Seen / By Everyone – A clever mashup of the uniquely 21st century experience of mourning and moving on in the digital age of social media, has its final weekend Thursday Thurs Oct 19, Friday, Oct 20, Saturday, Oct 20 & final show runs Sunday, October 21 at 4pm – taking place at NOHspace in San Francisco. The play features five songs and consists entirely of found text over two years, thousands of comments and posts pulled from a variety of social media platforms collaged together incorporating elements of Noh theater. The endless gloating of lives well-lived coexist with heartfelt final goodbyes to now, ghosts in the machine.

What does it mean to live, die, grieve, and keep living in the era of oversharing?

This play will definitely have you questioning the way people communicate with their friends and relatives after they have departed this life.    

It also highlights the humor found when there is no barrier between the heartfelt and the profound and the banal and the crass. What happens when all of the posts we leave on walls and comment sections come to life and start talking to each other?  If Facebook was a place, this is what it would be like to hang out there.  It’s not pretty but it is entertaining and funny.

SEEN / BY EVERYONE uses found the ext to illuminate the intimacy of people’s online revelations and tells a story of how we are now returning to an era, like the Greeks before us, of public mourning. The play explores how this technology has turned all users into chroniclers of their own lives and the lives of others. It also highlights the humor found when there is no barrier between the heartfelt and profound and the banal and crass.

Directed by Theatre of Yugen’s Artistic Director, Nick Ishimaru, conceived by Amir Darvish and Meg MacCary, and co-written by Matthew Cohn, Amir Darvish, Meg MacCary, Enormvs Munoz and Jen Taher. Cast includes: Annika Bergman, Alan Coyne, Adrian Deane, Enormvs Muñoz, Paul Rodriguez, Stephanie Whigham and J.J. Van Name.

Theatre of Yugen: NOHspace: 2840 Mariposa St, San Francisco CA 94110

(415) 621-0507 |



$15 – Student with ID

$35General Admission

$45 – VIP – complimentary drinks all night and special seating.


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