The study shows that results of feeling good about yourself comes from focused self care and attention to details. I found that putting effort in making my environment beautiful i wanted to be more that i was in this moment. I noticed how much my inner self elevated my satisfaction with present life in all aspects and my attitude invited more positive developments too. Kind of chain reaction of my attitude thoughts life and my expectation of events to good not bad.

FSHN- How did you implement the self-care on daily basis to keep the feel-good momentum going?

TD- I knew that prescription drugs are the answer but escape only so i started to elevate myself by dressing in a suit every day that made me fee confident and good enough to have good life and make good decisions. I took time to groom myself and invest in me as a worthy person of love and success. It worked and still does. My marriage is back to wonderful, my attitude is positive and enthusiastic that what i am now offering to other man can make life worth living for in every aspect of it- love, health, happiness and success. Yes you can have it all!

FSHN- your business now is all about the transition you went through, please tell all more about it?

TD- my previous business was Digital Marketing Corp, that was great until I outgrew it and then was pulling me down. I went through this complete transformation that thought me how to live in the moment and how every step and action we take matter to our happiness level, success level and stability of relationships in the family and outside. That is when Inherent Clothier was born.

I learn that a sloppy attitude delivers a sloppy life. focused caring kind, considered attitude with respect to all creates beautiful life filled with esthetics and harmony. on these principals, my business was build to offer not only suits that make a man feel and look elegant but provide ease of movement that most did not offer. This is super important as comfort to be active and functional will keep that suit on delivering the mood and emotion needed to elevate all aspects of everyday performance and results

FSHN- What do you believe are the key points you offer through the process of ordering the suits and wearing them.

TD-Our clients have very safe space to navigate their emotions when ordering the suits with a friendly cup of espresso, respectful and considered armed with patience tailors. I understand that when they come it is not just about the suit, it is about finding them self in life and the attainment of confidence needed to succeed not by force but by focus and perseverance. They come to go through transformation as i did and we are here to help them with any of possible blocks they may have to walk through life with strength and kindness. Here are some of them:

  1. Ways of investing in self appearance

2. Opening up and readiness for life to lift you up

3. Research tip on how to feel validated

4. How to plan to show up and talk not by paying expense of self empowerment in a wrong way

5. Providing a safe space for man to openup and share teir emotions and their feeling

6. Making sharing of emotions and feelings a normal way of expressing of strength – not weakness and the hiding of them as weakness. This is the new normal for man that can have love and success in all the right places.

FSHN- how did you arrive to this conclusions?

TD- through life experience of what works and what did not work. I learned that connecting internally is the source of empowerment and has focus of direction to take that brings lasting satisfaction and authentic from the heart not contrived from fear. that being self conscious of others opinion takes up too much from creating your own life and it is just an opinion of the moment. Most of them are just projecting anyway as part of self judgment, and probably not even real at all. Being focused on self creating and self responsibility is what creates inner peace, by being and doing your best at all times you cannot go wrong.

FSHN- how do you keep the flow of experience with you interesting to your clients?

TD- Through on going education and seasonal modifications of what we offer in fabrics, colors and cuts. here are highlights of them:

Inherent is trying to bring back the education of style, and elegance that has been lost in recent generations. Back in the 1920’s-1960’s it was very important for men to teach their sons how to dress and introduce them to the family tailor. Things like how wide your suit lapels should be, the length of a jacket, and how a suit should fit used to be common knowledge. 
Through our blogs and our in-store events, we’re trying to bring this back. As a brand promoting men’s mental health we want to provide a safe space both online and in-store for men to feel free to speak with one another, ask questions, and learn more about style. We want to curate an environment to encourage men to find their own style and feel confident about themselves. That’s why we created 4 very unique styles to help men identify with one, and open the door for them to make it their own. 

1. Timeless style –
2. Café style –
3. Vintage style –
4. Modernist style –

FSHN- Do you follow seasonal trends of lifestyle as part of seasonal mood change?

Our quarterly themes: 
Inherent has a unique way to do collections. Instead of releasing multiple pieces per season like fast fashion brands do, we abide by 4 mental health themes per year and design 1 very special suit (and accompaniments) per quarter. This allows us to work with a multitude of non-profits diving further into these themes each quarter. We CO-host a stylized event each quarter with a non-profit to speak on what they specialize in. Each non-profit fits into our theme for the quarter. 

Our themes are as follows:
Spring – New beginning Summer – Togetherness Fall – Loss Winter – Healing 
Instead of doing a campaign around what our clothing will look like per quarter, we instead make our campaigns a mental health awareness campaigns with our call to actions just going to our site. So we can show people we are truly trying to help the cause and if they’re interested in the featured suit in the campaign it will be on the site. But not pushing product first.

Replete food for the skin

images by Nicole De Khors and Brodie Vissers

Replete Skincare Story of becoming.

As a woman my skin is of most importance to me and make me feel confident or not.

I realized at an early age that common ways of the cosmetic industry was not nurturing what we have but constantly challenges it with irritant and chemical peel thinning skin depriving collagen production of the skin and making it look like the aftermath of burndown.

No face ever matched the skin of the body on the beach when on French Riviera.

I realized that only way we have young looking and fully functional skin is when we nurture the skin according to natural cycles of function that we can support with nutrients and not interfere with our connection with the Sun and Moon Cycles. That is exactly how I recovered my skin from ravages of lime disease to have back again fully functional healthy skin on my body and face and hands. No doctor has any suggestions for me how to repair the skin that looked like a burn victim, so I went on the path of discovery and ultimately formulating Replete Skincare from only what God created into the bottle and nothing else.

I learned what and when we need specific nutrients to satisfy the need of specific skin function as an organ of our body. Then I went around the world collecting them from five continents. I looked back at Julius Cesar care for his army and animals and Cleopatras habits of self-care. I made Cesar formula a base for my Intense Recovery oil then added more form another continent to attend to every aspect needed to complete the recovery of the cells. Cleopatra gently self-care of nurturing as my guide to being gentle with what we have. Mayan understanding of how nature works with harmony and Replete was born.

Niki DeLoach

FSHN- When did you realized your life purpose for the first time?

NDL- I was 3 years old when I felt the presence of God while at the daycare in the Church. I felt this unconditional love and warms like a blanket over my body reassuring me and I accepted that feeling as a feeling of God.

FSHN- Had any of your family members was influential of your choices in life?

NDL- At the same of three my grandmother introduced me to the movie “Singing in the Rain” and instantly I knew that being an actor was my life purpose and calling. I know now that I was correct to feel that as it is what makes me happy is when I make people feel and have them connect to their feelings in the way they would not without my performance. I like making people happy and makes me happy too.

FSHN- you mentioned starting over on your journey to Hallmark and which endings had the most impact on your overall life changes

NDL-This belief was behind “many times starting over” as the life of performer I and not as a straight line going of straight to the top. I had to fight for my carrier. Often it was a dark time. Especially under contract with Louis Lou Perlman and my Band “Incenses” which was Girl band. Perlman went to jail for pyramid scam and I was bound by his contract and could not work during that time- I lost it all. With $150 in the bank, I decided to go to Californian and attend community college. My boyfriend at the time was a member of a Boy band and shared the same fate as mine under Perlman contract. When I told him of my plan, he informed me that he will then go with me and attend law school in California. So, we went and now we are married with two children. This was the silver lining for me in all that seemed so unwanted in my life. Now, I am more open to the journey not just to the destination.

FSHN-What was your next carrier step after graduating from two your college?

NDL- I auditioned for the show North Shore and got the part just in time for writers’ strike which stopped it all in my pursuit of making it, and my self-esteem filled with doubt taking away my happiness.

FSHN- how did your escape the hold of the event?

NDL- I decided that I will be happy as me and not rely on outside forces to make me less.

I adopted great words of advice from

 Julie Elizabeth Day-“ I decided to be happy independent of my worth as an actor”

FSHN- what this enough to bring you to where you are today?

NDL- what this word did was to bring me into self-responsibility to be happy inside and take part in meditation as means to connect within myself and become spiritual in sense of lifestyle not necessarily religion as ways to feel fulfilled every day.

FSHN-How do you feel the fulfilment of your life purpose making people feel good and happy and make you feel the same, is taking care of you financially?

NDL- I feel it is not the job to move to be paid as all is open to unfold naturally. Nothing is permanent.

Last two years have sealed the deal of my purpose of life and death, by the clarity of the understanding leading to those two beliefs that came from seeing life from different places,

  1. Be the best version of myself
  2. Leave the world better than I found it

There are so many good people creating tiny and huge miracles during performance every day on TV.

I wake up every day thinking about how I can be of service to and to the challenges that bring goodness that exists in the world into life. This kind of thinking” will begin to change your life”

I believe in miracles as they have happened to me many times, and they strengthen my faith in the spiritual world and its power to make beautiful life happen.

FSHN- how would you describe your work environment at Hallmark?

NDL-Simply Kind environment that feels like home, that is taking care of me and my family in many ways. Not just financial but the attitude of kindness, respect that I bring home with me at the end workday is priceless.

FSHN- The charm, warms and faith in Niki’s heart is ever-present from an early age and is visible in her relationships with her hometown as you can see in this video filled with authentic words she speaks to us.

A man wearing Gottlich jacket feels like God

What a fabulous premise of promise for any women to have, all you would need was a Gotlish jacket to turn your man into everything you want.

But wait this is the man that wants to feel empowered and in the comfort of it, which was the reason for creating the most fantastic fit for man to look and feels like God in it. FSHN Magazine went on to interview the creator of this progressive approach of comfort and elegance for man to embrace every day. We spoke with its creator Harsha Kasey from India as he could not return to Singapore which is his home base to learn the steps it took to have comfort, looks and confidence when wearing Maxim Air jacket. Some of the reasons are here;

  • Made from all-natural materials including sustainably grown Austrian Beech Tree Fabric
  • Magnetic closure is futuristic, super quick & easy to use, you won’t want to use buttons ever again
  • Infused with antibacterial silver ions to keep the wearer odor free all day
  • Custom blended materials are designed to give a smooth and silky feel
  • Naturally porous allowing free airflow at a molecular level
  • Woven, not knitted, which makes it look far more luxurious and feels better on the skin
  • Innovative 360-degree rotational lapels that beautifully conceal the reversible nature
  • Sleeve Monogram – For the first time ever, a blazer has your name permanently embedded on your arm subtly but elegantly for everyone to see
  • Blend fabric wicks moisture/sweat away from the body, keeping the wearer cool & dry resulting in a soothing effect on the skin.

FSHN- How did you get started at finding forms and likes of what you wanted to become of a man’s jacket?

M- I looked around and saw what I felt, other man were not comfortable too in a suit and looked for ways to find comfort by taking it off then loosing the elegance of everyday experience. Most of them were buying expensive jackets to wear with jeans in hope that they will be more allowing to move in them during the day, but same problem was present even in sports jackets- too much form that restricted movement of the arms and back.

I then chose the forms of Dior, Luis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Ferragamo Ralph Lauren, Indichino and EX Suit luxury lines of men wear. Then I put my fascination with Apple product streamline into my vision of a new jacket form. I then started the process by removing shoulder pads but kept the shoulder clean lines that followed the creases of movement body made to assure that shoulders had room to accommodate the muscle mass in action.

FSHN- what was your next step of needs for an elegant yet comfortable jacket to wear all day?

HK- I needed the jacket to breathe for me as the climate can be humid outside and cold from AC inside. That is when the search for fabrics took off and we found 50% higher breathing fabric then cotton is! This a nanotechnology with use of 65% of beech trees pulp that takes 6-8 month to make and 5% elastin with 30% microfibers.

FSHN-Did your previous business travel for Biofuel plant you founded had any impact on the design of the perfect man’s jacket?

HK- Absolutely it id i like to travel light but have different look for meetings as it makes me feel fresh each time I have different look. This lead to reversible form jacket with one side fabric with checkers and the other plain one shade to go with other prints or coloured patterns in shirts and pants. This is a great space saver for overnight travel or multiple in one-day meetings that require a flight with carrying onboard limited size luggage.

FSHN- What do consider the Midas touch of your design ?

HK- Funny that you ask since monogram matters to me and I placed them on both reversible sides to make sure that reminder is there how being elegant matters and that personal appearance matter for being distinct among others, as you individually matter too.

FSHN- Given you have taken so much care into this design how affordable are the jackets?

HK- the quality is one of BeSpoke but the price is accessible to the larger group. I kept the price below normal profit to expose this choice to more than few. I keep at $200 per jacket and i hope we will see now more well-dressed man that feel like gods and women find them alluring by the elegance they see.

Finding love during COVID isolation

During our unprecedented times of social isolation, our magazine editor decided to find answers to finding love.

We have choices of not looking for it, staying emotionally where we are and making best of it, but some feel top lonely not to look for love.

We went to the experts on lobe Constantine Tino Detrich to give us a way to navigate this unknown territory given no in person dating are some key question we asked and got surprising answers to them.

  1. FSHNHas finding love slowed down?

Ella recently did a survey on wellness this month showing:

  • Most people are either staying in the relationship they are in, or they are not finding someone new.  Our survey found that only 10% of respondents have met someone new.
  • 42% declared to not having met a new partner during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

2. FSHN-What Is the new way of connecting aside from online and introductions?

  • The impact on the way people date is immense. With the coronavirus keeping people indoors, singles aren’t just meeting online. They’re holding virtual dates over video chat services like Zoom and FaceTime. People in current relationships are also learning how to have a strong relationship apart and this experience is forcing many people to try out long-distance dating.   They’re also getting creative with dating out of necessity.
  • It’s not necessarily about the physical right now.  We are back to the old ways of long phone calls and getting to know each other more deeply than the surface level of modern dating before the shutdowns.  Communication skills and intelligence are going to matter more than “hotness” or beauty.

3. FSHN-New Rules of building thought intimacy with social distance.

  • We need to go back to writing letters, not necessarily on paper, but long letters sent one’s significant others to enable one to express their thoughts in a more meaningful way. 
  • The short texts take away a certain degree of romance and enable impulsive messaging that can result in misunderstandings.

4. FSHN-New ways of keeping intimacy stimulating for long term couples already.

  • People are getting used to the idea of virtual dating and relationships. I suspect this trend could carry over after the pandemic ends and create a shift in the dating habits not seen since online dating started.
  • Sex toys sales are booming during the pandemic as people are finding new ways to stimulate and become creative in their interaction.

5. FSHN-Tips on non reacting and responding to irritating situations for couples living together.

  • Take some time apart in different rooms or try to find alternatives for entertainment outside of being together (such work, talking to friends by zoom, music etc.)  With the close quarters’ contact, it’s important to build in time by yourself.  
  • Avoid overreacting when you respond to your partner.

6. FSHN-Tips on finding attraction again when boredom sets in.

  • Redefine attraction.
  • Remind yourself why you fell in love in the first place.
  • Recognize your fears and face them.
  • Improve the mental and emotional connection.
  • Do some thrill-seeking together.
  • Learn each other’s love languages.

7. FSHN-Kind acts that rekindle love-

  • Improving one’s sex life with their partner is one of the easiest ways to rekindle love in a relationship. 
  • Ella’s recent survey Over 60% of our respondents said they are looking to bring more excitement into their sex life. 
  • Ways to rekindle love by improving your sex life include:
    • Using aphrodisiacs  
    • Experimenting with sex toys
    • Utilizing sex furniture 
      • Swings and special pillows
    • Engaging in sexual wellness practices
      • There are sexual wellness books that outline:
  • Innovative Sex Positions
  • Foods to eat for increased sexual performance 
  • Kama Sutra techniques

8. FSHN-Space arrangements tips for personal space in a small apartment.

  • Each partner in the relationship should be able to claim at least 2 hours a day of alone time in the bedroom. 
  • Be conscious of lighting and furniture arrangements.  Feng Shui matters. A mirror on a wall can make a room seem a lot bigger.  Bad lighting can give you headaches.  Avoid clutter as your space is more important spending more time at home.

9. FSHN-How to share child-care responsibilities and keep love alive without fighting.

  • Scheduling is key:
    • Each parent should be able to have a designated amount of time blocked out, during which, responsibility for taking care of the kids falls on the other parent.
    • This time is sacred and should only be broken in emergencies.
  •  Dividing the mornings:  every parent should be entitled to two sleep-in days each week.

10. FSHN-Tips on the attitude that keeps couples close and their entertainment harmonized.

  • Ability to understand where your partner is coming from is key.
  • Everyone makes mistakes and it’s important that we allow our lovers to be human.
  • Be understanding and tolerant with your partner, be forgivable. 
  • Empathy, which means caring as much about your partner’s well-being as you care about your own, makes the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy one.

Ultimately the love is on the rise as partners take time to get to know each others values, morals likes and cultural expectations those building a stable foundation for relationship to grow and move into intimate state with respect and open heart and mind. This in term will offer greater chance as longevity of this connection and joy of each others company.

This idea of keeping up with Jones’s to show off who you are with or what do you have never lead to success at love. It is a game that leads to failure, as Detrich mention the song Escape Pina Colada.

To find authentic love you need to be authentic yourself.

Amber Nash brings joy to the silver screen

Photography By Seth Olenick

Amber has been an ensemble member at Dad’s Garage Theatre in Atlanta since 2004 and she still performs improv there to this day.

-She goes back into the recording studio regularly when it is time to record a new season of Archer. Each recording session usually varies, but they can take as little as 30 minutes depending on what the script requires.

 Amber Nash is known for her role as fan-favorite “Pam Poovey” on the hit adult animated series Archer. Over the course of ten seasons, she has used her voiceover talents to build a successful career and large fanbase.

Since many voiceover roles are recorded by on-screen actors, we wanted to speak with Amber to learn how she was able to arrive at the wonderful career she has now.

She first went to college and got her degree in Psychology from Georgia State University and then worked at a wilderness camp for troubled teens before she chose to pursue acting full-time.

FSHN- How did you decide to become an actor after completing a psychology degree?

AN- In truth, my psychology degree proved to be a solid base for my improv performances [at Dad’s Garage Theatre in Atlanta]. To understand people and the place from which they react is pure psychology. I was able to draw from my observations and make fun or simply point it out to people so they would relate to it and then laugh at themselves for it. It’s a pretty good way of engaging people into what is going on in life and having fun with it.

FSHN- How did working at the wilderness camp change your direction in life?

AN- I realized how much I enjoyed making people happy and that I had this gift of reaching even difficult teenagers with my sense of humor. I saw an opportunity calling and went on to pursue it…but not without years of working small jobs, auditioning, and doing improv just hoping that the right opportunity would come along.

FSHN- What do you think was the tipping point in your career decision making?

I don’t know if there was a tipping point in my career decision making per se, but I’ve definitely decided I want to go out for more on camera roles. I don’t see it as giving up my identity as a voiceover artist, rather I’m just opening the door for more creative opportunities. I’m excited to see where it leads.

FSHN- Is this the typical route of an entertainer to go from voice over to on screen?

AN- Actually, it is usually the other way around. Typically, you have name recognition and popularity on TV or in movies before people get to see you in voiceover roles.

FSHN- That makes you a trail blazer of opportunities for other to follow.

AN- I like to think that, given the competitive nature of winning over an audience and developing a steady following…in my case entirely with my voice and an animated character.

AN- I think it was something they did not expect and feared if they would be asked to take on. I was feeling good about it and simply followed my heart not worrying about loss of steady income from voiceover character I know held, but rather looking forward to next step in my life.

FSHN- What would be your words of advice to young people entering the entertainment world?

AN- Be who you are and follow your gut as it will take you where you need to go.

The 10th season of Archer is airing now on FXX. Amber also co-created and hosts a Facebook Live show called Archer After Hours with her co-star Lucky Yates. It is available to watch on the Archer Facebook page.

Amber Nash most current projects below.

-Season 11 of Archer will premiere September 16th on FXX and will follow the adventures of Sterling Archer after he awakens from a 3 year coma.

-Will star in the upcoming indie comedy film How to Ruin the Holidays alongside Colin Mochrie. The film will be directed by Amber’s husband, Kevin Gillese.

– Is a board member for Project Chimps, a chimpanzee sanctuary in Georgia,  alongside Billie Joe Armstrong.

Monadnock and Anchor join for Sustainable paper products.

Monadnock Expands Distribution Partnership with Anchor Paper Company
Full Stocking of Sustainably-Advantaged Papers and Packaging Materials to Better Serve Upper Midwest
BENNINGTON, N.H. (September 2, 2020) – Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc., the oldest continuously operating paper mill
in the United States, announced today that it has entered into an expanded sales partnership with St. Paul, Minnesota-
based Anchor Paper Company, a leading privately-held paper, packaging, and equipment enterprise servicing customers
in the Upper Midwest.
The venerable, 97-year-old Anchor Paper will be offering a greatly expanded line from Monadnock’s sustainably-
advantaged fine printing and packaging papers, geared toward meeting the growing demand for FSC-certified, PCW
recycled papers.
“Deepening our current relationship with Anchor Paper means more shared opportunities and a fuller offering of
sustainable fine paper choices for their current and prospective customers,” said Lisa Taylor, Vice President of Sales and
Marketing at Monadnock Paper Mills. “As two long-time, family-owned companies with deep community commitments we
understand that doing right by our customers and strategic partners is a smart investment that pays off now and in the
Anchor’s dedicated and knowledgeable Specification Sales Representatives work closely with designers, ad agencies and
corporate marketers to find the best papers for their projects.
“We’re excited to build on our current partnership with Monadnock and help our customers discover the newest and
highest-performing sustainable paper and packaging options” said Brooke Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Anchor Paper.
“After nearly 100 years our customers expect the best, and Monadnock is best-in-class.”
Anchor Paper will be stocking and offering for immediate delivery the following sustainable papers from Monadnock:
Astrolite PC 100 ® Smooth Astrolite
Astrolite PC 100 Digital + for HP Indigo Caress
Astrolite PC 100 Velvet 2CS, Dulcet
Envi PC 100 Performance Board Hemp Envi Performance Board (30% Hemp; 70% PCW)

About Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc.
Monadnock Paper Mills (MPM) provides and custom engineers a diverse range of products including technical/speciality
papers, and premium printing and packaging papers for leading brands worldwide. The company’s ENVIPortfolio ® of
products features fibre-based solutions that replace plastic for uses such as gift cards and tags. Its technical papers are
used in medical and pharmaceutical packaging, construction, interior design, manufacturing and other speciality
applications and markets. Working as a true partner with its customers, Monadnock’s technical expertise and agility result
in products that lead the market in innovation and quality. With a passion for the environment and ingenuity, Monadnock
turns ideas into reality.


Solving Kids Cancer (SKC)
continues its Lace Up For Kids annual campaign for the fourth year to bring attention to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this September. SKC will gift and distribute 60,000 shoelaces in gold, the color used to symbolize the occasion, to schools and kids organizations both nationally and internationally. Thousands of children along with parents will be swapping their shoelaces for gold ones in recognition of Childhood Cancer.

Gold shoelaces are a bold fashion statement that everyone can partake in by swapping out their normal laces for the month of September for gold metallic laces, to help raise awareness to fight childhood cancers and advance science for treatments and cures.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 1.24.25 PM.png

To support the Lace Up For Kids campaign it is simple, swap out your laces and share images of your gold laces on social media using the hashtags #LaceUpForKids #CareWearShare #SolvingKidsCancer

Please click here to order free gold laces in support of raising social media awareness of childhood cancer.


Founded in 2007 by two fathers who lost their children to cancer, Solving Kids’ Cancer (SKC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to significantly improving survivorship of the deadliest childhood cancers by finding, funding, and advocating for breakthrough treatment options.  Headquartered in New York City, SKC’s impact in now worldwide with clinical trials launched across the US and throughout Europe.  Over the last decade, SKC has funded 34 scientific projects specifically targeted at developing new treatment options for kids.  SKC – independent of any single researcher, institution, or consortium – objectively invests in only the most impactful research projects.