The SF symphony’s fall film series continued on Friday, Nov 1 as part of their day of the dead celebration and featured the smash-hit animated film “Coco”. The film, which won academy awards for best animated feature and the best original song tells the tale of young music, loving boy who journeys to the land of the dead and reunites with his great-great-grandfather. Day of the dead has always been a colourful holiday tradition where people dress up in skeleton style make-up to honour and celebrate the memories of their past relatives.

Davies Symphony Hall was at the capacity crowd with little Miguel lookalikes running around and filling the seats in anticipation of the classic film. Conductor Emil DeCou was perfectly suited to guide SF’s Symphony through an amazing score of music composed beautifully by Michael Giacchino. Germaine Franco, Adrian Molina, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez wrote all the songs and “Remember Me”, took the honours at the 90th Academy Awards for best original song. The audience sang along to each song and it felt like we were all united as one in celebrating the lives of our families that have past on.

It was a joyous night and an epic and beautiful animated tale brought to life perfectly by San Francisco’s finest orchestra. I can’t remember a time when leaving a concert or film where I felt this uplifted feeling walking out and where I could clearly sense that my past Grandmother was still with me. I’m sure many in attendance felt the same as a sea of smiles and good vibes poured out of the hall and surely with the memories of loved ones past in heart and mind.

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