Summer 2014 Fashion Trends

Its finally summer! Time to unbundle yourself from the layers of clothes because this summer, we’re showing some skin. Show off your body with this season’s trendy crop tops, and the shorter they are – the better. Pair the top half with some matching bottoms and you are guaranteed to turn heads. Especially since asymmetrical cuts are very ‘in’, it is no longer a boring and plain crop top, but instead – a showstopper. Maybe this will be your motivation to hit the gym.

Speaking of the gym, the athletic look is back in fashion. That’s right, tennis dresses, gym shorts, football socks, jogger pants, and elastic belts are all bringing back that old-school feel into our modern lives. Lux sweaters are also a must in the wardrobe for this summer. These sweaters have eye-catching logos, slogans or crazy graphics which makes them not just a sweater to pull over when going to the gym, but definitely a fashionable choice. Don’t be afraid to go for the shimmery, iridescent or mesh fabric choices because they are this season’s top picks!

Hope you like geometry because grids, triangles, circles and so on are the prints that you want to be looking for. Designers must have aced geometry class in the past because their collections are full of intersecting lines and powerful shapes, which are the trendiest yet this season. Also, to level the craziness of patterns, be on the look out for the ethnically diverse inspired pieces that have feathers, animal prints, striking embellishments, and fringes.

Staying farther away from the ‘usual’, this season’s skirts have gained a certain crease to them. Literally, the pleated skirts have been dominating the runway. From different lengths and fabrics of the skirts, it is fit to wear to any occasion. Possibly a lighter weighing fabric for the day, and a metallic touch on the skirt for the night is what this summer is all about. When it comes to length, the most popular cut for the pleated skirt would be at midi length. Yes, the midi has made its return and completes the outfit with that elegant touch.

Fashion is always an art and this time, the t-shirt dresses are all painted up in it. No longer are the t-shirt dresses just a plain pull over, but they are a ‘must have’ this season. What seemed to be just plain dresses, turned into clothes with a story. Celine, Prada and much more designers took it to the next level with their amazing illustrations. Summer will be like an art show on the streets and we’ll be seeing a lot of paint brush strokes and spray can prints on many t-shirt dresses.

‘B’ for Bermuda!  After Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang brought out low cut shorts onto the catwalk, the London designers really confirmed the Bermuda shorts as this summers hot trend. Find them covered in glitter, pleaded fabric, floral prints and even high wasted – these shorts bring an original, fashionable touch to any outfit. With their deep and wide pockets, these shorts can definitely make a statement. They also bring a sense of comfort and no more worries of something being too tight. You can finally lounge around without someone screaming “coin slot!” at you.

This season, shorts are not the only ones with flares. The wide leg pants are taking their turn as well. Many fashionistas are trading in their skinny jeans for these truly summer inspired wide legged pants. They are fun and playful and Michael Kors brought summer to the runway with his all white looks and, of course, white wide legged trousers.  White is not the only option for these pants. They come in so many fashionable colors, patterns and prints; some are even pleated!

If you like trench coats, you are in for good luck! This season, designers took the topcoat very seriously and decided that a summer trench coat is a mandatory element to have for a chilly night. This time, the trench coats have an urban touch to them and have various zippers, deep pockets, and made out of leather, suede, rubber, and waterproof fabrics. Some of the trenches are even sleeveless and some are oversized. In other words, they are fit for any taste.  The interesting fabric choices do not limit the coats to their color. They come in different prints, ornamentations, and bright colors as well.

To bring some femininity into this sporty, street style summer, Alexander Wang and many others, topped it all off with very femme apron skirts. They are so inspiring that they landed into the list of the summer 2014 trends. These skirts bring a very innocent, fresh, and young feel to the wardrobe of anyone who has an interest in fashion. More so, they are perfect for a hot summer day and the best attire to grab a drink with friends and head out to the beach, or even stroll down the streets of your favorite city.