First of the performance after the opening night, may even bring higher emotions to surface. The drama of love between Queen Elisabeth and Roberto- played by Russell Thomas reminds us that attraction is not always to the person, but rather to their power and shine they bring along.

That it appears has not changed since Queen Elisabeth Rain. She was an impressive woman that loved music, dance and spoke five languages fluently and was full of zest for life. Under her Raine, England prospered most in its history to date. Yet love brought her only a few moments of happiness followed by betrayal which cost her lover death by women Roberto married and gave ring that was his safe passage even from treason against his Queen. His wife held to it for dear life and let her husband die without pardon the diamond ring was designed to do. After all, he chose the wrong women to leave his queen for after losing last for her position and forgetting she was a woman too.  That would not be the first time man abandon fabulous powerful women trading down to feel more power themselves.  The perfection of this performance was so powerful that transitioning into the era was effortless. The flawless music and perfect costumes with all trappings of allure queen have including sparking rubies and diamonds to display the joys and sorrow when she was ready to let them all go and mean nothing upon the death of the love of her life. Queen Elisabeth Played by Sondra Radvanovsky willed her self to die without love no matter how much she changed for her country.  This Opera is a good example of how much we learn about the human condition, and how we are primal to love no matter the ego or position. The conductor and Director, costume designer have created the most perfect experience possible. If you did not shed a tear, then you never loved.

I thank the ones that created art crossing time and dimensions of our heart imagination. Conductor – Riccardo Frizza and director Stephen Lawless below.