Check out favorite sunglasses for Spring. Or maybe for forever.

Westward Leaning present their 2016 product campaign as shot and styled by leading photographer Todd Norwood.

“Westward Leaning is a brand that is passionate about making chic, luxurious, slick, and colorful glasses. We are beloved by our cult following of tastemakers the world over.

The fusion of fashion and philanthropy is core to our identity. We incorporate unique materials into each pair of glasses that represent our charitable commitment; our eye-wear is equally beautiful and meaningful.

We love design and spend a crazy amount of time developing each shape to ensure they’re the most universal fit and flattering for all. While our collection has grown from our original wayfarer, we still believe that classic shapes deserve an update. We also know that once our fans find their perfect glasses they want them in every color, so unlike most eye-wear companies we have a wide range of options in every style”.

Each pair of Westward Leaning sunglasses carries its own unique story. At Westward Leaning’s San Francisco studio, our team of artisans and jewelers handcraft each pair of sunglasses using traditional techniques perfected over thousands of years. They cut, weave, sew, and sand the frames’ unique accent materials before they are inlaid in our frames by hand.

Every single component of our sunglasses and unique packaging is subject to our rigorous quality control. From our home to yours: at Westward Leaning we believe the special touches make all the difference.

Westward Leaning was founded on the philosophy of giving back. From our inception, every pair of sunglasses has been inlaid with a unique material on the temple, which directly correlates to an associated charity. For every pair sold, we are proud to donate a minimum of 10% of net proceeds to the registered charitable organization signified by the inlay.

Before the periodic table ordered the elements according to atomic number, scientists and philosophers relied on the Aristotelian notion of four key elements – earth, water, air and fire – as foundational to life. At Westward Leaning, we’ve always been fascinated by the history of science, and have used these four elemental quadrants to categorize the diverse materials inlaid on the temples of our sunglasses.

Every material belongs to one of the four classical elemental groups; and each of the four classical elements supports a specific charitable cause.

All of our sunglasses are hand packaged at our San Francisco design studio featuring our signature, ribboned boxes. In addition to a traditional large and durable clamshell outer case, our sunglasses come with a custom-designed and compact protective sleeve. By popular demand we made this pocket-sized case available for purchase on its own.