Trend Setting “Me-centric,” Personalized and Customized Jewelry Takes Center Stage

People are proudly displaying their own “me-centric” jewelry with custom designs and individualized accessories.

NEW YORK, May 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Each person has their own fashion sense and individual style, and select fashions and accessories that help create a personalized fashion statement. A large part of that statement centers around hand chosen jewelry accessories that help set each individual apart. And with the growing trend in genuinely personalized jewelry including initial necklaces and monogram jewelry, their dreams are coming true.

Name necklaces have become increasingly trendy thanks to its popularity in the hit show Sex in the City. To add to this trend, the introduction of initial necklaces of many styles gained favor, with each initial worn representing either the wearers own first name initial or those of their loved ones, whether they be a child, parent, grandchild or significant other.

“Our customers are looking for personalized jewelry, choosing initial necklaces, and they want to design their own jewelry, earrings, pendants and even engagement rings. The initial reception to our initial pendants, discs, and beautiful monograms, has been extremely positive. In fact, it has become a fashion-forward gift item, especially for mother’s day and Valentine’s Day. We expect it to grow even more popular as graduations grows near, and as push-presents, these initial discs and other personalized styles remain hot,” said an Allurez spokeswoman, a high end online-only manufacturer and designer of fine jewelry.

The red carpet is filled with celebrity moms’ latest obsession – personalized jewelry that immortalizes their child’s name. Even people walking, or running, to their destinations are proudly promoting their own “me-centric” jewelry with custom designs and individualized accessories.

The personalized jewelry trend is certainly here to stay with new categories being created daily designed to accentuate their personal style through pieces of unique jewelry. The fun with this trend is just beginning and the only boundaries are your own creativity.

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