Savannah Outen rising star on heart desire

Interview with Savannah Outen

Savannah had begun her performances much before it was recorded.
As a child, she found pure joy when entertaining her family and friends at gatherings, and felt it was a natural and easy way to connect with people she did not even know.
in her own word ” it filled me and made me happy”

She would take every opportunity to find the connection with people. She learned from her experience of giving during the performance it was a two-way exchange. She felt on receiving side too seeing how it changed people moments and would open them to new positive attitude to try at life again. Changing lives and making them feel they were not alone was an eye opener to her too. The connection she felt with them as fuel to do more and from a deeper place in her heart. At age of 13 she told her parents that dance and music were what she wanted for her career, her parent stood behind her in full support.

Savannah did not arrive at this point, without her won journey’s obstacles. The managers she had wanted her to be someone else but herself and performing and creating grew to be more difficult, she was confused what to do to please managers and how to true to herself in the process. Others ideas of how to achieve success with God’s given talent differed from person to person.
Five years ago it drove her to stop and go into the cocoon to find herself and her own voice.

Savannah deep need and desire to have the human connection, made her continue to post about her daily life and her music for that purpose. It helps her to find her self and strength to not listen anymore to advise of people in the music business, instead, she started to listen to her heart.

Now she is back in her best version of herself, aligned with her beliefs to be true to her heart her personality and her message, to be herself and not someone else on demand. With peace in her heart, she released new single “Sad in the summer”
” since I found myself again writing music and singing as never been more natural and easy.

Here is the song for this summer.