This weekend thousands of Edward St. John Gorey fans, otherwise known as Edwardians, gathered together at the Regency Ballroom in their most chic, yet eccentric attire to celebrate the beloved author. 2016 marks the 16th year of the festival, which was founded by Rosin Coven in 1999, honoring the great writings and illustrations that Gorey produced during his lifetime. When first entering the event one of the sprightly and colorfully dressed concierges informed attendees what was in store for them on every floor of the Regency, each one feeling like its own magical world. If one felt under dressed among the feathery top hats, elaborate masks and whale bone corsets they could go downstairs to the vendor bazaar which offered everything from steam-punk pocket watches to cuddly stuffed animals with sharp teeth. The bazaar had a stage so that Edwardians could listen to live music while scoping out the goods that vendors offered as well as a bar that served food ranging from grilled cheese to delicious hummus alongside freshly cut vegetables.

For those who were craving more interaction the fourth floor was the place to be. There at the Mystic Midway Edwardians could collect  “whimsical” or “terrible” dollars by telling performers stories and then spend those dollars on activities such as, getting their fortune told or speaking to a mystical creature. The fourth floor also hosted Kinetic Steam-works and a stage that had live performances through out the night.  After bonding with fellow Gorey lovers and magical creatures Edwardians could hop on the elevator and get the operator to bring them down to the main floor which was open for ballroom dancing with Delachaux. Due to the large amount of space needed for dancing there was almost no sitting room, yet somehow Edwardian women managed to stay standing in beautiful heels throughout the night.

For those who upgraded to VIP there was a balcony section that had comfortable seating, an abstinence bar and a great view of the performers including Grammy award winner Lady Rizo, Vau de Vire Society and Rosen Coven who paired with Dark Garden Corsetry to preform Gorey’s tale, “The Stupid Joke” which was the highlight of the entire night. Over all it was an amazing event that transported attendees into a 1900s fairy-tale universe.

Photos by Gabrielle Humphrey
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