Weight Obsessed Women -Secret Story

Most Beautiful women like Isis Ruth Pastor have secrets until they decide to share them with us.
Iris at age of 64 has found inner peace to be her true self. Then magic happened.
She found herself more interested in life and healthy relationships than personal outside image. She became full of inner knowledge that leads her to see life from a different perspective and changed her value system altogether. Iris shared that her biggest surprise was coming from the comments she would receive from friends, readers or accidental encounters. Her success in an overcoming unhealthy relationship with food and self-image was ignored and wonder how she opened up about having this in her the past should be the source of shame. They all wondered that she did not fear being seen as weak or not enough and for others to accept her from here on. The fact is that overcoming any fear gives you freedom, and Iris did just that. If you want to get on the road to freedom read her story in her book and find the way.
written by Elisabeth Thieriot