Politically Correct

by George Mickum

As we move into fall, it is important to focus on making a graceful transition.  After Labor Day, the majority of summer attire must be retired until the following May.  This means that, obviously, white is out, but there is a great deal more that must be stored as well.  Linens of any color are not appropriate for the fall.  There are few passable linen blends such as a cashmere-linen blend, which can be worn as long as it is still warm.  Translucent party dresses and flowing work attire are only appropriate for the extreme heat.  Sandals, either heeled or flat, are no longer acceptable cocktail or business-casual attire.  Flip Flops, if every acceptable are now definably unwelcomed.  Rompers and shorts are not suitable for the fall.

For the gentleman, it is important to put away your tennis sweaters and remember that is now fall when dressing yourself.  The color palette has changed.  Pastels are less appreciated, but you can work a pink button-down shirt or a light violet tie into your fall wardrobe.  However, your look must maintain a feeling of fall, which can be done by wearing dark blues, slate grays, and browns.  Shorts are simply out of the question. While they might have been accepted at a summer luncheon, they are now persona non grata at every location other than the gym.

The main struggle is that it still might be hot outside, but proper etiquette dictates that these transitions must be made after Labor Day.  However, there are ways to keep cool while looking the part.  Try wearing a navy or chartreuse cardigan over a silk top.  Men can wear a cotton suit rather than the typical wool blend.  During the transition, I think it’s appropriate for gentlemen to go without socks or to wear peds (secret socks), even with a suit.  The illusion is determining what is valuable during this time of year.  It’s important to have your ensemble look like you are ready for the fall while maintaining your cool.

A light weight cashmere shawl is the perfect way to accessorize a more summer look, and having a more “Fall” look.  This Armani Collezioni light beige collar shawl is a scrummy color for transition, and the suede detailing really brings in to the “Fall” set of mind. 


Armani Collezioni
Suede-Trimmed Knit Poncho; $775

These Giorgio Armani Suede Cutout Slingback Pumps are a great shoe for the transition season. They are in no way sandals, but still relativity revealing of the foot. Allowing for that sandal feel while looking appropriately seasonal. The purple wine color is another great way preface your darker shoes for later in the season. 


Giorgio Armani
Suede Cutout Slingback Pumps; $750

This Gucci Techno Nylon Ultra Light Jacket is the perfect fabric combination for the Summer/Fall transition. It allows for great versatility. Giving a professional feel while also being extremely light weight. Gucci. 


Techno Nylon Ultra Light Jacket; $1250

This Ralph Lauren V-Neck cashmere wool sweater is a great color for transitional periods, its a slate blue making acceptable year round. Light enough to over your shoulder in the summer, and steely enough to be for the Fall season. 


Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren Black Label Wool-Cashmere V-Neck Sweater; $495;

These Kooples pants are perfect for early fall. They are light weight, but the slight leather detailing gives it the right essence that is expected for the Fall season.