The BrowGal: Celeb Brow Expert Tonya Crooks’ Product Line

Using the double-ended Skinny Eyebrow Pencil, $23, (with a built-in sharpener!) take the spoolie side and brush your brows up to determine their natural shape.

Take the pencil side of the Skinny Eyebrow Pencil in your color (you can choose from six, so you are certain to find your perfect match!) and fill in using short strokes to emulate the look of hair.

Brush through the brows again to blend the color.

Trim the natural shape with The BrowGal Scissors, $20 (crafted from stainless steel with short, sharp blades for precision cutting and a very cool, almost gothic-inspired design).

Remove unwanted hairs with The BrowGal Tweezers ($28), crafted from triple pounded stainless steel with a precision slanted tip to grab even the smallest of hairs.

Take one last brush through the brow using the spoolie brush.

Apply the shimmer end of the dual-ended Highlighter Pencil ($20) to accentuate your beautiful arch.

Apply clear water resistant Eyebrow Gel ($20) to set the shape and hold the color in place.

The final result!