Swimwear Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign Helping Women Everywhere Look Smashing in Their Swimwear

Fluid Sunwear, a revolutionary swimwear line, plans to use crowdfunding to finalize production on swimsuits that fit women’s bodies perfectly and flawlessly regardless of height, body shape or location.

Galveston, TX (PRWEB) March 19, 2014

Megan Turnbow, the entrepreneur behind the revolutionary swimwear company, Fluid Sunwear, announced today that she has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help fund the Fluid swimwear line and see it become a reality.

“I set myself a challenge of helping all women, regardless of age, height or body shape, feel great in their swimwear. After spending years researching and developing how to help women, and a year developing a series of smashing swimsuits, my team and I finally cracked the conundrum,” said Megan Turnbow, CEO of Fluid Sunwear.

“I am excited and very proud to offer every woman a chance to feel confident, beautiful and powerful in her swimsuit. Every day I hear reasons women don’t feel worthy to wear a swimsuit. It breaks my heart because no woman deserves to feel this way about her body. As long as we are healthy in mind, body and spirit, the shape and topography of our bodies should not be a factor in our daily lives.”

The only thing standing in the way of Fluid’s forward progress is funding. “This is where Fluid needs your help!” states Turnbow, “Visit Fluid’s Kickstarter page, watch the video and see all the work my team and I have put into this amazing company. I look forward to seeing your pledges!”

How will Fluid use your Kickstarter Pledge?
The funding will help Fluid Sunwear in several different ways. First of all, the team will finalize the 2014 Classic Beauty Swimwear line and move it into production, be able to secure its spot on the runways of Memphis Fashion Week as well as become a major sponsor for the Galveston Island Beach Revue – the pageant that started the Miss Universe Pageant. Securing the dollars to implement these steps will ensure Fluid becomes a revolutionary leader in the swimwear industry.

Don’t wait, become a driving force behind this major change in the fashion industry and transform the way the industry views well fit clothing. Check out the video on the Fluid Sunwear Kickstarter page and make a pledge today!

For more information, please visit: http://kck.st/P9CSyd.

About Fluid Sunwear

Fluid Sunwear is a clothing line specializing in women’s made-to-measure luxury swimwear and ready-to-wear designer sunwear. Fluid takes luxury swimwear to the next level offering women the opportunity to toss their unflattering, binding, poorly supporting swimwear to the curb. Tired of squeezing into a swimsuit that isn’t comfortable? Contact Fluid Sunwear via e-mail at info(at)fluidsunwear(dot)com, or telephone number: 409.974.7017.