Written by:  Behnam Vadi & Jordanna Dworkin

Another year…another place…another time-warped journey to the Barbary Coast era. The Soiled Dove 2018 edition returned to the Bay Area for an epic night of circus acrobats mixed with sultry burlesque and wily shenanigans to ignite the passion of the heart and rapture of the soul. Throw in a solid dose of dark humor, and you’re now in the swirl of fantasy-turned-reality for the eve. Mike Gains, an Executive Producer, sets the stage this year within a vintage Italian circus tent adjacent to Downtown Oakland, California’s Fox Theatre – where artistic bohemians co-mingle with tech-savvy entrepreneurs to bring an evening of surreal seduction to the scene.

From the grand opening act, a memorably alluring all-hands-in choreographed bonanza, to one of the first solo acts featuring a gorgeous contortionist suspended on a ring, the audience gets pulled into the dramatic unfolding of something truly spectacular. Flash forward to a scene of boudoir mystery as a beautiful dame in a revealing red slip dances her way into a clawfoot tub filled with blood-colored water. Splish splash, the sounds that echoed and without revealing everything that happens next, let’s just say that all new levels of excitement and thrills are now officially reached. More, please!

You may ask how can a spectacle like this shine without a colorful ringleader? OMG – the M.C. of the night – with his electrifying charm and exotic British accent, this lad tickled our fancy and raised the raucousness from scene to scene, keeping each spectator fixing for more.  And the music, just WOW! The Jazz Mafia entourage never ceases to disappoint, they are clearly in their own lane when and noone is better suited for this production musically! From melodic interludes interspersed with super sexy femme solo violin magic to some damn good rapper’s delight, never was there ever a more fantastic complementary blend of sound and showmanship.  Perfect harmony is the word that comes to mine, as I closed my eyes on occasion and just blissed out to the magical sounds.

From rings to poles, silks to swagger, each act of the night kept the momentum growing and growing. The suspense surged to a peak as the epic full ensemble grand finale, with all the razzle dazzle and bling bling, dropped jaws, ignited a roar of appreciation and left us salivating for more. Ah the magic of a production that delivers on every note, and high ones at that, making our job of being part of this amazing theatrical spectacle easier to share with others and in hopes that many more will enter through the gates of the Soiled Dove and experience it one day for themselves.

BIG BIG love to all of the performers, talented crew and of course to Vau De Vire for staging another great event. We’ll be sure to attend the next tantalizing show.



For tickets, including dinner packages visit:  www.thesoileddove.com