ROLLOGO airport experience

written by Kelsey

It is common that a person who is getting ready to take a trip will overpack, making it easy to surpass the average carry-on weight limit of 50 pounds. Airlines charge higher baggage fees to those who wait to check in their bags at the airport. This is why we want to introduce the ESCAPE by ROLLOGO, the lightweight smart suitcase that was designed for “smart packing”.Suitcases are often advertised as “lightweight” but don’t comply with airline bag regulations. The ESCAPE is only 10 pounds which will help avoid any unexpected baggage fees.

Equipped with the world’s first patented power-generating spinner wheels, the ESCAPE offers a smooth rolling experience while walking through airports, streets, etc. to power personal devices on the go while also organizing travel essentials and providing a personal work surface. The unique top compartment provides convenient access to travel documents, sunglasses, personal devices, etc. and closes flat to create a table-like surface for work or dining. The side zipper unveils a detachable laptop compartment and quick access for magazines or documents and the main compartment features a built-in TSA-approved luggage lock to keep personal belongings secure.

In addition, the included uniquely shaped hanging toiletry bag can be stored between the wheels to optimize the main compartment’s space for clothing. And to further maximize space for folded clothing and shoes, the ESCAPE also includes a garment bag which secures firmly to the outside of the suitcase to help avoid wrinkled suits or dresses and allow users to hang these items quickly when they arrive at their destination.

ESCAPE’s detachable smart power bank BOND stores electricity generated by the rotating wheels and can also be quickly charged with the included micro USB cable. The BOND features two USB ports that can charge two devices simultaneously. The BOND can easily be removed or powered off to comply with current airline regulations.

Product Description:

  • The ESCAPE suitcase measures 22 x 14 x 9 inches and weighs approximately 10 pounds
  • Patented electric generating spinner wheels
  • 2 telescoping handles retract compactly to create a flat surface and extend to either pull or carry the suitcase as needed
  • Is available in either grey or champagne.
  • Made of nanofiber fabric that is both water and stain resistant.
  • Includes: a detachable power bank equipped with Bluetooth and 2 standard USB PORTS (USB charging cable included), laptop compartment, flat top working surface, suitcase cover, travel toiletry bag, small garment bag , and a unique top compartment

Price per Unit: $800

This is our chose for summer travel with the carry-on bag ready to recharge your phone between flight.