Quirky Chic

Quirky boys and girls love quaint clothing. They’ll always choose A-line dresses to bandage dresses, hair ribbons to up-dos, pajama sets to teddys, and everything in-between. Vintage is highly prized but not a requirement. They tend to fall for dresses with pockets and a fun pattern but are just as often seen in strange ensembles of flawy blouses, tunics, and pants. Which is all about this Spring season. Their style usually is not in keep with current fashion and in all likelihood would never have been considered fashionable. To me this does not make sense and this season is here to prove it all!

Spring and summer are the seasons where quirky chics shine, largely because they love sundresses and the outdoors. Things like a new patch of irises randomly stumbled upon will excite a quirky chic more than most because quirky chic people express themselves well and love learning and it is transcendent through the style plus smile equals really clever. You can always have an intelligent and interesting conversation with a quirky one.

Quirky chics can seem as though they often have their heads in the clouds. Chasing down a thought that seemed more intriguing at the time than the conversation was having with you and it is because they are free-thinkers. You, the wise reader, Don’t be fooled by the big eyes and flown clothing! Lol

Allow me to boast for a moment: I have been beyond fortunate to have met some of S.F.’s brightest “style stars” that we don’t even know who they are. And, there’s no shortage in sight, as the eye candy just keeps rolling in. Case in point:

“Quirk Chic in the streets of San Francisco”

Nectarine, emerald, monaco blue, dusk blue, tender shoots, poppy red, African violet, grayed jade, lemon zest and linen are the colors for this spring. I found prints that really caught my eye in the streets of San Francisco and it seems like the majority are really on top of it. One of my favorite looks I called, Love and Bravery because of its tons of earth and also bright oranges mixed with some baby blue love! And it seems that this is a trend that is really catching on as those designs are selling out quickly.

Don’t let the diminutive stature figure fool you, the artsy boy and girl-about-town is always seen donning ensembles with big, big personality — when they are not traveling the globe or coming up with a new tech language or starring in top-notch dance productions, that is. Whether they are frolicking around galleries or practicing different dance moves, working hard or just sipping coffee at a new coffee shop on Valencia St, they got style in spades.

Just be very careful…