YestoMovement Beauty Bike Tour is taking over San Francisco!

The #YestoMovement Beauty Bike Tour will be popping up at local parks, farmers markets and retailers throughout New York City (and Brooklyn), New Jersey and San Francisco. The beauty bike is equipped with favorite Yes to products and everything you need to know about them. At the bike’s stop, you’ll be able to take a skin care quiz, which will reveal the Yes to products that best match your skin type, and then you try those product right there. If you love ‘em, they are yours to take home!

As an added bonus, you’ll get the chance to engage with local Yes to Influencers. Living an active, healthy, natural lifestyle, the influencers are twenty leading ladies in each city who embody the Yes to brand values. They all serve as local leaders in their respective communities and will be making special appearances at the bike’s stops throughout the tour! If you can’t visit the tour in NYC or San Francisco, you can access it from home by visiting where you can see a schedule of the tour and take the skincare quiz to find out which Yes to skin type you are.