Melange 2012 – Fashion Revolution – A Study in diversity, fashion and creative performances

August 4, 2012. San Francisco, California
Members of Mélange presented their 2012 Annual Fashion Show at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco .

Set in one of the most prestigious venues in the city the Mélange show setting featured a 3 section rectangular runway and an MTV like standing pit for fans in the middle of the runway. The venue and the set were primed for a night to remember and we were extremely excited to be there and bringing this amazing event to our readers. The refreshments bar set in the back of the room had a variety of alcoholic and virgin drinks and cupcakes of various flavors provided the tit-bit snacks for the guests. The seating was organized in 10 rows in front of the raised runway and 4 rows each on either side with extra gallery seating available on the 2nd level.

The event began at about 8:30 with Nick Navarro (CEO of MÉLANGE) welcoming everyone to the show and introducing the program for the evening. As expected the event the team had planned was much more than just a fashion show and started with a live performance by Nick Pitera an emerging Youtube singing sensation. A few other performances followed before the models finally hit the runway at about 9:00 PM. This year the Mélange show featured both international and local talent customary to the diversity that is always promoted by Mélange. The designers featured were:

  1. Bossini (Silicon Valley)
  2. Chona Pike (San Francisco / Philippines)
  3. Electronic Sheep (Ireland)
  4. Faizan Dar (Pakistan)
  5. Joui Turandot (San Francisco)
  6. Marzio Fiorini (Brazil)
  7. Tuan Tran (San Francisco / Vietnam)
  8. Varignia Garcia Araujo(Peru)

Fashion participants also included Isabella Boutique and Western Ballet. The show was closed off by a performance by Bhangra Empire the prodigal Punjabi dance troupe from San Jose who were recently featured in America’s Got Talent.

Mélange Productions led by Nick Navarro & Talia Romano has become a force to reckon with in the San Francisco fashion event market. The show was well executed, professional from start to finish and had the feel of a New York fashion event. The performance’s and choreography was well timed and executed to perfection. The fashion on display was accessorized with makeup and hair that complemented and accentuated the looks thus giving the designers an ideal stage to show off their creations. We will be looking forward to the next event from this spirited team.

See The Full Gallery – 300 More Pictures

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See The Full Gallery – 300 More Pictures