Photography by Drew Altizer

On a San Francisco typical summer cool evening many have joined SF Symphony Orchestra and its guest Itzhak Perlman for a warm night of emotional music. I have arrived a tat late missing all festivities prior to the concert walking just in time for first performance of Gershwin under Michael Tilson Thomas kick off the 2018 Opening Night Gala concert with a performance of The Star-Spangled Banner.  The uplifting opening has not prepared me for the arrival of Itzhak Perlman whos spirit of resilience filled the room an warmed up all heart to greet him with a standing applause. Despite the Polio affecting his body his spirit and mind are to marvel upon. All of which became evident upon first few notes he played on his violin handed to him by one of the pupils he teaches at his program.

The concert had notes creating every emotion human may have from longing and love to fear and escape.

What a night it was and no one wanted to end it. So with final encore, we had a treat from Perlman students performed by seven violins, a piece written for two.  The signs of harmony and respect between his students are visible yielding perfect harmony of notes as they took part in one composition and shared flawlessly between themselves- two violing intended into seven!

As the night came to close, some of us headed home.  Marissa Meyer and I took the same steps before departure starting at ladies room getting ready for a long drive then off to our Ubers. Her beautiful Orange dress filled as always with sparkles – her signature for evening gowns-  flown in the wind as she approached her big comfy Van to take her home all alone. As they say, “It is lonely at the top”. Then mine arrived and I proceeded to do the same. I could hear the after party going strong and so much do is waiting the next morning was on my mind, and getting rest became the priority. I thought about how powerful women make time for arts, to listen to the music and refill the creative energy with sound and new emotions they create for them. No wonder that in the most philanthropic town the arts are flourishing. It is the understanding of the few, how important the music is to the soul that brings to this town the opportunity for all to elevate with arts to reach their lives potential. Before falling asleep, I could hear what Perlman said before starting the encore: I know what they are doing as they are my students, and so they did. I hope more hearts and souls are given and know how to receive as the exchange of Perlman and his students. That is how anything extraordinary is born.

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