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Use a gentle exfoliator to exfoliate your skin. Harsh scrubs remove a layer of skin while removing dead skin. Gentle exfoliators remove dead skin without removing any layers of skin. Plus, a gentle exfoliator can be used daily. Exfoliate your skin the day or night before your wedding makeup application. This will ensure even makeup application.

Make sure you get a facial one week prior to your big day. That way, your makeup won’t counteract all the goodness of a facial. Makeup, especially powders, will absorb the moisture of skin care products. Allow the skin care products to soak into the pores to nourish and treat the skin with what it needs.*

When you are faux tanning, you should you tan at least three days in advance. This ensures your tan has set completely, especially if you are using a lotion or a spray. Otherwise, the tan can be removed by powders and can cause irritations, especially for those with sensitive skin. Just remember, when faux tanning, for an even application, make sure to exfoliate the areas you plan on tanning. The product won’t sit between dead skin or on top of it. Don’t forget to moisturize after you have tanned. Not only does this help the tan last twice as long (at least two weeks), it also helps correct the dryness that occurs when you tan.

Shaving strips away skin, which causes dryness and dullness. Shaving as often as every 3-4 days will cause the skin to be super sensitive. To avoid this from occurring on your wedding day, shave two days in advance.

Like shaving and using harsh scrubs, waxing strips away a layer of skin, causing the skin to be sensitive. Wax at least two to three days in advance.
Tip: Allow enough time for skin to return to its natural state. Otherwise, this can cause your skin to be irritated, dull, and dry.