written by Sason Bishope Parry

It’s doubtful to think that DC Comics would have ever imagined that one of their iconic Superhero’s would be part of a big concert film, let alone played live by the SF Symphony, but that’s exactly what happened. Wednesday, April 4th kicked off a two-night showing of Tim Burton’s classic “Batman” film, with Danny Elfman’s amazing Grammy award-winning musical score performed live by the prestigious SF Symphony. Seeing the film previously years ago was a treat, but watching it on the giant screen with the Symphony playing every note, was just another, worldly experience that also included a choir section provided by the San Francisco Symphony Chorus that rang loud throughout Davies Symphony Hall. The audience was young and old, with Batman fanatics decked out in superhero outfits, and there were even a few jokers on hand. The film is a one of the best of the “Batman” series, with arguably the best performance of any Joker given by the outrageously funny and amazing academy award actor Jack Nicholson, who steals the movie from beginning to end even from the “Batman”, Bruce Wayne himself, played by Michael Keaton. But this night belonged to the SF Symphony, conducted by the beautiful and talented Sarah Hicks. Danny Elfman of new wave band Oingo Boingo outdid himself with the original score and it was the perfect pairing for San Francisco’s best orchestra to bring to life live. Hats off also to the late superstar, Prince, who wrote original tunes for the movie and that also brought lots of cheers and applause during the opening and closing credits.

Fans of Batman and the Symphony were on their feet as the sounds of approval rang loud and the memories of an unforgettable night will surely last a lifetime.

For more info on the SF Symphony go to: www.sfsymphony.com