Recovery from Holidays can be easy.

Party Photo credit Mathew Henry

Sunset Photo credit Dakota Monk

It has never been easier to recover from Holidays celebrations than applying Intense Recovery Oil on your face when going to sleep, to heal the lines formed from late nights socializing.

So much happens while we are sleeping just to mention a few – repair, detox and replacements of all broken-down cells. Did you know that during eleven months we are a new person! This is why paying attention to how we plan for time to sleep is at most importance for this process to take place, given the opportunity of the long dark nights during wintertime.

One of the actions that help our sleep cycle to program repairs is getting sunset light into our eyes- one may question why and here is the reason- the sunlight produces serotonin that produces melatonin needed for deep sleep.

So getting some sun to get good night sleep is the key to staying young, energetic and happy.

Replete Skincare has iBio formulas designed to support natural cycles taking place in our body according to natural laws. No matter if we wear designer clothes or live in the middle of the forest, these laws govern our wellbeing at all times. We might as well implement the benefits that they offer by adopting the rhythm of natural cycles to be Fabulous at Any Age.