Sustainable Fashion is the Future

Written by Cristina Vittoria Egger

Bags and Fabrics by Eleonora Riccio

Hair accessories made from wood and plants by Eleonora Riccio

So I want to find the fashion that will be the future of a new generation here are some clues to follow. The whole world is changing during pandemic problems and young people are more sensitive to safe the planet Only this year clothing factories produced 148 billion of clothes.
The real need is 15 billion

The population is 7.8 billion. Most of this production is burned as people are not buying. From 7,8 billion people only 4 has the buying power the rest can’t effort any shopping … so that is why the real need for habitats of our planet is 15 billion pieces and not 148. During this COVID lockdowns, people realized how big is the importance of recycling and reusing old clothes from closets and avoid buying cheap items. The reason Zara closed over 700 shops in the world is a sign of change.
Will be more important to have expensive and important accessories from big brands Hermès Louis Vuitton Gucci than an expensive dress.

This beautiful bags are made in Italy . From recycle leather , hand painted inside with organic cotton .
Franco Francesca

Today is possible to make fab clothes from recycling textile and make textile from extracts of wood. All textiles can be coloured from nature: Flowers Leaves, wood even onions ( that gives a beautiful antique rose on colours )
Plenty of magnificent accessories for hair can be done of real dried flowers and plants ( wood etc.)

The true buy has to be more conscious. And we have to reflect more, of what we are doing to our planet. Lockdown teaches us that we can live with less and that we need only essentials …

Bag from cork for everyday in pure CORK by Carraban

This is a time for reflection and population is going more vegan, less pollution also for cars … more electric and less on gasoline …. a big example was given by Stella McCartney. She was the first designer who introduced vegan bags …