Barbecue fun, taste, ease of cooking and burns to heal.

The Fuego Professional (F24C) Grill,
a powerful and aesthetically pleasing grill designed by Robert Brunner, former chief designer at Apple who also designed the Beats by Dre headphones.
The Fuego Grill’s beautiful design has led others to say it’s “*the
iPhone of grills*,” and “*If R2-D2 was reincarnated as a bbq grill, he’d
be the Fuego*.”
This newest rendition, The Fuego Professional, is an upgraded version of our original award-winning gas grill. It features the same compact body with a larger diameter for more grilling space. The minimalist design was strategically engineered to fit into tight corners and spaces. It’s ideal for condos or apartments with small patios or balconies, or anyone that
wants a powerful grill that also fits beautifully with their home. The
compact size doesn’t get in the way of its performance: It has a combined *26,500
BTU/hr* and the ability to preheat to *500F within 5 minutes*.

As it heats up the food can be cooked without delay!

That too means our hands may not be ready to deal with the heat may get exposed a bit to fast, but no worry there is a quick fix to this with Replete Intense Recovery oil eliminating effects of burns that lets you enjoy the moment of perfect BBQ.

The Fuego Professional (F24C) Grill