What Defines Them?

Spring is upon us, as are wardrobe facelifts. Shopping will be done, colors will be spread, and flowers will bloom. But there is something else blooming in spring: chinos. That’s right, chinos. What are they you ask? Are they pants or trousers? Are they casual or formal? Chinos in fact meet midway between pants and trousers, and they’re between casual and formal. But what do these have to do with spring fashion? Chinos are trending in spring collections because of their utility, purpose, and comfort.

Chinos are often constructed of soft durable cotton, and sometimes they’re mixed with nylon to give the fabric a comfortable stretch. Not only are the concepts of chinos popping up, but colorful chinos are being spotted everywhere.

The purpose behind chinos is to wear casual wear that looks formal. Therefore climbing in and out of them, and doing errands is not much of a daunting task versus traditional dress pants. Granted, chinos do not look like dress pants. But they serve a formal and comfortable alternative to the casual jean.

How do you wear them? Well that’s the brilliance behind chinos! They are both versatile, and offer extreme comfort. You could throw khaki colored cuffed chinos under a graphic tee, and leather oxfords. Or perhaps throw them under a navy blue blazer, and a white dress shirt. With chinos, you go from casual to formal very quickly.

What I recommend:

Spring collections are everywhere in retail stores, whether you’re into clothes from Urban Outfitters or Bottega Veneta. I recommend trying to find a chino that is of a cotton and nylon blend. Why? Well because this blend of materials makes for a flexible, stretchy, and rather comfortable chino. This is exactly what separates chinos from trousers and or pants. You see, dress pants, are made of exclusively of pressed cotton that does not stretch, and has a formed shape. Chinos on the other hand form to you, and give a little with everyday wear. But, there is one downside I see to the trending chinos: chinos will have to be washed more frequently because of their stretchiness. Yes, I said stretchiness.

Spring weather has arrived early, though it might not feel like it with the rain we’ve had over the last week. Once the weather clears up, I definitely recommend to do someday weekend shopping. Once out and about, explore union square and find some cheap chinos. Or maybe dive into the many fabulous local boutiques scattered throughout San Francisco. I’m absolutely sure that these boutiques are into the chino trend, just as much as Banana Republic. Rain or shine, go purchase a pair of chinos!