SF Symphony with Cristian Macelaru and Ray Chen

Written by Elisabeth Thieriot

Photography by Sorin Popa

Another night and another memorable experience at Sf Symphony for me and My Birkin.

I have been attending most evenings by myself and had the faithful companion of my day bag Birkin into the night. The seat next to me is within a perfect reach for anything that may become needed like a good old fashion handkerchief to dry my eyes from emotions generated by beautiful journey SF Symphony which performs with perfection every single time yet under different hands of a different conductor. That in its self is pointing out how professional, skilled and harmonized the orchestra is. Tonight, we had Cristian Macelaru. He opens the concert with Masquerade gently bringing us into the mood of the beginning of our life when everything was a wonder and limitless excitements.

Then we were taken through the ages of Symphonie espagnole. Opus. 21 from 1874. There was no TV or internet and we experienced life from our imagination. This progression of entering teenage years with the mind running to be an adult was the tone, the notes, and tempo of a young boy seeing a beautiful girl and imagining her in million different ways interreacting with him while taking a swim in the stream. Ray Chen on his violin generated more vibration to penetrate with music and imagination even thus that may otherwise do not feel. His passion ripped some go his strings then he ripped them off his bow and went on to perform what lead to two more encores and a standing ovation. Everyone clapped and cheered.

The break came as needed repose from amazing trip in the mine to the time when expressing oneself was on paper, arts of painting, sculpture or music as valued and treasured form by the kings and nobility.

After the break came to reflect with the music of Kevin Puts in Silent Night Elegy by Mr. Joseph and Dr. Betty Hirsh in honor of their 40th anniversary.  What a beautiful way to give each other and to the community the gift of arts for so many to share the experience of youthful love and faith that life will be beautiful for them on their journey.

R. Strauss Der Rosenkavalier his step in Motzart feeling and away from his style. This endeavor proved to be a great description of social climbing and love tangle in the city with evenings filled with social gathering and pleasantries. The inside feeling of life as Strauss knew it.  As he knew the romance in his heart or hoped for. So we dance with Strauss till the true love arrives.

As the evening came to an end, I left with my Birkin and youthful love in my heart looking forward to another day.