Spadaro Perfume Takes You on Powerful Sensual Journey

Miami USA

An insatiable appetite for romance and adventure
have always inspired Kim Spadaro. Dreams of visiting
foreign lands and embedding with diverse cultures
become a muse for her creating scents that represent
these moments in time. Every drop has an intent and
it is meticulously combined, forming a poetic odyssey
of olfactory senses.
“Perfume is the ultimate form of accessible luxury”
~Kim Spadaro, Spadaro House of Fragrances 

Kim ventured into the fragrance sector after studying
clinical aromatherapy. First she created scents for
those battling illness and everyday blends. Kim then
embarked on more intimate scents for personal use.
With the positive reception of her creations, and
encouragement of family, friends and those she
helped, she set out to bottle up her experiences into
unique scents that represented her passion, lust for
life and spirit of adventure.
Kim, a true visionary, modern day alchemist and
fragrance designer, successfully launched her
eponymous line nationally, in 2011, with Nordstrom
department stores. Kim has an astute taste for exotic
and unconventional scents. In a market saturated with

mass brands, she tempts you with her divine
mystique allowing her to bestow a special gift to the
fragrance industry.

Crafted in France and the US, each perfume in the
Spadaro collection represents a different global
destination. Each beautifully named in the language
of their conception. Explorations to magnificient lands,
such as Bali and Moracco, cultivate this alchemist’s
palet. Spadaro is recognized as a borderless
humanitarian, a symbol of positive conception of life
and of the ties between people.
Spadaro Fragrance encapsulates Kim’s vision to
inspire confidence and imagination among its
wearers, both women and men. Spadaro’s loyal
customer base is individualist, prestigious, sensuous
and spiritual, as the marque itself.
Independence, free-spirit allows Spadaro to
effortlessly go beyond the confinement of rules.
It allows creativity to flourish and the brand to
continue to expand from coast to coast.
To experience her scents, is the opportunity to free
the mind, imagine, intimately and artistically.
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