Summer Love 2013

How do you remember your first love? The giddiness? The innocence of it? I remember feeling powerful and full of life. From the moment I laid eyes on Dior’s Spring 2013 collection, I was instantly reminded of my first love. He made me feel like a queen and I replayed my crowning ceremony through Christian Dior’s designs. The large skirted royal gowns floated through a garden party and captivated the audience’s hearts. The flowers, the pale pastel colors, the twisted patterns and mixture of fabrics are lovable, breathable, and refreshing. His designs portray a powerful future for modern women.

One of my favorite attributes of Dior Haute Couture is not always the clothes but the models who style them. I’ve noticed that the first model on the stage walks with attitude and personality and always leaves a lasting impression. In their fall 2011/2012 show, the first model seductively plays with a fierce fur cape. She announces her presence, intrigues the audience, and leaves the audience at the edge of their seats. The Spring 2012 show also had demur models cascading down the Dior House’s staircase to Kavinski’s Nightcall in playful 60s style dresses. Although this spring’s collection is not presented in the same fashion, the clothes speak for themselves. Instead of a grandeur entrance, the models emerge on stage from hidden staircases.

The show opens with slow contemporary music, which allows the clothes a moment to breathe, the audience to inhale in the smell of the flowers, the details of embroidery, and the intricacy of the beading. There are unconventional slits in the dress, a style finally coming back but in a less dramatic way. However, the detail I love most is the long gloves. There are sheer with flowers crawling up them, setting new heights and boundaries. Maybe gloves are an item of the past, but these modernized illuminating gloves add an air of sophistication to these outfits.

I also adore the asymmetrical ideas presented in many of the designs. Dior blends two different textures and styles into one and the outcome is breathtaking. On the right side of one piece is a flowy silk chiffon skirt and on the left is a structured silk skirt. Together they create a match made in heaven. Christian Dior captures the essence of a modern woman in these unconventional pieces. His designs show the structured, business-like authority, as well as, the emotional, free-spirited side of women. He beautifully blends our emotional intelligence and strength in his blossoming collection.

Christian Dior’s Spring Collection gracefully presents itself and radiates lightness, love, and power. I was infatuated with the designs and amazed with his incredible talent of weaving together different ideas to create a fresh look. He flirts with geometry, incorporates floral designs, and revives styles with a modern twist. Once again, I have fallen in love.