When you cannot go to the sea bring the sea to you

We are living now in unprecedented times when going to the beach is not just about having vacation days or money that is holding us back.

Many plans are broken and so could be our spirit.

But, it does not have to be if you know about Replete Rejuvenating Mist from 3000 feet depth and 2000 year old ocean water layer from the coast of Hawaii. This is the only Mist that will not only replenish the mineral you get from swimming in the ocean, but will lift your spirit of the soul to go on in a positive way. It gives the glow you get from vacation just as you spray and inhale the ocean air from it. What a wonderful way to stay positive and feel the freedom of the soul in yourself.

All this matter even more during limited exposure to fresh air and sunlight which are our source of life. We are iBio organism connected to all that exists and being separated from it is not natural nor beneficial to our health and state of mind. I will tell you more what it means in few words. The Moon and Sun cycles govern our body all functions from activities to sleep to commerce to relationships. Imagine trying to have a relationship with person that is a night owl and you are a morning riser? Not much time together at all would be left to share life together. You drink your coffee upon rising not before bedtime. Same logical events take place in our body without us even knowing and when we disrupt them by accident or force bad things happen, we get weaker and tired and cranky or sick.

This gives validity to following our biological clock to stay healthy wealthy and happy in every way!

Here are some tips you will benefit from.

Upon rising Spray and inhale Rejuvenating Mist from Replete. It will start your day without silver cloud over your head and with one less cup of coffee giving your body more alkaline environment.

With a positive mood and outlook on life, your options for decisions will look and be different. If needed Use the Rejuvenating Mist again in the afternoon if you feel slow and need some perk into your day.

Replete means abundance and so it is an abundance of minerals in every product you get from it. This layer of the ocean water is densified 10X to match the content of minerals in the amniotic fluid to provide your skin with all that it may need to stay resilient and glow with smooth alluring skin.

This is where you can find all the best from the ocean vacation without living your home