ProChaps: the Ultimate Way to Dive Into the Equestrian Trend in 2014

ProChaps shares the best ways to immerse oneself in the recent equestrian trend. Since 2014 is the Year of the Horse in the Chinese calendar, interest in equestrian fashions and horseback riding is at an all time high.

ProChaps, a Canadian manufacturer of equestrian riding chaps, reports that 2014 is the Year of the Horse, meaning interest in equestrian fashions and horseback riding is at an all time high. ProChaps has released tips on the best ways for energetic, bright, intelligent and successful consumers to get on board with the equestrian trend. The Year of the Horse should bring health and prosperity as well as luck to all.

Anyone who wants to dive into the equestrian trend can buy a nice piece of clothing inspired by the glamour of horse riding. Gucci has an equestrian collection including highly technical clothing and accessories for show jumping and training. Hermes has such a collection as well. They have items for the rider, for the horse, for the barn, and fashion items that can be worn anywhere.

Riders can also shop at a tack shop like Dover Saddlery (more than 23 stores in the US) and find nice waterproof boots shirts and competition vests all in nice equestrian styles and colors. Consumers can replace their jeans with breeches and their regular shirts with riding and show shirts. One tip is to mix one genuine equestrian item with a piece of everyday clothing, or wear all the kit.

Riding chaps and half chaps are also available from ProChaps.

“We always hear from ProChaps’ lovers about all the wonderful and creative ways they wear their chaps,” says Jean Larivee, CEO of ProChaps, Corp. “From trekking to mountain climbing, or simply as a fashion statement walking down the street, ProChaps supports each individual whichever way they enjoy the comfort of wearing extra light knits and the waterproof leather of ProChaps.”

The ultimate way to live the equestrian trend is to find a good barn, a good horse, and a good trainer who will introduce you to the equestrian world. It is a fascinating world where the technique of riding is important, but the psychological aspect of it is very important too. Learn about yourself as much as about the horse and about the sport. Dive in!

About ProChaps
ProChaps creates high performance athletic horse riding chaps and half chaps that are well known for their technical qualities, comfort and exceptional adjustment. ProChaps unparalleled design is meant to meet the needs of any ride, professional or amateur. Their unique concept can fit with elegance and ease any silhouette from XXS to XXL. It comes in 35 sizes, almost custom-made!