by George Mickum

As spring comes around, it is important to pull out the appropriate colors and materials, switching out cashmeres and furs for linens and silks. Spring brings a whole new level of texture and vibrancy. Delicate ribbed cottons and gauzy laces are prevalent in spring fashions.

To transition properly, one must start with the color palette. Men and women both need to apply peppier colors to their winter wardrobes. Let the transitions start visually with color, not with fabric—perhaps, a yellow button-down shirt under a suit or a pastel scarf paired with a business dress. Then, make more dramatic moves, such as wearing suede yellow pumps or opting for a tan light wool suit. These transitional outfits must take weather into account—even though the calendar reads spring, it might not feel like it.

After color is fully transitioned, one must move to fabric. This does not mean summer fabrics. Linens and georgettes are strictly for the summer months, and seersucker is best left for late July and afterward. One must start with lighter cashmeres, heavier cottons, and chambrays. Men should adorn themselves in stiff cotton-wool blend suits. Women should start wearing more whimsically silhouetted clothes. During the spring, no white footwear is allowed, and sandals are really only appropriate for the most casual of events. Spring shoes can be lighter in color but should remain closed.

Starting the transition is about subtlety, easing your body and wardrobe into a more light and free ensemble. This process should start in late March. In April, holiday clothes tend to be in pastel hues.
At this time, I would like to caution everyone about the storage of winter goods. All those beautiful wools and cashmeres are perfect snacks for moths. Winter boots should be stuffed (rolled papers or forms) and furs need to be kept at a cool temperature.

With its vibrant blue color and charming checked pattern, this Isaia Checked Silk & Cashmere Blazer ($3,595; gives your wardrobe a refreshing start to the spring season. The cashmere-silk blend fabric is perfect for easing into warmer weather.

Brighter than the average winter gray shades, these Salvatore Ferragamo Tailored-Fit Flat-Front Trousers ($990; transition seamlessly into spring wear. The wool-mohair blend is an ideal fabric that breathes while also being substantial.

Elegant and breezy, this Adam Lippes Crescent-SleeveBelted Shift Dress ($1,090; has a sophisticated round neckline and flowing silhouette that helps you slip effortlessly into spring fashion.
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To brighten and evolve your look visually for spring, these Manolo Blahnik Nappa Neon Lather Point Toe Pumps ($595; pair splendidly with lighter weight winter suits.
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