With all the focus on mainstream music nowadays it’s refreshing to see a festival finding its niche elsewhere. A Day at the Beach did just that on April 16, 2016, bringing together music fans for an open-aired concert in North Miami Beach. Directed as a series of concerts, each with their own genre and curated good vibes, Joseph Risolio, a Miami trendsetter, delivers the first installment as an all day Reggae Festival. The venue was perfectly located just steps off the boardwalk at the local bandshell, a stage that’s been craving new fusion of energy and life. The mini amphitheater, adorned with hanging lights, set a chill vibe complementing the sounds perfectly as people of all ages gathered to find some of Jamaica’s signature sounds. Amongst all the music, families of the artists sold arts & craft products and International food bringing an entirely cultural experience.

The band- shell served as a melting pot for different crowds. Children played around the stage as parents lounged with the typical Rastafarian attendees trying to get a taste of their homeland. The first acts to go on were “Uma Gallera” and “Big harvest” playing back to back cool sets. As the sun settled the newest generations of the Marley family took the stage delivering their original productions mixed in with their late grandfather’s hits. The highlight of the Marley’s performance was the outro, as Jo Mersa and Yohan called other members of their family to the stage to pay tribute to Bob Marley with their rendition of ONE LOVE, which was a magical experience. Night fell, bringing with it a larger crowd and the final act, the ambassadors of reggae “Third World”. Their two-hour set was stellar and unmatched. Bongo Fuelled passion transitioned to cello played melodies and back as the crowd fell for the tempo changes and broad nature of their performance. All in all “Third World” offered us more than a set but a musical journey and one to be remembered.

The 1st rendition of the “Day at The Beach” Reggae Fest, though smaller on the scale of major festivals was a big hit amongst many and definitely one to be part of. Those that missed out can look forward to the next edition which promises and even bigger and better experience.