Real Love is waiting for you architect-ed by Kailen Rosenberg

written by Elisabeth Thieriot

Interview with Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg


The truth about love has many degrees of honesty, some come out at the end of the first date, other degrees come out after six months of courtship. Let’s hope not too late.

Kailen has developed the system that helps us to choose well-fitting partner lowering the disappointment for both sides. There is a match for everyone is she believes we you walk through her course your chances are better to find long lasting love.

FSHN- What led you to help people find love in a new way?

KR- I found that people would become on their first date all that the other person would like, but not themselves.

FSHN- How fast would this become a problem to continue dating?

KR- Often at the end of that first date the true personality would surface and there would not be a second date.

FSHN- Do you think this is a bad or good thing for it to happen so fast?

KR- I think it is best for both not to waste time one game and invest in the conscious search for the better match in character and values.

FSHN- How do match people that are ready for their soul mate?

KR- First I want you to know that soul mates are often teachers not necessarily life companions. That is the first misunderstanding of the relationship must have. Souls mates evolve us to be a better person which is often attached to pain and drama forcing new direction to survive or escape.

When all works smoothly, we are relaxed and complaisant cruising through life. That is life companion experience, one that grows with us and makes room for both to evolve from lessons as they go along the journey of life. Not too many people have open-minded partners, that do not judge them through the years and allow transformation.

FSHN- What in your view is the secret magic of “real relationship” you describe in your program?

KR- Honor your relationship is number one needed secret to having an appropriate response to whatever may be going on at the moment. The second one is Date each other again- no matter if you are married or together for an extended time. This attitude of having a date is the great ingredient in building sexual tension and elevate hormone levels serotonin leading to even greater pleasure when going home and discovering each other again. That is the third secret and benefit you get when following through on the first two. All is connected and when creating domino effect choose wisely what action you take.

FSHN- please tell me more about the third benefit coming from your third rule of “experience everything new together”?

KR- the Simple concept of pairing your favorite wine with different food for a different experience. This is how you create new connections of association with your partner- again and again. Communicating what each of you may like to experience and finding time and space for it to happen is part of the excitement in planning already. Building memories together create new connections too.

FSHN- What is the best way to get to know yourself and who you want to be with?

KR- I have developed an App for this purpose and test to take you can find it on and .

FSHN- what can one expect for them to change once they engage you or use your App?

KR- I know and believe that they will have a better chance at finding real love from the real person. By being true to yourself you take out deceit and disempowerment from the possible relationship in turn giving love a good chance at success. After all, we will always return to our roots of moral and ethics so why attract someone that has different core believes from the start?

FSHN- Kailen, I must say that you are the first leading the way in match making of celebrities who are pretend people at their work asking them to be real in personal life to find true love and life partner. Your understanding of human nature and its consequences is impressive. I am for the first time writing about match making with great enthusiasm for seeing happier homes and more stable environment because of it. Keep doing what you do well and I advise to find Real Love to you all.

Find your self then find real love.  It is out there waiting for you.


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