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Jessica Speckhard is the Second Daughter. An artist working and showing in New York and Washington D.C., she launched her jewelry company Second Daughter in 2014. Her art-world background feeds into her collections with a pulse with that shouts ‘of-the-moment’ and incorporates a vast sea of influences -from animal life to architecture.

Second Daughter jewelry unapologetically vacillates between minimalism and maximalism, concerned only with adorning the modern person with jewelry as extraordinary as he or her.

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Jessica Speckhard was raised abroad, moving between Belarus, Belgium, France, and Greece until her move to New York in 2010 and then Washington DC in 2013. Her nomadic lifestyle has often served as a catalyst for her artwork and jewelry design. She has attended several art institutions, including Parsons Paris and Parsons New York.

The inspiration from these travels turned into incredibly stunning pieces for the Second Daughter jewelry line! These high-quality 14k gold plated earrings create a bold statement for any summer outfit. The only question remains, where will you travel off to with these fabulous adornments?