Thomas Jack’s Hypnotic Remix of Haux’s “Homegrown”

Settled in the space between dreamy folk and electronic melancholy – Haux is the smoky-eyed silhouette of Woodson Black. Growing up in the Berkshires, the photographer-turned-musician found his voice while wandering the quiet woods and rural landscapes. He narrated life through film photographs, developing a pastoral aesthetic that would go on to inspire Haux.

After wrapping up a debut headlining tour this Spring and the success of his single “Touch,” Haux today shares Australian producer Thomas Jack’s hypnotic remix of “Homegrown.” The original single counts over 8 million Spotify streams and Thomas Jack’s rework elevates the track into deep house territory, amplifying Haux’s haunting vocals lending giving the single a dance friendly beat.

“I discovered Haux six months ago, and I was going through all his stuff online, and really liked ‘Homegrown,'” Thomas Jack says of the collaboration. “I wanted to take a whole different approach to what he did with the track, and give it a driving darker, more emotive feel, and that’s the way it came out. I’m super happy with it, and it’s very reflective of the direction I’m going with my new music.”