Miami Artist Diana “Didi” Contreras Collaborates with South Florida-Based Beauty Brand with Special Guest Miss Universe Finalist Valentina Ferrer

NEW YORK. December 4, 2015 – Project Beauty, a South Florida-based manufacturer of fresh and inspired hair and skin products, will be launching its new e-commerce site — — in a unique and inspired way during Art Basel. On Friday, December 4, 2015, on the exterior wall of O. Ascanio Gallery, renowned Miami-based urban artist Diana “Didi” Contreras will unveil a new mural inspired by the luscious nature-made ingredients and playful vibe of the Project Beauty brand.

Located at 2600 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127, the new mural’s home will be a prominent spot in Miami’s famed Wynwood Art District. Contreras is celebrated on the hot Miami art scene and is known for applying her aesthetic freedom and unrestricted style in order to embody the power of femininity in her art.

“Diana is an amazing artist, and she has captured the feel-good, smell-good, luscious moments that are the reasons we created Project Beauty,” explained Anne Buhrdorf, Director of Marketing and Product Development for Project Beauty.

“We’re a tribe of beauty junkies,” Buhrdorf continued. “We enjoy being inspired. That’s why working with an amazing local female artist like Diana Contreras was a natural fit.”

Valentina Ferrer, Miss Universe finalist from Argentina, will be at the launch event helping to promote the Project Beauty Tribe. She will bring Contreras’ vibrant mural to life at O. Ascanio Gallery in a brilliant live art installation featuring Ferrer in a bathtub using one of Project Beauty’s featured products: Hairgurt conditioning masques.

“O. Ascanio Gallery focuses on showcasing local artists with significant messages that will make a metamorphosis within our own community,” states Oscar Ascanio, Owner and Director of O. Ascanio Gallery. “We are elated to showcase Diana’s artwork in our gallery and are proud to be part of the Project Beauty Tribe.”

About Project Beauty:  Founded in 2015, Project Beauty is part of Alcora Group, which includes the premium beauty lines Monat Global and L’eudine Global. As a more boutique endeavor, Project Beauty takes an artisanal approach by creating hair and skin products that are unique, individual and beneficial. Featuring nature-fresh ingredients, Project Beauty’s Hairgurt conditioning masques and array of Pardon My Pretty body scrubs, lotions and sprays are the first products to launch. They will be followed by equally lavish products in the coming months.