Vixen Designs – Custom Event Attire for the Exhibitionist in You

Half the fun of going to an event is deciding what outfit to wear, am I right ladies? Having something unique, sexy and one of a kind can be hard to find, which is why Shannon Hardisty of Vixen Designs knew her company would be a success when she
launched in 2011.

It all began with Vixen Entertainment, an all female entertainment company that Shannon ran. Always being the creative type, she made all of her own costumes and most of the costumes that the other girls wore for the events her company performed at. “I love anything DIY and crafty and more so than anything I love unique pieces that I know no one else is going to have and that are exactly what I want,” she says. People often commented on her creations and asked where they had been purchased, so she began to take orders. Once things began to gain momentum, Vixen Designs was born.

Shannon creates outfits for any event, festival, show or holiday and will tailor it to all your specific needs and requests. There is no request that she has not conquered thus far and in fact loves the challenge. “I love to make it all! But I think my favorite things to make would be anything that challenges me as a designer and an artist. I love when someone brings me a new idea or something that seems impossible to make and I can bring it to life for them,” its very rewarding, she says her most popular event is EDC, which she offers a discount code (couponcode: EDC15). Other events she gets requests for are POPNYE and Beyond Wonderland, but her designs can also be seen at nightclubs, fashion shows and launch parties.

All of the orders she receives are very creative and can be quite detailed so Shannon requests that people give her on average 2-3 weeks for production. Turn around time can vary just depending on the complexity of the outfit and how many pieces someone orders because everything is hand made.


Besides doing custom orders, Shannon also created an online store with ready-made pieces, which can be found through their Facebook page. “We are trying out a small Daisy Bra Collection in the spirit of EDC. We would like to eventually expand the line and have a more substantial shop with not only bras and lingerie but accessories and maybe someday shoes,” she says. Doing custom orders will remain their primary focus though. “We were built on offering one of a kind pieces to clients and we want to keep that idea in motion,” she says.

Other future plans for Vixen Designs are collaborating with other artists, photographers, models and magazines. Her advice to other fashion entrepreneurs is to really know the business side.

“It takes so much more than an understanding of QuickBooks, a website and having a kick ass product or idea. I thought because I had worked in fashion for 8 years doing so many different things and had taken a few business courses that I would be fine. It takes so much more than that to be an entrepreneur, especially in fashion. You have essentially have to conquer two fields: fashion and business.” –Shannon

I personally have ordered several items from Shannon, for EDC and Coachella, and they have always been perfect, exactly what I asked for and so much more. It is great to see a fellow fashionista make it happen and fulfill her dream. I think her motto is great: “I always say if you don’t build your dream someone else is going to hire you to help build theirs.”

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