Treasure Island Music Festival got through its 10th-year celebration, weathering the storm in what looks to be its last year on the beautiful historic San Francisco island landmark. Unfortunately, the rain brought a series of problems including artist delays and cancellations. Ice Cube and Sigur Ros both played a few hours later than expected, but even with all the challenges, organizers did their best to keep the experience positive for fans that braved the cold and rain to be part of the experience as they danced in the rain and muddy festival grounds. One big disappointment was the cancellation of hot newcomer James Blake, but organizers Another Planet and Noise Pop were kind enough to stage a free makeup show at the Fox Theater in Oakland, where James brought his A game and really wooed fans, making up somewhat for the shortcomings of the festival.

Overall, organizers did their best given the bad weather, most artists performed and hopefully, any disgruntled fans will give the decade-old festival another chance if it happens to return in 2017 – as it was an amazing 10 years!

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Photos by Theodore J. Maider & Kelly J. Owen