Mezis commenced day six at Vancouver Fashion Week with a white-as-snow palette, drawing attention to the textures of ruffles, and pleats. Feminine, sleek looks included button-up collared shirts and cropped fitted pants. Frilled transparent layers and billowing sleeves brought a feminine touch. Bold blues gave way to dusty pinks, and then seasons changed to unveil dark earthly colors of greens, yellows, and burnt orange with abstract organic textured prints.

LBYL by Lee Yu Jung was a promenade of ostentatious romance. Elegant ballgowns with structured corsets in sumptuous silks and satins brought a modern fairytale to life. Beading and embellishments delightfully caught the light, and models turned to reveal large bouncy bows adorning the back of their gowns. A blue, green sequined number shined like mermaid scales. A standout look: flared silk trousers in jewel pink with matching pleated tunic and black bead overlay. An opulent finesse to LBYL’s SS18 collection.

Kim Tiziana Rottmüller experimented with volume, shape, and space in her collection Bittersweet. Against an orchestral soundtrack, the first look to traverse the runway was a pastel pink wool coat featuring large rolled cylinder pieces incorporated on the sleeves. These voluminous tubes, integrated across the collection, represent a cage or prison: Rottmüller’s inspiration. An iron- skirt like a birdcage hanging from the waist, and metal headpieces also pushed the concept. The contrasting color palette of jet black and pale pink represented the opposites bitter and sweet.

This season, Choiboko exhibited lively splashes of color against subdued greys. Quoting human life as a source of inspiration, Bok Ho Choi, a Korean designer, has played with print placement, with painted faces and brushstroke watercolors brightening up flared skirts and collarless jackets.

Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for VFW Management INC