Summer skin in the water

We often wonder how can we play in the water all day without getting a sunburn. This is a very good question that we look into by including today available options to us. Let’s look at how SPF products are built to function.

Most Are designed to block the skin from outside literally. Using a special lens camera, it looks like tar on the face. Ok so no sun, air can now interact with the skin. The applied SPF stays layered on top of the skin not absorbed but interacting with skin chemistry sending signals of disconnect between you and natural light the body depends on for vitamin D and other from light converted nutrients. This is not a natural way to be with the environment. We were designed by God to breathe through our skin to receive minerals and vitamins from air and light.

What a beautiful way it is to know and feel what is happening inside of us and on the surface.

The knowledge comes from knowing seasonal and circadian cycles that take place behind the scenes to make us healthy wealthy and abundant in every way.

Summer end is the time when we have allowed so much solar energy into our inside of the body through a totally open skin surface. The purpose is to send vitamins, minerals and all that sun, air and water offer deep into our bones to feed bone marrow for the healthy production of T-cells that will become whatever body needs them to be. Solar power strengthens our bone density preventing Rickets disease in adults and children as well osteoporosis. Yes, the sun is our strength, not the enemy as we were made to believe. This is of course in addition to speeding up our metabolism –  brake down of sugars-and elevation of positive mood. Sun helps to balance hormones and to restore fertility in most.

If you want to know more as to how to interact with the sunlight for all the benefits it offers,  please read Be Fabulous at Any Age book and use Replete skincare based on your skin needs each season and by day and night.


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