SF Symphony night to remember

Photo credits Drew Altizer and Elisabeth Thieriot

Opening night chairs Rachael Bowman and Lisa Lacob

From Schiaparelli and Oscar De la Renta gowns to music that left an impression long after it ended. That was the vibe of the opening night at the SF Symphony.

Michael Tilson Thomas 25th and final season with SF Symphony was underscored with his own words as to what music means to him and why he had so much joy creating the programs for the Symphony seasons. Here they are: “I love music not such for how it feels when it is played but what happens inside of us when it stops”.

With words like this, it was clear that over the years Micheal Tilson Thomas was intending to create an emotional experience that would change who we are and how we see the world from before and after the performance.

The opening night was even an inspiration for gifting jewellery for this couple. That very morning a surprise this twp pins arrived and now they are adoring the lapels of the glamorous tuxedos.

Each of the pins has significance to them and memories of tonight’s performance will go on with this couple forever inside their private world.

The music written by Gordon Getty has most fluid harmonies we rarely hear from today’s composers. The music was supporting full chorus of every skill from bass to soprano pronouncing love for Shannondon daughter. Given the recent marriage of Peter and Shannon, followed by arrival of a beautiful girl from their union, brought a joy to hear how the love fils the home of Getty.

Tributes were given to long-time supporters of the SF Symphony since 1974 Thomas took his position here, such as Golda Hass Goldman and her son Dough was present to hear it.

The remarkable moment took place when Michael for people in the audience to stand up that attended his first performance and it was nice group, then he asked for first comers to the SF Symphony to stand up and most of the house rose up! This in my eyes is the true compliment for Michael Tilson Thomas as he managed by his choices of music and artistic presentation to attract the next generation of symphony lovers and supporters. Accomplishment most wishes to achieve in their lifetime.

The younger generation was glamorous and inspired wearing blink and sequence gowns that draped well cared for body shape.

After the intermission, the co-chairs thanked all for continued support and encouraged the next generation to step in into their shoes.

Three of the composer and two local ones- Getty, Copland knew Michael Tilson Thomas personally and closing of the night went to one did not- Beethoven with Symphony No. 9

Entire performance stimulated auditory and visual senses with colour changes to match the mood of the music. This was the place to feel and remember how good we can feel under warm light with music that inspires us to be more every day.

So the new season has started and a new adventure is awaiting us all.

Here you can plan your own evening at the SF Symphony this season

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