Shop Like a Local and Experience the Artisanal Landscape of America with Doorstep Market

Photo Credit: Damon Jacoby

A Multi-Vendor Multi-Region Integrated One-Stop-Shopping Site        Expertly Curated —

Doorstep Market launches a new concept in online shopping with its multi- vendor and multi-regional integrated shopping site that lets you shop like a local, while experiencing the artisanal landscape of America.  Showcasing the best kept secrets of the Hudson River, New England, Bay Area and soon to be added Southland regions of the U.S.  Doorstep Market  is a one-stop, one cart e-commerce shopping site featuring an array of locally curated favorites and yet to be discovered makers, artisans and growers. Each region’s offerings are carefully curated by some of the country’s most knowledgeable experts, and feature a  collection of hand-crafted and locally grown products in the Food & Drink, Kitchen, Home and Living, Health and Wellness, Clothing and Jewelry, and Gifts and Gift Guides categories.  In addition, consumers can immerse themselves in regional experiences with hotel, B&B and farm stays, as well as professional guided excursions. Doorstep Market offers a virtual exploration of each area’s rich history and unique local flavor with behind the scenes interviews and insights into the hand-picked makers as well as informative articles, recipes, online classes and more.

“Supporting small local businesses is the main focus of Doorstep Market as we highlight the best of the local purveyors who ship direct to your doorstep anywhere in the country and in any season,” says Tom Jacoby, Doorstep Market Co-Founder. “You don’t have to wait for the seasonal farmer’s market to buy direct from local farms, as Doorstep Market lets you shop from all four regions of the country.”

“We hand pick the  local businesses, farmers and artisans in each region and put them at your fingertips by featuring them in a nationwide e-commerce shopping center, making their goods and services just a click away,” adds Jennifer Solow, Doorstep Market Co-Founder. “Our professionally curated site features a wide range of artisanal products, including the best of wine country, extra virgin olive oil, small-batch wild honey, pasture raised heritage pork, one-of-a-kind ceramics,  hand-loomed blankets, succulent oysters, , specialty coffees, and organic vodka made from grapes. Doorstep Market allows consumers to learn about the makers, so they know where and how the products are made.”

Doorstep Market taps local curators to present a wide selection of regional purveyors  representing growers, distillers, brewers, bakers, cheesemakers, designers, and many more to its shopping site, making it a site for all seasons and reasons. The concept is to bring the region to consumers, allowing them to shop like locals and enjoy all that the region has to offer.

“What makes Doorstep Market unique is that you can shop from multiple vendors in multiple regions at the same time with an integrated shopping site, made simple with one shopping cart and one checkout, ” adds Jonathan Taee, Doorstep Market Co-Founder.

Doorstep Market is powered by Magento, which allows for extensive technological advantages.  To experience a new way to support local businesses and learn about a region, log on to