Wella Hair Style Fashion Show 2013

atelier emmanuel

February 28th, 2013 was a night of passion, professionalism, creativity and a beautiful crowd who came to the Atelier Emmanuel located on Stockton at Sutter Street. Atelier Emmanuel group of professionals were very pleased to be co-organizing the hair exhibition and event with Elle Magazine and Wella. The exhibition also featured fashion, jewelry and accessories from Cop.Copine, Reed Krakoff, West Coast Leather and Fairies and Feathers.

The main focus of the show was, of course, hair. Under the direction of owner and master stylist Emmanuel Noel, the Atelier Emmanuel team has put together an haute coiffure and prêt-a-porter collection that showcased different shapes, textures and colors. Each look was inspired by Wella’s 2013 Trendvision filtered through the lens of San Francisco’s neighborhoods. The creativity and precision of those hairstyles reflected their devotion to craftsmanship.

The first hair style was created by Adrien Flammie who was invited by René Furterer to assist them during NY Fashion Week this year. Adrien’s model reflects Chinatown at the height of festivities, a glamorous mix of color and sounds.

Model: Laura Lynn Balcerzak.

Corset from Dark Angel.

The second stylist, Ali Moss was inspired by the Decibel look from Wella’s trend vision collection. Ali loves hair color with a lot of dimension, overlays of color. Light over dark and dark over light. With model Jessica, she created a bombshell blonde color placement that is wearable in the real world, without just being a simple head of highlights. This season’s makeup look that inspires her the most is natural face with a bold lip. The style showcased her love for random texture that can be messy or polished, depending on the day and mood.

Model: Jessica Arnord

Cocktail dress from Cop.Copine.

The third stylist, Amee complemented her model Pia’s rocker chic look. As a career woman and fashion blogger at Piachic.com, Pia needed a bold, yet effortless look. The precision look was versatile. It can be worn sleek, or tousled to suit the ever-changing needs of a fashion stylist. Amee wanted to add pops of rich color to balance the structural quality of the style.

Model: Pia Llarena.

San Francisco is known for its eclectic combinations. To create her look, Audrey Kral, the fourth stylist, mixed melancholic chic and retro style sense. Model Nicole’s domain was introspection. Ferociously intense, dramatic and fearless, she transmuted her inner world into color, sound, texture and energy.

Model: Nicole Chung

Accessories by Reed Krakoff.

The fifth stylist Charles Courcoux created an abstraction of the Golden Gate Bridge. He used real hair and everyone was claiming it to be candy! So pretty and strong in red colors he combined inspiration and precision when creating all the pieces that came beautifully together like a puzzle. He died the model’s hair to red just for the event. Extremely smart and pretty!

Model: Karina La-Kramer

Black dress designed by Nicole for Fairies and Feathers.

Stylists Claudia Cohen and Paul Pu teamed up being the sixth exhibitors and created a style that plays with the asymmetry of Decibel Trendvision look. With model Tory, they wanted volume of 60’s hair with a modern boldness. As the whole feeling of Decibel is fun and says not to be afraid, their character was a sexy vixen.

Model: Tori Vasquez.

Fashion by Cop.Copine.

Stylist number seven and make-up artist Clifford was inspired by the Hitchcock Heroine, from the 1963 film, made in San Francisco, “The Birds.” Tuppi Hendren’s character in the film was typical of director Hitchcock’s look at the time: a rich, blonde socialite. Clifford colored model Molly with cool golden blonde, inspired by Wella’s Trendvision Allegra. The manicure was done by our Nail Technician April. On the runway, Molly walked with her iPad playing the movie while walking. Exuberant!

Model: Molly Rogers

Fashions courtesy of Costume of the ACT SF

Since there’s always a Gold Rush of one form or another in San Francisco, David Reposar, the eighth hair stylist came up with “Glam in the gold mines”. Model Nikki shows a color palette that ranges from pastel blond to platinum and gold. The hairstyling includes hair pieces arranged into artistic shapes brushed with silk gold. Very, very elegant!

Model: Nikki Spyt.

Dress courtesy of Harputs. Accessories from Reed Krakoff.

Stylist number nine was Edgar Carubio who mixed elements of Decibel and Allegra from Trenvision 2013. The inspiration for the hair comes from the punk rock cultures of San Francisco updated for a sleek urban feel.

Model: Nicola Peluso.

Roller dress from Cop. Copine. Silver bangle, necklace from Reed Krakoff.

Emmanuel Noel, the tenth hair stylist and atelier’s owner used green on his model. He had no description on it and so I will leave it open to the reader to admire it. Very elegant and futurist style in my opinion! When speaking with the model, Amalia, she expressed her desire on turning her looks in 360 degrees but still wanted “to look and feel beautiful, professional and glamorous”.

Model: Amalia Miller.

Emmanuel Noel & Adrien Flammier formed together the eleven artists and Inspired by Trendvision | Echo, Diadora, they embodied female beauty, young working woman, both natural and sophisticated. Her black and gold look represents the Financial District. Super chic!

Haircut by Emmanuel.

Color by Adrien.

Model: Diadora Lago.

Outfit from Cop.Copine.

Stylist Nell Hayes and Juan Pablo Sanchez created a hippies-Chic, bohemian look, inspired by Decibel Trendvision look which represents the Haight with a twist of elegance.

Model: Maja Jaredic.

Fashions by Cop.Copine. Accessories from Reed Krakoff.

Number twelve on the list were Martin and Nicole whom also paired their talents and conceptualized French twins embodying the San Francisco “melting pot” of cultures, styles and socio-economic status. Anne-Sophie is the more introverted and androgynous twin embracing the industrial grunge style of SF. Cerissa is the glamorous and sophisticated twin representing the more luxurious lifestyle of the city.

Models: Anne-Sophie Leary & Cerissa Sanchez.

Jewelry provided by Reed Krakoff.

I can’t wait to witness Atelier Emmanuel’s next event. Photography credits should go to Kevin Meynell http://kevinmeynell.com/

Hair Stylists and Models

#1 Stylist: Adrien Flammier + Model: Laura Lynn Balcerzak

Adrien Flammier

#5 Stylist: Charles Courcoux + Model: Karina La-Kramer

Charles Courcoux

#5 Stylist: Charles Courcoux + Model: Karina La-Kramer

Charles Courcoux Karina

#12 Stylists: Nicole & Martin + Models: Anne-Sophie Leary & Cerissa Sanchez

Nicole Martin

#1 Stylist: Adrien Flammier + Model: Laura Lynn Balcerzak


#12 Stylists: Nicole Siri & Martin Plascencia + Models: Anne-Sophie Leary & Cerissa Sanchez

Nicole Siri