South Florida Artist Kevens Gets Political With Sweet Lady Liberty

South Florida is home to one of the countries revered live artists, Kevens (pronounced Kee-venz) who is best know for his drum and bass, Reggae mash-up style, amazing live shows and his positive message of unity with his self proclaimed slogan, “Positivity is Necessity.” His newest single, “Sweet Lady Liberty”, is about to be released and it’s a simple, but powerful piano driven ballad that pays tribute to his love for America as the land of opportunity and with a positive message of unity for all of its citizens. Timing couldn’t be more perfect for a new anthem that everyone can relate to and breaks down barriers in an era where hatred and divide seems more prominent then ever.

“The song was a gift from above, it just came to me. I knew it was on time and could have a strong impact” – Kevens

Sweet Lady Liberty comes on the heels of Keven’s upcoming big performance at Ultra Music Festival which takes place March 23 -25 at Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami, Florida during Miami Music Week and The Winter Music Conference. Kevens promises a live show that he describes with one word, “Fire”.

Sweet Lady Liberty is one of many new songs that Kevens plans to release, as he works towards his upcoming sophomore album.

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