Polarized glasses a must for this summer

written by Elisabeth Thieriot

Every summer has its look and it all starts with sunglasses.

They show our mood and suggest how we want to interact with the world- our attitude is set with glasses.

Now that we know what we want to communicate to the world we need to consider how practical the glasses are that we want.

Here are the critical points.

No glare- or you end up in a car accident being blinded by the sun. So no matter how expensive the glasses are they must be polarized.

Frames must be strong enough to go through the season.

The glass should not scratch too easily.

light tint allows to see colors better, and summer is all about colors.

They should not be too dark for the eyes to read time of the day so our circadian clock will be ticking just right.

The price needs to be reasonable in case you forget a  pair on the beach.

After taking all under consideration we have arrived at our must-have NYS glasses. Prices are ranging from $12.95-$15.95 They are great for teenagers and adults performing all required functions.

We found them at


Have fun in the sun, and see clearly where you are going.